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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 4 Recap


Elliott Neese is at the table with Mike Rowe. Great! Rolling eyes and sarcasm. Enough with Elliott already. Mike Rowe tells Elliott he was trying to remember the other captains their first year on the show. Elliott says last year was hard because it was his first year as captain and with cameras in his face. Mike asks what changed? Last year he was telling the cameras a lot to get out of the wheelhouse. What changed? Are you finding your way? Elliott said he got to see the show last year and see what actually comes of all the filming. It's pretty cool to see yourself on TV. Mike says it seems like a new level of personal stuff with you. Why did you let us in? Elliott explains that that's what is going on in his life right now.

Mike asks Elliott about dealing with bad news and really great news at the same time. Referring to the call about the restraining order and pulling up big pots of crab. Elliott says he hadn't talked to his kids in two months. He just needed a little personal time. Mike Rowe says a restraining order, what's going on? Elliott says he is a dual citizen of Mexico and America and she got a notion that he was going to take their kids and go to Mexico. He told her he was in the middle of the Bering Sea with 800,000 pounds of crab left to catch. When am I going to be home to take the kids to Mexico? Elliott said he doesn't want to talk bad about her because she is the mother of his kids but she has some issues. When you are with someone that long you get comfortable with it. He just wants her to be happy and wishes her the best. She still hasn't let him see or talk to the kids. He's only talked to them twice since Christmas. That's sad. I hope Val remembers some day the kids will be grown up and want to know why she wouldn't let them at least talk to their dad on the phone.

Mike points out that there is about a generation between Elliott and the other captains but they've all gone through it. Sig Hansen joins the table. Captain Sig says he remembers Elliott calling him on a radio show once and asking how he deals with the cameras. Sig says he told him to let them loose and do their job. Mike asks Sig how hard it was for him in his season one. Sig says he was a tyrant. Mike, a nightmare. Sig says it took until the third year. They had the captains cam and they didn't have that before. I wouldn't let them film me for nothing. I threatened to go in. Sig ended up throwing a twenty thousand dollar camera in the ocean. He says he and Elliott had a lot in common. Sig says he sees him evolving. Experience comes with time.

Wow Mike Rowe's hat is really frayed. Somebody needs to give him a new Time Bandit hat. 

They show clips of the guys leaving Dutch and Captain Keith and Monte rolling the dice. Mike says I love that he says any combination of five and he rolls two fives. Captain Keith says they only rolled the dice once. No joke. Captain Andy Hillstrand has joined the table.

Mike asked Captain Sig why he decided not to go out. Sig said they didn't have a choice. He explains that there are northern and southern shares. A percentage of the crab that he catches, that he owns or is leased has to go to the island. To Saint Paul. He said they left before the island completely shut down. He said there were 350 people sitting there for months. Those guys didn't make a dime with no one bringing crab in to process. He said he spent four days just trying to get out of there, to fly out, and those guys were suffering. Captain Andy said his boat was getting beat up for months. So his thinking was take a break for a month and come back and the ice should be receding by then. But they came back and still got their asses kicked.

Mike says to Keith you deliver to St. Paul. Keith says ya, six times as a matter of fact. Keith said they had exhausted all their southern shares on their first trip except 100,000 pounds. They still had about 1.8 million to go north. He said it was strategy and luck getting in and out of there. He'll never do it again. As they cut away to commercial Captain Andy said their boats paid a heavy price for it. The bows of their boat were destroyed. OH NO!

They come back. Mike Rowe is reading tweets. One of them from Heidi Miller who wants to know if any of them ever feel like running their fingers through Captain Bills hair. It's purdy. Captain Bill is now at the table he runs his fingers through his hair saying this one's for you Heidi.

Andy and Sig are gone, Freddie is at the table. Mike says lets talk about the green horns. He calls Keith the green horn slayer. Captain Keith says he doesn't want to be. Mike, and yet you are. They show clips of Keith and the green horns and Keith counting them on his fingers. He might have counted thirty. They come back to the table Elliott says if he would have had a green horn in his wheelhouse in full rain gear he would have fired him on the spot. Mike asks why? Elliott says you don't wear rain gear in the wheelhouse, it's disrespectful. Really, I thought he was worried about the floors getting wet. Mike asks Freddie if he would wear his rain gear in the wheelhouse. He's says of course. Captain Keith says the deal is you don't wear your rain gear in the galley or the wheelhouse but there are times when stuff is happening. I don't care if you are wearing rain gear or not we've got stuff to do. Captain Bill says coming up to bitch in your gear is a no no but if there is danger or somethings going on. Mike, but how do you know? If you Brady how do you know? Mike, you're looking through the training manual, oh wait there is none. Elliott, this is the training manual, watching Deadliest Catch. Brady joins the table. Captain Keith doesn't look happy to see him. They show a clip of him quitting. Brady is the guy that left before off loading the crab that Keith would not give a ride to the airport. Brady says he has worked a lot of different boats and has never been treated like a "beep" before. Elliott asked if he had ever worked on a crab boat. He said Steiner put his name on the line to recommend Brady to Elliott who then recommended him to Keith. Elliot said he should have at least off loaded the crab.

Captain Keith addresses Brady. You came on the boat the same time as Chris did. Did you rig the gear? Brady, no. Keith, Did you upload the gear? Brady, no. Keith, did you bait like only 400 pots? Did you off load the gear? Did you off load the crab? Did you do anything? You went down when Chris who had never fished, never even seen the ocean was going up and you were going down. I don't get it. And the most irritating thing to me was I asked you to stay on. Do you know what you lost? Roger just made close to $60,000 for Opies. Brady, cool. Keith, That was your money, you gave it away. Mike, so explain how it is different on other boats. Brady, the boat I'm on now is better as a team, there's no bitching. Captain Bill asks if he is crabbing, Brady says yes crabbing and cod. Mike asks what boat he's on? He says he's on the Burton. It's not crabbing like you guys but its crabbing. Elliott says that not even f'ng crabbing. That's a 58 footer from what I recall. That's not a crab boat on the Bering Sea. Mike, Freddie it's different being a crabber versus fishing cod and doing other things. Maybe the question is why did Steiner think Brady would be right on a crab boat? Elliott says the guy is built for crabbing he looks tough, I guess what it all comes down to is if you have the mental will to do it. Some guys don't. Mike asks Freddie if he thinks he was patient with Brady. Freddie says he was. It's one simple thing we want. Just work your ass off and shut the f up. ROTFLMAO Earn that respect. 

Mike, do most people know that? Did you know it? Brady, yes. Captain Keith, then why did you come out there? Brady, did I not work hard enough? Captain Keith, no I thought you did great, I thought you did adequate. That's why I said you still had an Opie job. I didn't fire you man, I tried to keep you on the boat, but you did something that I've seen maybe once or twice in twenty seven years. Mike, the walk off. Keith, ya throwing the bags on the dock before the lines hit the dock. That is like something you just don't do. Captain Keith said it's like he said it's the most important thing (points to Freddie) it's respect. Brady, I just didn't feel like it was a team out there. It didn't feel like a team to me. Keith, we put in 120,000 pounds in seven days, you can't do that if it isn't a team Brady. Mike, it's obviously not a fit. Look if it were any other work place. A factory floor, construction, an accounting office... I'll see you in HR, I'll have your license. He's going to sue you and win. It's straight up verbal abuse. This doesn't happen in offices. Keith, lives aren't at stake when you are in an accounting office. It is a boot camp and it is a hard core dangerous job. It's so loud you have to yell. We don't change diapers in the Bering Sea.

A tweet on screen from @YanceyFD: Does anyone on the Bering Sea have a bigger heart than Freddie? I think not! So true Fran and very cool getting your tweet on TV. 

Mike asks Captain Bill if he would have changed it differently. Bill, I have five guys and I always hate it when  guys kill the green horn right off the bat. My idea is keep the guy, teach him, let him get over the curve. (of everything hurting) Once you get past that curve then you become part of the team, so I typically don't let my guys chew on them for quite a while. Captain Keith, Wild Bill is giving us the warm and fuzzy. Mike Rowe, its enough to make you want to run your fingers through his hair. Mike thanks Brady for coming. Mike says he didn't look great on that video but you're a grown man you make your decisions and live with the fall out. Captain Keith, You know what Brady, you got balls for showing up. He reaches across the table and shakes Brady's hand.

They show clips of the guys playing poker and clips of the show. Andy and Scott are at the table. Mike says poker seems to be a good metaphor. Is it like playing Stud? Captain Keith says no it's like Hold 'Em when you turn up the card and make a decision and then like crab fishing you're all in. Mike, do you still feel like you are competing with each other? Captain Sig, always with each other. Mike, why Junior? Junior, because if you don't catch your crab quick enough then you could be waiting 4 or 5 days to unload. There is only  four or five canneries for sixty boats out there. So sometimes you gotta bluff. Let people think you don't have good fishing going on when you do and sneak in and out real quick. Like this year with Opilio you could maybe sneak in and get a delivery before somebody else, maybe the ice came in and they aren't going to be able to deliver. Captain Keith like with my boat being so big, if I'm full, it's going to plug up the factory for twenty four - thirty six hours. Nobody wants to get stuck behind me.

Mike, Bill are you on the hook for quota either way. Captain Bill, yes if you take on the task you gotta perform. Mike, plus you have fuel costs, food costs, bait. Elliott said they were paying $6.25 - 6.50 for fuel, their fuel bill was $190,000 for the season. Captain Keith, no my fuel bill was close to $400,000 for this season. Mike Rowe, half a million dollars in gas! Captain Andy, that's when him and Monte go you got this one? Captain Keith, I filled up at the pump the other day. $110,000 to fill up. So if anyone is bummed out when they go to the pump and it's $3.22 a gallon...

Mike says one of the biggest decisions you guys had to make this year basically came down to color. Besides the color what is the difference. Captain Sig says size. Okay, I won't go there. LOL I'm running behind today. Gotta behave. Captain Keith 4.2 pounds vs 7 pounds.  Captain Andy says price too. It was like $8 a pound for Red King Crab and $5 something for Blue. Captain Keith says this year was over $10 for Red Crab. Captain Sig and they taste the same. Captain Andy, no they're different. I like the taste of Blue Crab better. Captain Sig, no don't say that. You want the high price. Captain Keith, the biggest difference is in Asia, red is a power color. So the red crab garners more value, even though once you cook them they are red. That's what I was thinking too, once you cook 'em.

Mike Rowe, on one hand your red quota was lower than it's ever been, on the other hand it was a big red year. You went blue. Captain Scott, that's one of the things I regret the most is that I didn't get to take part in that phenomenal red fishing. Mike Rowe, there is a sense that blue crab is an opportunity for up and comers, is that right? Captain Sig, the reality is we used to fish blue crab in August and September they would school up. Now they have us fishing it in the winter months. They are spread out in a thin layer and harder to catch. Plus you have the grind and the weather. For the young guys that want to go up and do it great! I did it one year, you can have it man! Elliott, the weather would be nice in November. These guys go down south and be done in ten days. We spent four months up there. Mike, so why go? Captain Keith, I had some great blue crabs back in the '90's. I learned a real quick lesson this year. We are fishing a month and a half later this year, they are not schooled up, it's a completely different fishery. Mike, but you hedged though. You went red and blue. Keith, I did hedge. I covered my bets. Elliott, actually talking about bets here. I had a bet with you and you. (He points to Junior and Keith) He had a bet with each of them for $1000. Elliott says he beat Keith and he hasn't paid up yet. Captain Keith, no but I loaned you seventy pots. Mike Rowe says that's what you call a tease. They go to commercial.

They come back talking about bets. Keith said when he got out there Junior was already out there a day ahead of him. He asked him if he wanted to jump in on the bet with him and Elliott. Keith said he's not a fool. The bet was first one to 100,000 pounds. Junior kicked butt! Keith never made it to $100,000 pounds. So Junior made $1000, Elliott broke even. Keith is out $1000 which he pulled out of  his pocket and paid to Elliott. Elliott already paid Junior. Mike said a lot of things happened because of that wager. Mike said you went to Hall Island, way up north, where they caught no crab. Captain Keith said last time he fished up there that's where they made their big haul. Mike, does anybody live up there? Elliott, no it's a big desolate rock. He said he left ten pots up there. Once the weather cleared they went back up there and got an 18 average. Okay did he spend more on gas than the pots were worth? Mike, I heard it looked black. Elliott, well when you have forty foot waves, it stirs it up. Andy, how deep is the water up there? 18 fathoms? It's shallow. 100 ft - 80 foot of water. Mike, and where were the crab? They vanished. Is it because they were caught? Sig, no they dig in for security. They'll dig in and hang on. Captain Scott, they are trying to hang on for dear life man. Elliott, it's real rocky. They get knocked around and killed. Mike, I guess if you are a crab your options are really limited. Andy says people ask them all the time why they don't mingle. Gang wars. Mike, if you're a red crab and you see a blue crab. Andy, says you're a big red crab (imitating a crab). Mike, do you ever see a sort of purple off spring. LMAO

Now we have a clip of more bull riding titled Bull Riding with Captain Keith. This time Captain Keith is on a mechanical bull with Captain Johnathan at the controls. LOL He got thrown off a lot.

Mike says you guys destroyed Breckenridge and Breckenridge helped destroy you. Captain Keith and Andy show their skinned arms. Mike, the funny thing is we are about as far from water as we have ever been and you guys absolutely managed to find some. Oh yes, the river rafting. I almost forgot about that. Looks like the whole gang is there Josh and all of them. Captain Keith's Overboard! But he was rescued by Captain Sig. Sig says he was light as a feather baby.

Ryan Collins owner of the Aspen Canyon Ranch is at the table. Mike asks if these guys have been behaving. Ryan says no, but they've been great. We have horseback and hunting. Mike, I just feel like it's a boy scout trip that got out of hand. Sig, we were shooting a lot of guns. We have a sharp shooter right here. He points to Wild Bill. Mike, what happened with the pinata? Captain Andy, all I was told is it was a pirate pinata, put the blindfold on. Mike, how do we get to a point where there is a pinata hanging in a room and he has a baseball bat. Ryan, seven gallons of whiskey. LOL, That'll do it. They show clips of Andy trying to hit the pinata after being swung around three times. The first time he hit the pinata, the second time he hit the light hanging from the ceiling, he thought he was swinging at the pinata and kept hitting the light. Josh Harris came in from behind to try and move him or do something. I don't know how Josh didn't get hit with the bat. Scott, I didn't want to get close to him swinging the bat. Mike, so no one wanted to get close to him cause he was blind folded, full of whiskey, swinging an aluminum bat and destroying this man's light fixtures? Scott, we got the bat's taken away from us after that. Ya think? Mike, next time I'm in Breckenridge I do believe I'm going to stay at the Aspen Canyon Ranch. Captain Keith says he can honestly say it's the best three days he's had in a long time.

Mike Rowe, we are going to end the show with what people call crab porn, it's why people watch the show. Because in the end beyond all the drama and screaming, watching you guys haul in the crab is a lot of fun.

Captain Sig says like getting a pot of gold, like hitting a jackpot in Vegas. Bill there's days like this when you don't want to go back. Captain Keith, you sit and watch it and I want to be on the boat right now. Captain Sig and you aren't counting money. You are looking at the crab going yeah! Captain Keith, I was watching that last segment and I was wondering if you are going to fish blues next year. (Looking to Scott & Elliott) Same bet goes down between the three of them this time. $5000. That was it for this week. Great show.

I've heard people in Canada don't get After the Catch until the season ends. This week I find out that the people in the UK don't even get After the Catch. That's a crying shame. I can't imagine Deadliest Catch without After the Catch right after the episode. Come on Discovery! What are you thinking? They need After the Catch in the UK and Canada needs it after the episode. Don't make them wait, that's cruel. If you have a Facebook page please support the group Deadliest Catch UK a group that was started to prove to Discovery they want to see After the Catch in the UK. 

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    1. That's crazy! I had no idea so many people weren't able to see all the shows.

  3. Thanks again! Discovery Finland showed us the only season 8 King crab and that's all :((( Maybe in autumn we see rest of ??? And After the catch??? I am afraid that is NO :(


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