Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 9, 2011

Jordan Lloyd, Adam Poch, Rachel Reilly and Porsche Briggs are outside on the couch discussing when they think the halfway party is.

Daniele Donato has come outside. They are trying to figure out what Keith’s last name was.

Jeff Schroeder is in the kitchen fixing catfish. Jordan is getting tea.

Kalia Booker is in the bathtub. Daniele Donato just went up to visit her. Someone has been annoying her all day, I’m not sure who. Daniele said we need to talk to Rachel soon because she thinks she is staying. We should have talked to her before we put Lawon up.

Kalia and Daniele are just trying to figure out who to cut deals with, who they think will vote how, whether Shelly can be trusted, just general chit chat.

There is not a lot of game talk going on, but it almost sounds like they have decided to keep Rachel in the game this week. I hope not. They may just be making Rachel think she is staying so they can have some peace the rest of the week.

There is speculation that whoever leaves this week will be offered the choice of cash or to come back in the house. They really haven’t thought about anyone coming back other than whoever gets evicted this week.

Not much of anything going on in the house tonight. I think they are all wore out from all the fighting.

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