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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 7, 2011

Alright let’s see if the house has calmed down from yesterday. What a day that was. Veto competition was in the morning. Hopefully you know who didn’t win it.

Porsche Briggs and Daniele Donato are in the bedroom. Daniele, I guess she has been going and campaigning to everyone except you and I. You are definitely going to get though. Porsche, I doubt it. Daniele, seeing how she is the only one that has been nice to you the whole time. Porsche, now she is being nice to everyone else

but me, because now everyone associates me with everyone else. Geez, why can’t I be on my own? Daniele, I don’t think anyone associates you with me except her. Porsche, I told Kalia I’m not really okay with going up. Daniele, did she ask you? Porsche, yes. Daniele, what did she say? It’s between two. She was like you are the newest in the group. I’m like I’m the only one that is sure of my vote. I don’t understand why she would put someone in her own group up?

Daniele, I think no matter what anybody is safe. It sounds like someone other than Rachel won the POV. Yea!!!!

Today is Adam Poch’s Birthday. He is forty years old.

Shelly Moore is also a have not in addition to Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd and Rachel Reilly.

The house guests are on lockdown again. There is a wedding reception in the parking lot.

Daniele, Porsche and Lawon Exum are asleep. I haven’t seen Kalia Booker.

I think the have not’s are using the hot tub for a bath. They all keep saying how they want to get in the hot tub.

Rachel is in the purple room by herself.

Jordan has gone to bed now. Jeff and Shelly are cleaning the kitchen. Porsche is up again.

They are talking about grilling at 1am. Shelly says she ain’t cleaning if they do.

Jeff went in the room with Jordan. She said she was cold in there. Jeff said put socks on. Jordan, I did. Rachel is in the purple room. Jeff, that’s so funny she came in here no one came in here so she went in the purple room and no one went in there. Jordan, She’s a lot of work. Jeff, dude she's like four years old. Jordan, I’m not even talking to her. Jeff, She doesn’t understand she needs to grow up and not be like nine. She loves to be super needy. You know how her and Brendon are on top each other all the time. She doesn’t have anyone on top of her right now and she just expects attention all the time. I don’t play like that, even with you. So why would I be like that? She has to be in my ear like 24/7. Listen let me eat first and if there’s leftovers eat it, she had already eaten like fifteen of them. I was cooking for two hours. She doesn’t realize stuff like that? I can’t baby her. She’s gotta learn like tough love sometimes. I can’t tell her every day it’s gonna be OK. It’s all right. It’s OK. It’s all right. Come talk to us. Can’t I be alone with you for two minutes. If she was awake she would be in here already. Jordan, right. Jeff, what’s wrong with you? Jordan, I’m bored. Jeff, why aren’t you talking? Jordan, I’m listening to you.

Jeff, the catfish is so good. I knew you’d like that. Jordan, with that sauce it is not fishy. I can eat it if it isn’t fishy.

Jordan, I am not talking to her. Jeff, we have an opportunity to keep ourselves safe on that side if we talk to them. It doesn’t mean we have to do anything. We just have to put on a smile when we see them you know. We’ll be like you guys keep us safe and we’ll keep you safe as long as they cut something like that for next week. If I win I will stab them right in the back.

They both ruined it for me. For sure I will stand up to your wedding. Raspberry. Jeff gently taps Jordan on the face and says wake up love. That is so sweet he always calls her love. Jeff, do you want massage my calf? Jordan, no. Jeff, it’s fun. Jordan, no it’s not. Jeff, did you ever play hang man? It’s the same thing.

Jordan, I get so mad when I think about people that have been here since day one and just sat around and did nothing and haven’t been have nots and haven’t done anything. Jeff, yeah you are real mad about that. She must be referring to Daniele and Porsche. Those are the only two I can think of that haven’t been on slop yet. Jeff, are you talking about Porsche? Jordan, for one, she gets on my nerves. Jeff, she gets on my nerves, not really. Jordan, she keeps flip flopping. Jeff, Oh yeah yeah. Jordan, I can’t wait until I’m a HOH again and I can say why are you up here? Get the F out. Jeff, man you are getting cut throat. Jordan, I know. I am not enjoying myself anymore. I’m mad at everybody and I don’t like that. Jeff, I’ve never seen you like this. I kind of like it. They both laughed.

Jordan, I just want to tell them all go f themselves. Jeff, you can’t do that we still have to play smart. Jeff, we know where everybody stands. Jordan, that’s why I came in here. I’m keeping my mouth shut. Jeff, now that you know where everybody stands you can be as fake as you want to them and have no guilt. Jeff, once you cross me, it’s all over. Rachel comes in the room.

After going through with Rachel about eating whatever was she was eating that Jeff was cooking. He told her if he didn’t want her to have them he would’ve told her stay out of them. Rachel, yeah but I’m really sensitive in a whiny voice. Jeff, I’m the opposite. Rachel, you promised Brendon you would be nice to me. Jeff, no I said I would take care of you and this is tough love. I’m toughing you up for him. Rachel, he doesn’t talk to me like that. Jeff, do you see me puppy dogging Jordan? She’s my love, my girlfriend and I don’t walk her around on a leash and pet her hair. Jordan is laughing. Rachel, Brendon doesn’t do that either. Jeff, you’re such an idiot Rachel. Jeff, laughing I’m going to bring you shock therapy when we get out of here. Rachel, I don’t even know what that means. Jeff, do a log to Brendon right now and tell him.

Rachel, Brendon Jeff is so mean. Jeff, he is laughing right now. Rachel, no he isn’t. Brendon he is so mean. Jeff, Brendon she is banana pancakes. Rachel, he said I was like a puppy dog you walk around on a leash and pat my head. Wait I like to pat his head. Jeff, you ain’t getting no pats in here. Jeff, tell him about your day. Jordan blew a hole in the bottom of the bed with her fart. Rachel without skipping a beat, that was my day in a nutshell. Jeff, that was an earth shaker. Jordan, I had to get it out.

Rachel, we played for the veto today. You would have killed it. I didn’t. Jordan farts again. Jeff, she’s trying to be sincere. How long were you holding those in for? Jordan, I have gas. No kidding.

Well we know Rachel didn’t get the veto. Jeff owned the competition, he won the veto.

Adam Poch has been talking to the camera for twenty minutes trying to entertain the audience since he thinks everyone else is sleeping. Shelly is still cleaning.

I think all of the house guests are up now except Kalia. They are trying to figure out a game to play inside. They had to stop playing Mancala because it was too noisy. Thank goodness.

Rachel has decided they all need to play twister. So she is making a game. She may be the only one excited about it.

LOL Rachel asked Daniele if she was playing twister. Daniele said she is having her personal space. Porsche doesn’t want to play because Shelly said the carpet is dirty. Jordan doesn’t want to play. The game doesn't happen.

Shelly tells Jeff Kalia wanted him mad when he played for veto. Jeff isn't buying that story even though it is true.

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