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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 12, 2011

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are in the have not room. It sounds like HOH has been played. Jeff says if she does stick to Brendon and Rachel then we are back to Adam Poch and Shelly Moore. Jordan says it was a lot of luck.

Jordan says she is excited Brendon Villegas came back. She says she knows Shelly is upset. Jordan leaves to get heat pads, Brendon comes in the Have Not room.

Daniele, Rachel, Porsche and Kalia are all in the orange room. Daniele is wearing the HOH key!

Jeff and Brendon in the Have Not room. Jeff, well welcome back. Brendon making excuses why he didn’t win HOH this week. They are whispering I can’t hear what they are saying. Then Brendon says she can play for three weeks and she wins twice. Actually that means every HOH Daniele has played in she has won. Rachel comes in and whispers something.

Daniele and the girls are whispering in their room. I don’t know what they are saying. Adam comes into the orange room. The alcohol discussions begin. They don’t think they will get any. Adam tells Daniele you will get a bottle. Porsche leaves, Adam says to Daniele so you hate me now right? Daniele, I don’t hate you. Everything I said was true. She whispered to Adam everything I have done the last three weeks has been to help you, and it is going to be hard as heck to get them out.

Daniele tells Adam it sucks because she wanted to put Rachel out so bad and for whatever reason she didn’t want to. Now everybody is screwed. I worry too much about other people and I said I wasn’t going to play that way. Adam, I know I did something I said I would never do too. Yep, he went against Lawon. Jeff, comes in.

It sounds like the HOH competition was guess how many cards are there, how many olives. They are trying to figure out when have not ends. Daniele says when there are enough beds for everyone.

Kalia is talking to Porsche about how mad she was and acted like a four year old. Someone told her she needed to get it together to host the HOH. She doesn’t know if she can take this game. They start talking about B12 the vitamin.

Someone came over the loud speaker and told them the have-nots can eat and take warm showers at midnight. Jeff is eating something now it looked like a cracker. He’s looking for pasta. He is a have not.

Poor Jordan Lloyd is in the have not room with Brendon and Rachel. Someone took a chunk out of Brendon’s hair.

Daniele and Adam. Adam wants to listen to Daniele’s CD. He says he just couldn’t trust him. Daniele, the worst game move every single season is voting out one of your own allies and you should know that. Just like James, he was lying sure, but he was an ally.

I don’t know where Shelly is.

Kalia and Adam are making a cake.

Daniele and Porsche are in the orange room whispering. Daniele, All I could catch was something about Jeff and Brendon said the HOH was being dashed with evil. Now they are going to come and plead their case. Porsche, what case? Daniele there isn't one. Daniele is talking about how bad she felt voting out Lawon. From now on she is following her gut. Porsche heard people gasp when she voted for Lawon. Now she thinks America hates her. Daniele, you should have took your vote back, that would have been classic. Daniele is so excited about winning HOH.

Shelly is in the have not room talking to Jordan about how aggravated she is. Kalia and Daniele get yelled at all the time for blocking their microphones and everything they do. Rachel gets her fiancĂ© again. Shelly, I hope we don’t get to eat again tomorrow. Just starve to death that would make my week. Rachel and Brendon are gone from the have not room. It’s just Jordan and Shelly in there. Jordan is trying to cheer Shelly up.

Rachel and Brendon are in the purple room. Gross still attached to each other.

Shelly Moore says she is mad Rachel and Brendon always get their way. She asks Jordan if she even thanked her for keeping her. She said no. This time she’ll keep Brendon because it’s too much with Rachel. Rachel is telling Brendon how she got Kalia and Daniele to change their mind and keep her. Well, she certainly has a different view of that than I do. Brendon is surprised Daniele went along with this. Rachel, I can’t believe she voted for me. A lot of whispering it’s hard to hear all of it. Now Rachel is making fun of Kalia and someone for reading the bible and praying about their decisions.

The have nots are working on fixing food to eat.

Kalia Booker and Daniele are in the orange room evidently Kalia threw her temper tantrum in the DR. Daniele thinks Rachel and Brendon are disgusting they have been under a blanket since he came back in the house. They are doing a lot of whispering. Rachel did thank Daniele for her vote. They are pulling Porsche into their alliance.

Daniele Donato got her HOH room. She got her doughnuts and a picture of Stein?? A friend of hers.

Rachel tells Daniele it’s a different game now she hopes they can put stuff behind them. Daniele told Rachel she doesn’t want to talk right now maybe tomorrow. When Rachel left the room Daniele made a face.
Did I say Brendon does not have the chess pieces.

LOL Jeff has been taking fiber pills to stop diarrhea. Dumb ass! Even I know better than that.

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