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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 8, 2011

I must say I was a little disappointed in tonight’s CBS show. I wanted to see more of the fighting that has gone on this week and less of Rachel crying. I mean really a two week old prank and Adam doing a strip tease.

Kalia Booker and Jeff Schroeder are in the HOH room having a calm discussion. Jeff, I am not going to tell you what to do. If you’re on the right track that is something, talk to your people and whatever. Kalia laughs my people. There has got to be something I’m missing. There has got to be away for the sun to part the clouds. I still stand by my plan for the first half of the week, because I know in my heart what it was. There has got to be a way to fix and resurrect, so every week we are not all stressed out and pulling our hair out and killing ourselves while four people are lying out. Jeff, exactly.

Kalia, if you’ve looked at the track record in the house. The four strongest people in the house are me, Rachel, you and Daniele. I don’t know if I agree with that. Kalia, as far as competitions go. I don’t think, I don’t know how to say it. Jeff, well this game is goofy, so there’s always a chance anybody wins. Kalia, I know that’s like yesterday when I pulled Adams name out of the bag I was like ugh. But then Adam totally showed up. That was part of Daniele’s argument too that people are not going to be afraid to show up and win now. Kalia, I don’t know I’ve got a think about that. Jeff, I wouldn’t mind lighting a fire under some people’s a$$ either. Kalia, hello. From now on I would just ask you. Jeff, if it happens we will talk then. Otherwise it’s just all hearsay and I don’t want to say the wrong thing and then it not happen.

Kalia, poor Porsche. Now I have literally talked to everyone and the only one who was willing to go up was Lawon. Jeff, oh really? Kalia, she had half a cow. Kalia, that’s what I don’t understand the all weeks, I mean this week everyone wants Rachel of the house. I would sit up on the block against Rachel this week. Jeff, This is a weird week you know. Kalia, that’s because if someone comes back, but that doesn’t affect the person sitting on the block next two her. Jeff tells her it is her decision and leaves.

Kalia is now talking to herself in the HOH room. I’m not sure what she is trying to say something about Porsche up and making a deal with Rachel so Rachel thinks she tried to save her if she comes back.

Adam Poch, they said you could help but then they came back and said you can’t help. Shelly, I thought they said you could help you’re not drinking it. Adam, they said you could help with encouragement but you couldn’t give specific clues. Shelly, it’s a good thing I didn’t say because then everybody would have said I was a cheater. I’m not a cheater. I’m glad, even though I got accused of throwing the competition. Adam, which one? Shelly, the have not. Oh my I just noticed Adam Poch has shaved his entire head and face. If there weren’t a limited number of people in the house I don’t know if I would’ve recognized him. Wow! Adam, by who? Honestly looking puzzled. I wonder where he was when all that went down and Shelly was in the purple room crying. Shelly, he thought I was just afraid to use the word or I would get in trouble and I honestly didn’t have a clue what he said. That’s why I got so stressed when everybody started fighting. Adam, that’s why I kept telling Daniele just let it go. I don’t think Adam even has his lip ring in. Now they’re discussing whether or not the fight was shown on TV they both think it was and it wasn’t. Now Adam is trying to figure out if they showed the flight that happened outside before the nominations ceremony or if they will save that for Wednesday night. There certainly were fights we could have seen something besides Rachel’s crying.

At least they are not on lockdown tonight.

Jeff is telling Jordan about his conversation with Kalia. He said even if she puts Porsche up I’m still going after her. Jordan, I don’t think she will do that. Jeff, I do cause she said that would show you I don’t do everything Daniele tells me to. Why should you do what Jeff tells you? You either have to go back on your word and put Jordan up or put a newbie, it’s pretty simple. Porsche just started talking to you this week. She would be the most likely candidate anyway. Or maybe Adam they haven’t talked a lot, but Porsche pretty much ignored all the newbies the whole time she had that key.

Adam is telling Porsche, Daniele, Jeff and Jordan about a dream he had with a black Mike Boogey, previous house guests and Survivor contestants.

Someone took the elf suit. The chess pieces are still missing. The books have been found. Evidently a big carpet in the corner was missing that has returned.

Shelly is out on the couch talking to Jeff and Jordan. She told him she is leery of the Adam ‘cause Kalia told her earlier that they had Adam on their side. Kalia and Daniele are both in the diary room. Shelly says after three hours of talking to them today she has them both messed up. She says they’re going against each other now. Daniele is in the kitchen with Rachel.

Jeff comes in the kitchen. Daniele ask him if he’s tired of listening Adams dreams. Jeff asks Rachel what she is making? Rachel is making catfish with slop and salsa.

Oh my gosh is Kalia getting a big head. She just came out into the backyard and went over to the hammock to tell Shelly, someone is not talking to her. Shelly, I find it kind of bothersome that she is mad at you for having your own thoughts. Kalia, I think that it is because she is someone she doesn’t trust and is an absolute threat to her I’d be leaving in the game. I think she’s used to playing this game defensively when there is a way, just like when you walk into a sports game there is an offensive and defensive. Look at how she’s played this game every week they are on the defense every week they had flip the house. She must be talking about Rachel. Initially I thought she was talking about Daniele. Not sure.

Kalia's plan is to put up Porsche. Tell Rachel that she is decided to keep her but that she can’t tell anyone. If Rachel tells anyone Kalia will say she’s lying, if she doesn’t tell anyone and she gets voted out and comes back Kalia will say she doesn’t know what happened she tried so that way Rachel isn’t mad at her and Daniele. The problem I see is if it is a tie Kalia is the tie breaker.

Kalia, where would you vote? I have to think about it because I don’t like her she is a liar. That could be either one of them. Shelly does not give her an answer and then starts telling her how great it is that she’s making her own decisions.

Ut-Oh! Daniele and Rachel are in the kitchen. Daniele, if you’re so certain your coming back then why are you afraid to leave? Rachel, I am not afraid to leave. Daniele, then why are you trying to cop deals with everyone? I am just asking? Rachel, I’m not trying to cop deals with everyone, because I’m not going to give up and just roll over and because I don’t know. Rachel gets up and leaves.

Shelly is in the storage room telling Jordan how she got Kalia to put Porsche up. If Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam decide to vote Porsche out Rachel could stay.

Daniele is telling Kalia Shelly is the number one floater. Everyone in the house knows that. Everyone wants to trust her but you can’t because everyone thinks that.

Porsche hid a bottle of wine. Rachel seen it before Porsche hid it.

Daniele and Kalia are basically rehashing the same stuff up in the HOH.

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