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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 3

"View From Shore"

At the table are Captains Andy, John, Keith, Sig and Elliott Neese. Johnathan is there with oxygen on. He apparently left the hospital to do the show. His idea. Then he went right back after the show was over. Mike Rowe teases him about the bull they call Snowflake. Johnathan says he had a crushed lung, 4 broken ribs one in three places and a hurt pride. Captain Keith says he shouldn't have hurt pride he got on a bull. Elliott, you cowboy'd up. Mike Rowe, you went almost point eight seconds. Everyone is laughing. Captain Sig  the table saying don't make him laugh. Captain Johnathan says you know what there was no lesson to be learned. Andy laughs. Johnathan says he just cowboy'd up. I find it interesting that we didn't see Captain Andy on a bull, with all the horse back riding he does. Was he smart enough not to do it or did they just not show us?

They show the clip of the Time Bandit coming into the harbor listing at a 45 degree angle. Andy tells Neal see how bad it is we are rolling over. Captain Johnathan, that's the third time that has happened. We thought we were old enough and smart enough that wouldn't happen again. Captain Andy says he's been iced up worse before and they only had 70 pots on the boat, he was trying to turn starboard but the winds were blowing 100. He said they moved the crane up at the same time and busted the hydraulic line so he couldn't move the pots. It was a bad feeling, he definitely changed his underwear. He said if he died in site of shore he would have been so mad. Mike Rowe says Deadliest Catch really isn't about fishing. It's about living, coming and going, people, friends and family.

Mike says Elliott had a lot of issues at home this year and thanks him for letting the cameras go home with him. Elliott says he had a lot of issues. Johnathan offers him some oxygen. Elliott talks about how hard it is keeping a relationship while you are at shore. They show the clip from the show. Elliott said she has custody of the kids and he can't see them or talk to them. He's spoke to them twice since Christmas. Elliott says the old guys tell him if you want to be a crab captain you have to have at least one divorce. I've got mine.

Captain Sig asks him if he takes responsibility for it, because as you grow up you take responsibility. Elliott says 99% is him. He said when his first kid was born he left 3 days later and came back 18 months later. It's what you have to do to support your family. They get accustomed to driving the Mercedes and living in the big house, it's what you have to do. If you try and stay home and spend time with them, they still want that stuff. You can't have both.

Mike Rowe, leaving family to fish is tough. People write poems about that stuff. I'm sure that was a reference to our Time Bandit Poet - Stacey S. She writes awesome poems. 

Captain Johnathan says some women are stronger than others. Some grow up in fishing families and are used to it. Others need to be held everyday.

They show clips of Johnathan leaving the grand kids, and different shots of the guys at  home.

 Edgar Hansen joins the table. They ask him about how his last good bye was after being home a year.

Jake Anderson joins the table. They show the clip of him going to the spot where his dad disappeared. Jake Harris is at the table. Andy and John are gone. Mike Rowe says while you were going through this we were burying Phil. We know Phil and we lost Phil. That was the story. What was it like for you dealing with this stuff with your own pop while the world was watching Phil laid to rest. Jake A, sometimes it was kind of hard because you want your own dad to be important too. It was really tough. I don't know if I can explain it right, but it seemed like everyone was looking the other way and ran away from it. Nobody wanted to acknowledge it. And that's how it felt, but that was just me.

Edgar Hansen says that's got to be the toughest guy he's ever met. Captain Sig, he also lost his sister then going through his own personal demons at the same time. Mike Rowe tells him he aged more than a year in a year. He paid some dues. He talks about how he does it to try and make his dad proud, like with Sig. Josh says that amount of loss is unbearable. Edgar tells Jake if he is confused about doing the right thing keep doing it, because he is doing the right thing. That gives him strength. Josh says people always told them what to do and you start screwing up. You have to follow your own path.

They show the clip of Jake and Josh Harris talking. Jake Harris is now at the table. Mike Rowe says apologies in advance but I gotta ask what's going on. Josh talks about the changes they have had to make in their life. He says if they don't get the boat in the next couple of months they are just going to be deck hands. I have seen a couple of pictures of the Cornelia Marie salmon fishing this season, but I have been unable to tell if Jake or Josh are on board. Mike, it's interesting you say us but you are also using the word me and him. Jake Anderson tells Jake Harris that your brother has an opportunity to own the boat again but it is without you because of your reputation, you will not be able to be a part of it. Because of the in town, because of the reputation you required. You know I always call you on your shit because I love you. Edgar, that's the only reason you were on our boat because everybody loves you. Our crew loves you, loves your dad, we wanted to help. Jake Harris, when you work for people like Sig, they're as good as it gets. Sig, when you were on the boat all I thought about was what would Phil want and he already said it. You gotta earn it yourself. First we gave you opportunity because we want to help you, we love your dad, great but then it's up to you the rest of the way. That's just not on the boat. What I learned about you over the course of time having you on the boat which was great is you have to do the same thing on the beach. You gotta have the same will power on the beach and be a responsible person there and then take that to the seat. Just like a family man. You've got to take responsibility for the family. That's how you become a man and a responsible one. Boy they are getting real with Jake. Josh is just sitting silently. Jake Harris, that's why I love this man right here. Jake Anderson says I'm so hard on you. Jake Harris tells him again he loves him because he can't get that from anyone else. Where you are sitting I can't get that from anyone else in my life.

Edgar, there are only two reasons I even wanted or accepted you. Jake Harris, this is the hardest man. Edgar, let me finish. To show you how to live or show you how to fish. You didn't want to fish right from the get go, someone tried to show you how to live and you didn't want to hear it. So from the early start I lost every ounce of respect from you. I gave up. I shouldn't have. I apologize for that. Captain Sig, at the end of the season he was stepping up, but the guys had to pick up a lot of slack along the way and in life they are not going to be there to do that. In life you gotta figure that out on your own. Edgar, I tried to help. We still want to help. I don't know how many more boats are going to give you a chance. Edgar is now slamming the table. This is your last chance probably sitting right in front of you and he is your family. Captain Sig, Edgar wanted you off the boat hands down. I said no way, I backed you up 100% if it was up to him you would have been gone. Boy there is an awful lot of tough love at this table. I guess some of the guys have learned how to get real at meetings. That's probably a good thing. Edgar, the point is you guys have an opportunity, a big one there is still a chance. Jake Harris looks at Edgar and says can I still give you a hug? Josh, if things go the way they are going, your reputation because of your decision making is injured. I'm pulling for you more than anyone else. Jake interrupts, I do know how to be a crab fisherman. Josh, you don't know a lot of stuff. You think you know a lot of stuff, you don't show it fully. You've got to make the change to prove it. Mike Rowe, when it comes to guts, you are here, talking in front of cameras and good on ya. That ain't easy. Edgar gets up and gives Jake Harris a hug as they go to commercial and says tough love. Hey that's what I said! 

As they go to commercial they put up a screen that says "On June 27th 2012, the remains of Jake Anderson's father were found. When Jake got the news, he was fishing on the Bering Sea."

Captain Wild Bill joins the table. They show clips of him and Zack on the boat. Captain Bill says he is a divorced parent. Zack was raised by his mom, he's a hell of a kid but he has no balls. Even took a different last name. Bill never wanted to have him on the boat or to be a fisherman, but he wants him to be a man and what a better place to do it. He says he's a hell of a dude now. He's proud of him. Captain Sig says his kid is the nicest kid. You can tell he was raised by momma. No offense. LOL Captain Andy says Bill doing this now is a good time, because earlier Wild Bill. Captain Sig, he wouldn't have a kid no more. Someone maybe Edgar said he didn't get the name Wild for nothing. Wild Bill's dad was an ex marine corp drill instructor. Bill said he was mean as shit. They would hear him pull up and head out the back door.

Captain John says their father people would say they could actually hear him up the inlet. He said there was one summer where people would actually go to the fuel dock because he went through over 54 crew members. So they knew when he came in he would be hiring 2 or 3 new guys. Andy says for one trip.

Captain Sig says his grandfather was the icon hero with the wooden ships and all. He was the guy that was gentle and wanted to make you proud. So he's the guy I would call and then you call your old man and hear you could have done better.

Mike Rowe looks to Captain Scott now at the table and says tell me about the Colonel. Scott was a knot head as bad as they come and got kicked out of the house at the age of 18. He never had a good relationship with his dad, one because he was gone all the time and two he was such a screw up he had to prove himself to his dad. When he went fishing his dad told the crew to break this kid. I don't want him fishing and in this life style. I felt like I had to prove myself to my dad. I still do. He's proud and telling everyone else. Sig, but he'll never tell it to you. They all relate to that. Captain Andy says two times in his life his dad told him he loved him. Captain Johnathan, he only told me once. Andy, cause he loved me more. John, I was dad's favorite though. Captain Scott's dad still manages the boat. They still fight but they work it out. Captain Bill, it's strange though when your own kid is on board. Captain Andy when I saw the guy go over board I thought please don't let that be Scotty. In a flash, then it's get the guy out of the water.

Sheila McCormack the supervising producer joins the table. Mike Rowe, you have reputation of a no nonsense tough broad with a heart of gold. Any truth to that? Sheila, total all truth. Especially the heart of gold part. Mike Rowe so if Deadliest Catch the show were a crab boat, she'd be the deck boss? The guys start saying she'd be the captain ending up with Captain Keith saying she would be the Fleet Commander. She would be the Admiral. Captain Sig when we are at sea and we need something it is done. Even if it's personal. Captain Bill, she never takes no for an answer. We've had some discussions where I didn't want to do something and she'll say that's not the answer I'm going to take. Mike Rowe, when Phil died and Jake went into rehab. I don't know many producers that did what you did. You went above and beyond. Sheila, I loved Phil. We were good friends. When he stroked I went from Dutch to Anchorage and spent the last two weeks of his life with him. Then took the boys to Seattle and helped them try and lead their life because they were lost. Jake especially. She took him to rehab, when he got out he stayed with her for a couple of weeks. She said it was natural to do it and Phil would have wanted it.

Captain Sig talks about when they did Catch Con. During Catch Con they had body guards. After Catch Con they all went to Sigs house for a party. One of the body guards had one too many or ten or twelve. Sig says we got big tough fisherman afraid of this guy. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't kick this guy out. And she had this guy out in about 30 seconds. Shelia marched him all the way to the middle of the street. Sig says he was a nice guy. It was just one of those days.

Sheila says her crew is a pain in the ass too. They start talking about the camera guy that went in the water to get a shot of the underneath of the ice. Captain Bill says all this for a piece of video. There's a guy who earned his Emmy today. Shane Moore joins the table. Shane says he asked Bill if this is a bad idea. Bill said yes, but this is how I'd do it. Shane talks about how tough it is to film from the chase boat and not run into the guys.

We see a clip of Fly Tying with Wild Bill. LMAO he says it's how he relaxes but there is an awful lot of cursing going on. 

They show a clip of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. They talk about the Fisherman's fund and how it is putting the first kids through college.

They show a clip of the guys fly fishing with Billy Berger. Mike Rowe says he thinks this was the activity that caused the least damage. As far as he knows no one was impaled. LMAO Andy if fly fishing sitting on the shore. Johnathan is screaming I want a trout and I want it now. Captain Sig says this is for the birds, give me a crab pot. Captains Keith and Bill are actually out in the lake. Captain Keith caught one. He is the only one who caught one. Captain Bill said there was one blind fish in the lake. Captain Keith said you got five loud obnoxious crabbers yelling and screaming. The fish are on the bottom going what's going on up there?

Wow. Great episode.

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  1. You know, the only thing I don't get out of any show or this world, how someone can prevent a parent from being around their kid, unless abuse is there, simply no right to do that

  2. Does anyone know if Jake Harris has gone back to rehab? I hope so. So sad.

    1. I haven't seen anything. I did notice he had a beer bottle in his hand during the show. I don't recall seeing him drink from it though.


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