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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 27, 2011

They are doing nothing game in the house so far.

Shelly Moore is cleaning. Daniele Donato is watching her. Pretty much everyone else is sitting out on the porch telling stories.

Kalia Booker and Lawon Exum are in the have not room. Lawon, midsentence - that you have been talking about me. And that’s fine because you told me to clarify why he was doing everything. He said Kalia is going to have your back she’s sane. That’s what it sounded like he said, sometimes he is hard to understand. Kalia, The only thing I’ve said is that I don’t trust you. This is exactly what I told you. I would never say anything behind someone’s back that I would not say to them. Lawon, but other than that Boo we’re on the same page. If they tell me anything that you may have said, I’m coming to you and telling you seriously.

Kalia Booker, I definitely think that. I won’t say that we’re in the line of fire because they are so under the impression that this all night group is an alliance and that we’re all trying to back door Jeff. We didn’t even know about this until it came out. Lawon, I am going to keep staying up late. Why stop? If I stop it looks guilty. Brendon was like she’s been talking about you she’s been lying about you. Kalia, now that’s not true. Lawon, that’s how they pit us against each other. I just wanted to let you know. Kalia, I can’t stand Brendon though, every day I hear something new he has said about me. Lawon, I just wanted you to know. Kalia, trust me it’s in my mental Rolodex. Lawon, from this talk on it’s me and you Boo. If ever I can do if I win HOH Kalia, of course Lawon, I will put whoever else up. Kalia, agree. Lawon, after that if you have to put me up. Kalia, you know I wouldn’t put you up. Lawon, I understand. Kalia just keeps interrupting his sentences and agreeing to whatever he’s saying.

Lawon, she is a cannonball. Kalia I don’t know what she’s doing. I can’t figure it out. I can’t figure out what she is trying to do. Lawon, I don’t know, she’s aggressive. Kalia, she’s aggressive but she’s very convincing. It’s like the card she plays is like she’s the honest genuine mom. It’s like you wouldn’t call your mom a liar you know what I mean. Kalia, We just had that long talk outside and I like need to figure out what she was saying before I repeat anything in that conversation.

Dominic Briones says when he gets out of there he is getting a tattoo that says Donato. Daniele appears to be working on getting drunk.

Rachel Reilly went up to Daniele in the kitchen and asked her if there is something she can do. Daniel, I don’t know what to do. Between you , Brendon and Jeff there’s nothing we can do. Rachel, it’s not up to me. Daniele, What do you mean it’s not up to you? What can I do? I can’t do anything? Trust me I’ve tried to think of everything there’s nothing. I haven’t thought of anything. And it sucks I don’t think you guys understand how much it sucks for me. Not even the fact that he’s leaving but the fact that it’s not his fault, that sucks really bad and he shouldn’t be leaving at all and he’s trustworthy and that sucks. So I don’t know.

Daniele Donato whispers to Kalia, I’m like why do you keep looking at me weird? She said I don’t want PT to go home. Daniele, I’m like neither do I. The vote comes down to you Brendon and Jeff. I said he has four votes there is nothing I can do. The conversation gets interrupted because of household traffic. Then Daniele tells Kalia and she just doesn’t think Rachel will go against Brendon.

Jordan was sleeping, Porsche was in the room folding her clothes, Rachel comes in loudly and says are you sleeping? Well she was. Rachel, whispers something to Jordan. Jordan, I don’t know. He’s a good kid and he’s nice that I can’t trust him. Rachel, he’s a good kid we all agree. Jordan, maybe if he would’ve came to everybody earlier and said something. Rachel, yeah. Jordan, it sucks because I can’t trust him to know that it’s not just an act or that if we do it we don’t just screw ourselves. Rachel, I thought about that are ready.

Daniele, Lawon, Dominc and Kalia are having their pajama jam. Aka late night pajama party. Daniele is now telling Daniele about the conversation with Rachel. She told me we will keep you if Danni comes up there and says sorry and admits to everything. Daniele, They said that? Dominic, I was like what’s that going to prove? While last night she came up here and she didn't seem remorseful at all. Last night she totally didn’t seem to care if you went home.

And I was like so if you guys already know the situation and you already know what it is. Then why would me coming and throwing her here and like making her apologize and bend down to all of you guys make any difference at all. I was mad. That’s why they were screaming. They just went off on something else. I was mad. You guys think you run stuff and you own people and you guys are high horse and if you guys had any kind of balls to stick up to me you wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. You are just dealing with a bunch of sheep that are spineless that won’t go against you. But if you had anyone in this house with balls you wouldn’t be up here and you wouldn’t be running sh$t. They are like if you are in a car with someone and there is a drive by and a murder happens are you going to say you aren’t guilty? I was like what does that have to do with anything.

Dominic, Stop thinking about it. We are not talking about it right now. Apparently if we were together we would destroy everything. Apparently it would be a lock for final two.

Dominic, Lawon is like what’s going on? Daniele, he is such a spaz. Dominic, he has no clue. Daniele, what happened with Shelly did he tell you yet? Dominic, no. Daniele, he was probably so dramatic about something stupid. Kalia, Daniele and Dominic are all whispering about Shelly but I can’t make out the conversation. Lawon, came in.

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