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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 15 Recap

"Release the Beast"

The full fleet is back on the fishing grounds, in the ice. Elliott thinks the sea is looking like it's going to become unfishable again.

230 to the NW of Dutch Harbor on the Time Bandit. They are getting ready to pull pots set thirty six hours ago. Capt Andy Hillstrand is 40 miles south of St. Paul. He says the ice is way below where they said it would be. How much farther south do I need to go to get away from the ice? Captain Andy is trying to get up to the end of his 25 pot string but he can't because of the ice.

Captain John says this is hell right here. They show shots of the the damage to the boat from the ice. Travis throws the hook trying to get the pot but hits the ice pack a couple of times. They get the pot up and there are only a few crab in the pot. Captain Andy says they need about 100,000 more pounds. They are pulling pots with about 50 crabs. The two brothers are arguing about how to go about getting the pots. Captain Andy tells Captain Johnathan as he is leaving the wheelhouse still arguing with him that he could really use some coffee right now. LOL

Ut-oh Captain Johnathan is out on the deck with the shot gun. He starts shooting at the ice on the boat. He fires several rounds and screams stay away and don't come back. Mike Fourtner says I had a twelve gauge going off by my head! Wow! Eddie Uwekoolani says wasted good ammo. Someone said you should always watch your back for heavy gunfire. Mike, that's how we get rid of ice Time Bandit Style. Twelve gauge baby. Captain Andy, I think Johnathan needs to go home and take a break. Captain Johnathan says he feels a lot better now. Andy, I'm sure you do! Johnathan, Feels good to release the beast. You were adopted Andy. Andy, I know. I'm from the smart family. LMAO Brotherly love.

On the Northwestern. They are pulling up full pots. Matt Bradley, We have a plethora of crab, a plethora. The boys are happy. Captain Sig is looking at the ice report. He tells the boys the ice is coming down and they have to stack them on right now. That pretty much killed the good mood. Captain Sig, I just feel like we are pretty much going in the right direction and we hit a brick wall again.

Edgar Hansen is standing on deck kind of looking around saying I don't know, somethings fishy. You know how you get that feeling something ain't right. Mike Rowe, Edgar notices a change in the way the boat is riding. Edgar, She's feeling heavy. Captain Sig, she's having a hard time idling. Edgar you want to come up?
He shows Edgar the gauge and says she's struggling, I'm freaking out right now. Edgar, I'll go check it out. Edgar heads back out to the deck. He pulls a lid off one of the tanks. It's full of water. He says OMG that tanks supposed to be empty. That's our stability right there. Nick Mavar is standing there with a look of surprise and terror on his face. I don't know how else to describe it. Edgar says that will sink a boat right there.

They are carrying 50 tons of excess water. Edgar informs Captain Sig. Sig, Holy shit. Pump it down. Edgar, I know. I thought we were heavy. They show a demonstration of how water in the middle tank can tip a ship over. Edgar starts working on pumping the water out. Sig, this is right out of a nightmare novel. Edgar, says the pump should be empty in 18 minutes. It's been pumping for 25 and it's not even half way empty. The boat is rocking and rolling on the waves. The tank lid is off and the water from the waves keep going in the tank. Maybe they should put the lid back on the tank. Edgar, it's pumping out like crazy. Mike Rowe, finally the tank is empty but the problem is not solved. The low level alarm isn't working. Jake Anderson and Edgar Hansen must fix the alarm. They go down into the tank while water pours down in on top of them. Edgar Mcgyver's it back together. Edgar fixes it. The alarm starts working. Jake Harris says music to my ears.

Captain Sig says his old man had a boat called the Fore Most. That boat sank because of a slack tank. Captain Sig tells Edgar and Jake A that's how dad's boat sank. If you hadn't opened that hatch, we'd be done. Somebody's watching us man. Let's shake it off, dry off and start hauling.

On the Ramblin' Rose. They are pulling big pots. The biggest hot streak of Elliott's career. Elliott's not celebrating. He says the whole deal with Val is making his life hard. Elliott says if he stays out there one more day, it will be cutting it close on getting in to his court date. The guys say the have a craffic jam! Elliott tells them not to reset. He can't risk missing the court date. The guys aren't happy. Elliott, the only reason I'm out here is to take care of my kids. It'll "beep" if I can't see them for a year. If he doesn't get the crab caught none of them will be able to feed their kids. 

295 miles to the NW of Dutch. On the Wizard Monte's at the wheel. Monte says he doesn't think the ice edge is far. He wouldn't set here he would set over here and he points to the computer screen. Monte, you can set the gear where you want. It's your decision, Captain Keith, you don't set the gear until you have a massive amount of information and right now we don't have enough. Monte heads down to sleep. Captain Keith thinks they only have about 48 hours before they shut down again. He calls Soper and wakes him up telling him we need 5 guys. He's not waking Monte up because he says he will put doubt in his mind whether this is a smart move or not. They start setting pots in the middle of chunks of ice. Keith says his brother is going to be uncomfortable with this set, for very good reason he is uncomfortable with this set.

Monte gets up and asks Keith where did you make it to? Keith tells him not very far. He tells Monte we are dumping them all. Monte tells him it's his call. Captain Keith says that's what he expected from him. He knows his brother.

250 miles NW of Dutch on the Kodiak. Captain Bill is getting ready to haul gear. The first pot comes up pretty full. Looking good. Big numbers, but Captain Bill takes his pots and moves to get away from the ice. Mike Vandervelt is teaching Zack Larson the hydros. It doesn't take long before Captain Bill starts giving Zack a hard time and calling him a girl. Zack responds by telling him it won't be long before he thinks about taking Bill's last name and ruining that family legacy. Captain Bill laughs.

In Dutch Harbor. They show a shot of what looks like an eagle eating a dead fox. Elliott is tied up at the dock on a phone call to the court. We hear pieces of the court conversation. The judge says Elliott called Val's mother in Oregon and told her he was going to take the kids to Mexico. Elliott says it isn't true. The crew is downstairs complaining about fishing. The judge says on 1/14/12 there were 54 missed calls. Elliott said that was over a 12 or 14 hour period. Not right in a row. The judge says clearly there is a problem here. He issues a long term protective order. Elliott is not happy, but the judge says he cannot telephone contact or  communicate in anyway directly or indirectly except in regards to the children and visitation with children. He has to stay away from Val's residence and not be within 500 feet.

Elliott goes down and tells the guys. He's happy he can still talk to the kids. They head back out.

The Crab Count

Wizard 1,500,000
Seabrooke 1,100,000
Northwestern  983,600
Kodiak   755,000
Time Bandit 426,275
Ramblin' Rose  354,150

The Wizard boys get mohawks.

On the Wizard. Monte is back at the wheel. Not happy about hauling gear in the ice. He thinks Captain Keith is a lunatic for setting gear there. Captain Keith walks up behind him. They are passing ice bergs in the water. Captain Keith is back at the wheel Monte is out on deck. Captain Keith says Monte is a captain and doesn't like being out on deck. He doesn't blame him, he doesn't want to be out there either. The difference is he was smart enough to buy a boat. Ouch! They were looking at a buoy and boom. It sank. Gone. Captain Keith calls the guys in. He said we gambled and it didn't pay off. He is going to cut his loses and leave. They are down eight pots. Captain Keith admitted Monte was right. He shouldn't have set his gear there. I think if he got all but eight pots back, that sounds pretty lucky. 

On the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott is talking to another captain getting bad news about the ice. He goes and tells the crew, the ice is covering everything up again. Between Val and the ice Elliott says he is ready to have a nervous breakdown. Elliott says this is the season they will dub when hell froze over.

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  1. once again thank you so much!!! I'm a real Elliott fan, he got a lot of garbage all over them this year. Hope for him it's now over.

  2. I'm clearly not an Elliott fan, but I would never wish him or his family ill will. Hopefully they will get it all worked out. :)

  3. I was on the bus streaming this episode last week; I have to start reminding myself that I am a bus when I am watching it because they thought I was weird shouting at my lap. I blame Elliot; it seems like half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth I never thought I would hear a crab boat captain say.


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