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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 14 Recap

"Fearless Leaders"

The episode starts out in late February. All of the boats except the Seabrooke and Wizard appear to be tied up at the dock. Yep, the boys are flying back in after three weeks off.

The guys are loading the pots back onto the boats. Captain Sig is counting on Jake Harris to step it up and put in one hundred percent.

On the Time Bandit, Captain Johnathan has his iPod with an X-ray of his back. He has herniated disks and three pinched nerves. What was he thinking getting on that bull? OMG Captain Andy is putting him on top secret probation. He is not allowed to lift more than two pounds.

On the Kodiak, they are going a deckhand short since Jason Rainwater is gone. Captain Bill is looking to greenhorn Warren Hicks to pick up the slack. He hopes he starts catching on better but says he is a scared kid.

Elliott Neese is headed for the boat. He says with the situation he has a home he probably should have just stayed away. Elliott gets back to the boat and only one deckhand has quit. I think he said Cadito. It didn't sound like Kado and Kado was gone before. Elliott is not broken hearted over the guy leaving. The crew is still mad about being left behind when Elliott went home. Elliott is listening to them talk about him. He needs to catch some crab.

The boats are leaving Dutch Harbor, ready for some crabbing.

The Wizard is still out, they filled their boat in less than six days. They are headed to deliver when they lose all power. They were in the middle of pulling up a pot. They save the pot. Engineer Lenny Lekanoff goes to see what's going on and turn on the emergency power. They lost their generator. He get's the back up generator going and discovers the main generator has a massive oil leak. There is another guy in the engine room helping Lenny. I'm not sure who it is. He's wearing yellow gloves.

On the Seabrooke they are crawling through the ice. Captain Scott says it took them about an hour to go three miles through the ice which is on top of his gear. He has a processor date to meet. Very interesting, they showed a picture of the boat in the broke up ice trying to get to a pot, but behind the boat it doesn't look like there is any ice. LOL Clear seas. They get the pot and pull it up. It's about a third full. I hear someone say ut-oh. They are dirty. Captain Scott says that's some of the skankiest crab he's seen in years. There was even mud in the pot. Captain Scott said that's because the pot was drug over half a mile. The mud suffocates the crab and kills them. They were able to save some of the crab from the pot but not as many as Captain Scott would like. The delivery is in three days. They have to keep working.

On the Northwestern, Captain Sig is trying to figure out where to fish. He returns to where they were three and a half weeks ago. Right in the middle of setting Jake Harris asks Matt Bradley to take over and leaves the deck. He goes in and takes a nap. Jake Anderson, even his own dad used to yell at him for this kind of behavior. Nobody is going to change unless they want to change. Matt Bradley, Is he sitting down in there? I'll kill him. Captain Sig says it's only a matter of time before someone snaps. Unless it's affecting me I'll stay out of it, hopefully it doesn't continue.

The Ramblin' Rose decides to gamble and go west. Everyone told Elliott there was ice there but there isn't. Elliott goes down and addresses the crew about them being mad because he went home and they had to stay. He tells them if everyone keeps bitching and whining everyone is going home. Way to win friends and influence people Elliott. He says he's tired of everyone moaning, he'll just hire a bunch of new guys. Steiner asks why he is starting the trip out like this. They have a discussion with a lot of beeping. Steiner says everyone was out fishing and now you're starting this all up again. Elliott asks if everybody wants to be there and make some money or go home? Gee, I think I'd of asked that question before leaving the dock. The crew goes out on deck and says the same thing. LMAO That he waited until they got all the way out there to ask that. It would have been messed up if someone said they wanted to go home, because he would have to take them back to Dutch or port somewhere.

On the Kodiak. Captain Bill only took sixty five pots. Less pots, less crew, more work. Warren Hicks the greenhorn is having problems tying up the bags. One of the crew is instructing Warren not to lift his feet and to stay out of the line. Next thing you know he's wrapped up in the line while throwing the buoys. Nick Marrow pushed him down on his back to the deck and the line came off his leg.Again no knife out, I never see a knife to cut the line. Captain Bill asks Warren where he keeps his wallet. He says if he gets sucked over the side, he gets to keep his money. Warren doesn't understand why Bill would say something like that. Nick tells him it's crabbing dude, that's how it is. The guys go inside and are taking off their gear when Mike Vanderveldt first tells Warren he's glad he's okay, then tells him it would have been funny if he went overboard. This pisses Warren off. One of the other guys tells Warren if that happens again to lay down on the deck. Mike "Vandy" tells him he has chased a guy down the deck that way. He's the guy that keeps him alive out there to remember that. He doesn't want to hear anymore of his back talk.

On the Seabrooke. Captain Scott is pulling up pots with riders, clean with keepers but the guys are too tired to celebrate. They've had about hour and half of sleep in thirty nine hours. Mac White says this is the first time ever he is tired. Captain Scott tells everybody stop, they are screwing stuff up. They have a pot in the rack and a pot hanging. Scott is instructing the crew what to do, calling each crew member out by name and telling them what to do. Mac White says the skipper should write a book "Crab Fishing For Dummies" a step by step to walk you through it. In six hours they went through 72 pots and nearly stuff the pots. It sure sounded like Mike Rowe said six hours. That's not adding up to me. Captain Scott says in 48 hours the boys got an hour and half off.  Captain Scott tells the crew imagine if we would have been hauling 12 pots an hour from the get go, we would have been out of here 18 hours ago. Mac White says next trip. Captain Scott tells them good job boys, good job. The difference in captains and crews on the Seabrooke and Ramblin' Rose always amaze me. Captain Scott is also young but is respected so much more by everyone; crew, other captains, fans. It's not about age.

The Crab Count

Wizard 1,500,000
Seabrooke 1,100,000
Northwestern 510,315
Time Bandit 377,125
Kodiak 315,200
Ramblin' Rose 108,300

On the Kodiak. Captain Bill tells Warren lets get some of the crab out of the tank so we have room for more. LOL Captain Bill says if you don't call BS on that one you're a sheep. Warren is taking Crab out of the tank and putting them in the white tubs. Bill tells him that was a little bit of an IQ test and thanks him for being diligent.

On the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott is having a hard time focusing because of stuff at home. He said he's 90% focused at home 10% is fishing which isn't right. They pull up the first pot. It's about a quarter full. He said it had 460. Sure didn't look like that many to me. The next pot is about half full. Elliott is now down on deck. I don't know who's driving the boat. Steiner says I actually saw Elliott smile, that was kinda weird. LMAO He says he was happy to see that, kind of puts a smile on  his face. Elliott gets a call from home that his ex is seeking a restraining order against him. Elliott says he hasn't talked to his kids in two weeks and if she goes through with the year long restraining order he won't be able to talk to them for even longer. Well if Elliott did nothing wrong, I hope the cameras were there to catch it. It's a shame to see the kids in the middle of this. They seem to love their dad and he does seem to love them. Elliott is ready to cry, he says he is at a point where he has had enough. He gets out of the front of the camera and goes downstairs. Again. Who is driving? Aaron Steiner is on deck excited about the crab trying to give Elliott the count and he says their fearless leader is gone, no one at the wheel. Elliott returns to his chair. He's ready to be finished fishing so he can go home. Elliott is rambling on about family being more important than fishing and how it's a lonely life being a fisherman. Not something he wants for his kids. 

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  1. What percipated Capt. John going for the x-rays?

    1. He was thrown from a bull.

    2. Oh wait. That time was after he was catching air on deck and re-injured an already ailing back.

  2. OMG! I work in rehab and I can't believe he was putting up with that type of back injury. No wonder he looked liked he was in pain after catching air. WOW! I really can't believe he got on that bull with that type of PMH. And to think he had to tolerate a plane ride home from ATC with so much going on. I'm sure he has many nurses willing to help him out during his time off!!!!!LOL I hope he allows himself to take the time to heal properly. They are two type of painful injuries to sustain in such a small window of time apart!

    1. Exactly! Like I said I don't know what he was thinking getting on that bull. I guess... This looks like fun. LOL


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