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Big Brother Episode 14 Recap August 7, 2011

The HOH competition is a knock out game. 

Kalia Booker won HOH. That should make this week interesting to say the least.

It's interesting Rachel Reilly says Kalia and Daniele Donato were mean to them all summer. They were on her team the first several weeks until Rachel didn't need them anymore and turned on them and she says they were mean to her?

I don't think Porsche Briggs understood how the knock out game should be played. She was just trying to give everyone a chance to play.

Kalia is crazy if she believes anything Rachel says to her. She has called her names and been mean to her for several weeks, now she's all I respect you and smiles. I don't think so.

Adam Poch's strip tease of the elf suit I could have done without. LOL

I can't believe with all the fighting and crying that has gone on this week, they choose to show Shelly Moore crawling under the hammock and scaring Kalia. That happened like two weeks ago.

It is very hard doing this recap without giving away stuff I've seen on After Dark this week. It has been a crazy week in the house. I don't know what they might still show and I don't want to ruin it for people that don't like spoilers.

Shelly Moore could not identify candied yams or cocktail onions in the have not competition. Jeff Schroeder asked her if it was candied yams? Jordan Lloyd says Jeff told her the answer which some believe to be cheating. Jeff asked Shelly if it could be candied yams? Jeff and Jordan believe she threw the competition because she didn't say candied yams. Jordan gagged on both of her drinks and only identified one ingredient in her drink same as Shelly. Remember these things they caused a lot of controversy and crying in the house.

Jordan Lloyd thinks Porsche Briggs and Lawon Exum have done nothing in the game. Mind you I am not a Porsche fan, but she did win the first golden key so couldn't compete in the first four competitions. She won that golden key because she voted with the veterans, one of them being Jordan. She also ran and told them everything that was going on in the house for about the first five weeks of the game. Because of that newbies don't like her, and now the veterans don't like her either, they turned on her so she went to the newbies.

As far as Lawon Exum goes, he has not won any competitions, but he has been playing nice with all the people in the house and maintaining his loyalty to the newbies and has been a have not.

I don't like bullies! I don't like Jeff screaming at everyone this year. I don't remember him doing that before.

Kalia honestly believes she has a good plan. She believes if Jeff is mad about being nominated he will fight to win the veto and the only way she can guarantee he play for the veto is to nominate him. If he wins the veto he will take himself off the block and leave Rachel, her target. Of course Daniele is on board with the plan. Kalia has promised Jordan she will not put her up and she says she is sticking to her word on that.

In my opinion, Rachel and Brendon have ruined Jeff and Jordan's game. Jeff is talking about floaters, acting like a bully like Brendon has always done and now they don't have anyone they can trust in the house with Rachel and Brendon gone. Adam maybe, but I think everyone else is mad for one reason or another, so they have no allies.

I voted for Cassi to come back in. I would love for Rachel to get evicted, have to compete against Cassi and lose. That would be so funny. I would be okay with Dominic coming back, but I think he would distract Daniele and right now she seems to be the only veteran maintaining their sanity in the house.

Sweet little Jordan was even letting the F word fly this week she's so upset.

Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel. See all his ranting just convinced her to put him up. I like that saying "I'm going to jump and grow wings and fly on the way down".

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