Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 11, 2011

The newbies now out number the veterans. I still think all the newbies screwed up really big back in the beginning not sticking together.

Rachel Reilly, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are discussing whether there will be a double eviction and whether there will be two or three people in the final.

Kalia Booker, Daniele Donato, Adam Poch, Porsche Briggs and Lawon Exum are in the purple room. They think Brendon stole the chess pieces.

It sounds like they had their half way party finally. The have nots were allowed to eat and drink.

Adam and Lawon are out on the couch discussing if Rachel comes back they will be right back where they started from with Rachel winning HOH’s and POV’s. Lawon is saying what I just said about them messing up in the beginning by not sticking together. Lawon is excited because the DR told him his job is behind him.

I don’t understand if they are allowing the houseguests more outside contact or if we are just finding out about it more. I mean you have Lawon getting messages about his job, Brendon taking care of traffic tickets. They HOH’s get internet access, not just to do their HOH Blog, but Kalia was on Twitter, and talking about she was going to write on her blog but didn’t.

Daniele and Kalia are discussing that they have not done any good bye messages yet.

Daniele is telling Kalia that Porsche told her she is giving her a pity vote. Daniele doesn’t know if Rachel is lying to Shelly Moore to get an extra vote or if Shelly is lying. There a lot of liars in this house. We need to figure out what the deal is so we can tell Shelly and Adam. Daniele has seen Shelly and Rachel whispering a lot more than usual.

Daniele is imitating Rachel dancing and leaping. Too funny. Daniele, she is something else. I don’t know what but something. Now Kalia and Daniele are discussing how mean Jordan has been and that they think it’s because she hasn’t eaten and she’s not having fun. She thought this was going to be a fun vacation with Jeff. She told them she is never coming back in the house again. They are still trying to figure out whether to keep Lawon or Rachel, whether it is just the easier thing to do. Kalia, what happens if we keep her and Brendon comes back. Daniele, I would self evict I’m not kidding you.

Shelly is in the bathroom with Kalia. Shelly says she doesn’t know who he would put up and that concerns her. Kalia is telling Shelly she isn’t sure what to do about Rachel. She keeps hearing things in the house she doesn’t like. She doesn’t know what she wants to do yet.

Jeff and Jordan are sitting in the hammock laughing about Rachel’s dancing. That must have been a sight everyone is talking about it. I know when her and Lawon were dancing the other night it was just sad Rachel trying to keep up with Lawon. Jeff and Jordan can’t figure out how she can dance like that and not care what people think, why she lets all this other stuff bother her. There is a lot of booty shaking in and out when Rachel dances.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  2. Hi Meratol!

    Thank you! The more the merrier!

    I think it's going to take many heads together to figure out this years Big Brother. What a night it was!


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