Friday, August 5, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 13 August 4, 2011

Hopefully Brendon will be gone tonight..

It's interesting Rachel is calls Porsche her closest friend yet a day or so ago Rachel was allowing Brendon to throw Porsche under the bus and call her Rachel's lost puppy. Is that how you treat your friends?
Enough of the Rachel and Brendon show. Get on to the vote. Get Brendon gone! Then we will be one week closer to getting Rachel gone.

I think Evel Dick is wrong, especially with Brendon and Rachel. Why wait until the end to get them out. You have to get them out when you can, and it will make living in the house so much more pleasant. I don't think Evel Dick gets that, because he enjoyed making the other house guests miserable. Yes, I get they are two votes with Danni, but if they are back stabbing her then she can't count on the two votes anyway.

The voting begins. Votes to evict:

Jeff Schroeder = Brendon
Rachel Reilly = Jordan
Kalia Booker = Brendon
Adam Poch = Brendon
Porsche = Jordan
Lawon = Brendon
Shelly = Brendon

Yea!!! I was concerned about that one. I wasn't sure which way Adam, Lawon and Shelly were going to go. I think everyone is tired of the drama in the house.

Rachel and Brendon seem to forget this game isn't just about the competitions. It is also a social game. The fighting between themselves and with other house guests has done them in twice now. They hate floaters, but floaters are usually pretty good at the social game. That's how they stay in.

Kalia's message: "I genuinely have no clue why you are so arrogant. There are a lot of things easier than rocket science. Apparently getting you out of this house is one of them."  I love that message!

Daniele also a very true message. If your tongue wasn't so busy with one house guest you could've been making deals with everyone else in the house.

Someone is coming back in the house. The next evicted person will battle against one of the previously evicted house guests. Go to to vote for who you want back in.

I don't want Keith or Brendon back in. So my choice was between Dominic Briones and Cassi Colvin. I voted for Cassi Colvin. I think she will help Danni, who I have become a fan of. I think Dominic will distract Danni more than he will help.

The competition for HOH is a knock out competition.

Jordan is knocked out first, then Lawon, Adam, Rachel, Jeff, Porsche and Shelly. Wow, Daniele must have helped Kalia study. I still can't believe Kalia answered that first question before the whole question was read. At least with the other question there was enough read of the question to know the answer.

I wonder what kind of battle the two evicted house guests will have if it will be mental or physical?

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