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Deadliest Catch After the Catch Episode 5 Recap

"Fishermen's Code"

At the table Mike Rowe, Andy Hillstrand, Sig Hansen, Edgar Hansen and Keith Colburn. Mike Rowe turns to Sig and says he saw something in his face watching the last episode that makes him wonder if the pucker factor wasn't a little higher than usual. Sig, just a little bit higher. Mike, on a scale of 1-10? Sig, 10, without a question. Captain Keith does an example of a slack tank with a glass, showing how the water sloshes back and forth. Captain Sig explained the series of events that went wrong. The bad weather, the alarm not working. Had Edgar not actually looked in the tank they would have stacked gear over the tank and never knew. There was some kind of air lock problem. They talk about Sig's dad and a boat called the Pacesetter that went down in 1995 because of a slack tank.

They show clips of the guys losing it. Keith yelling at Monte, the camera man, Johnathan shooting. Lots of different clips.

Elliott has joined the table. Edgar says they say accidents mostly happen on calm sunny days because your dreaming about home. Captain Andy you're dreaming about that new car. Captain Keith, you've usually just come through intense weather, so you get on good weather and get complacent. Elliott, sometimes your just day dreaming up there, driving on gear. In and out. In and out. Sig, your what? Just kidding. Mike Rowe, you made it sound dirty. LOL Sig, focus Elliott focus. Mike Rowe, I think he was. Point is when you lose focus the Bering Sea will find your weak spot. They show clips of the guys and accidents.

Captain Scott has joined the table. They start talking about getting your leg caught in the bite. Andy says the ones on the clip weren't that bad. He's seen guys where their boots get taken off and they get set on the rail. Sig says he won't set faster than 7 knots. Captain Keith got stuck in a line on the first string he ever set before everyone carried knives. He said the deckboss set all 225 pounds on him. It seemed like five minutes but it was probably only five seconds. The line went tight and exploded off of his leg. Mike Rowe, you remember that huh? Captain Keith, pretty vividly.

Mike Rowe, some rules are written. Some are more like a captains code.

They show a western made up of the Deadliest Catch guys. Hopefully someone will upload it for everyone to
see. Very cute. It looks like Scott and Elliott have a shootout right before it ends. They draw guns.

Captain Scott and Elliott discuss Elliott setting down pots on him. Mike asks Elliott to explain potting down. Elliott explains it and says he doesn't care if someone does it to him unless they get tangled up with him. Elliott says they try to keep a boat length away. Captain Scott said Elliott's pots got tangled up with his and he was pissed that's why he called him on an open channel instead of a side channel. Mike brings up that they were bringing up low numbers. Captain Scott said he had already been in there and everybody said hey this boats on good fishing and piled in there. Elliott, I had a good first trip. You weren't the only one. It wasn't like you were up there being a superstar or anything. Captain Scott, no there were other guys that had  bigger trips than I did. Mike, the interesting thing is that you did call him out on 16 and it got public and on social media and everything.

They discuss that how small the blue crab area was. Captain Scott says usually you call the other captain and find out where his strings are. Keith does it with me. You get a little close when you are setting but you don't get tangled up. Elliott says the year before Captain Scott sat down every single one of his strings. Captain Scott, did I tangle you up? No. Elliott, I didn't call you on 16 and bitch about it. Whatever.  You gotta go where the crab are. Captain Scott, tangling up buoys is a different story, you know that. Mike Rowe looks at Sig and says you look like you have something to say. Everyone laughs. Captain Sig, sometimes the gloves come off and you gotta get in there and rumble. I think times have changed. You got less boats. Now there is less gear on the grounds so everyone wants to be a gentleman. It's just one of those things. I've been fishing blue crab since 1978 for crying out loud. There is a lot of area. Trust me. Captain Andy, in the old days tangling up pots would piss guys off so bad. They would cut your pot off, sometimes shoot your buoys. Andy says it's bad when you tangle buoys cause it takes you time to untangle them, you get half the crab, you snap pots off because the lines rub together. Capt Sig confronts Elliott about Elliott setting along him last winter. Captain Sig says I was like hey kid what are you doing there? Setting. Elliott, no I wasn't setting gear.  Sig, I said I got a string there. You kind of moved a little bit. The polite way to do it. Capt Scott, stop setting. Capt Keith, cut his line and shoot his buoys. LMAO Sig, and then maybe run over 1/4 of a mile. Capt Andy, I don't call up every guy and tell him where my string is cause I don't want him to know where every string of mine is. Captain Keith, in the old days you could walk across the bags they were so tight. You couldn't even drive through them. Mike Rowe, the question is did you do it on purpose. Elliott, I didn't see any of his bags tangled up with mine. Do you have footage of that? I think you would have bitched more if it had been. Captain Scott, that's the only reason I called and bitched because they were. Elliott, there's no way they could have been. I had just set them and you were hauling aways from where I was at. Capt Scott, we've got it on film. It showed it on the AIS. Capt Keith, what they didn't show was the money shot, your guys at the rail untangling the pots. Elliott, I did not see that. Elliott, there's no way they showed it on the computer screen because the AIS was off. Mike Rowe, I'm glad we worked this out. Capt Sig, you had to light that fire didn't you Keith.

They discuss whether it is cool to hire another guys deckhand. Kado joins the table. They ask Kado his opinion of the potting down. He says you assume the guys upstairs are communicating. Capt Keith, oh yeah we're communicating. Hey a-hole, what the "bleep" are you doing?. Mike, You've worked for both of these guys. What's the difference in their style? Kado, sleep, food, and crab. OUCH! Capt Keith, three important things. Mike Rowe looking to Junior, you've told me more than once you were a "bleep" to work for. He then turns to Elliott and says can you confirm that? Elliott, I would never step foot on a boat of his again. Captain Keith asks Elliott when he worked for Junior. He said six or seven years ago. Capt Scott says he was a lot younger then, I was like Elliott. A tyrant starting out and I learned that doesn't work. All you do is burn crew out. Mike Rowe, but when it comes to swapping crew it's like Days of Our Lives sometimes.

Captain Scott, you want to make sure it's a clean break, because sometimes the crew is looking for greener pasture. With Kado it was a clean break. Guy will do that to me, you come in an unload crab and a guy will think it's greener pasture and pack up and leave when you are getting ready to leave again. I have enough respect for all the captains to make sure it was a clean break, if you guys didn't get along that's fine, that's you guys issue not mine, but I'm going to give this guy a shot. Mike Rowe, it's a free country.

Capt Andy, when Phil was alive Josh wanted to come work on my boat. I told him I will not take you unless your old man says it's alright. So then he went back and thank god he stayed with him the last season he had with him. Captain Sig, it was a class move.

Josh Harris joins the table. Josh is really hoarse. Andy asks him if he learned any lessons from when you start running the boat. He said his dad told him that it is very simplistic with the boat, it came down to the crew is like a pumping heart of the boat like a battery source. And you don't want to drain your battery source.

They run the clip of Josh and Derrick Ray last year on After the Catch. Josh says there are very few times you see me flip out but when he started talking trash about my dad on my dad's boat. That's just hot buttons. Mike Rowe, you have new opportunities in the works. Josh, I don't want to jinx anything. But he says they are working on things to better themselves and get a boat they desire. They are taking every step and every precaution. Capt Andy, I'll tell you what he's trying to do. He's trying to be a crab boat captain for the 2012 king crab season. Mike Rowe, gentleman do you think he can do it? Captain Keith, do you think you are ready? Josh, I've been working really hard at this. I have the opportunity and I'm not going to stop. This is something I really want to do. Elliott, says he thinks he's going to have trouble getting insurance, he's been fishing since he was ten and it's really hard to do. Josh, I have a check list and I'm going through it and doing what needs to be done to make it happen.

Mike Rowe asks Edgar what he meant the other day by he missed being that guy. Edgar, you miss the weather. Mike asks Sig if he missed his brother. Sig says no. You miss the security blanket. When you have a system that works it's a safety net, a security blanket. I didn't miss my brother I see him all the time. Edgar, the boat will run with me on board and I understand that. Mike Rowe, you need an Edgar. They show the clip of Edgar patching the hydro leak. Mike Rowe, singing here he comes to save the day... Do you have a big red S under there? Edgar, that's what I like about being me I guess. Knowing what to do when the crap hits the fan and just doing it. Capt Sig said it would have taken 3 days had they had to go to town and they were on the crab. Mike asks Jake A how well he knows the engine. He says he can turn it on and off and he follows Edgar everywhere. They are going to put him on as Chief this summer. Captain Sig interrupts and says he's selling himself short again. Don't do that! He's learned more in the last couple of years that you can shake a stick at. Jake A, I don't like boasting. Capt Sig, shut up! He knows the fuel system, the manifold, he's run the engine room the last couple of trips. Our life was in your hands so don't ever sell yourself short. Stop it!

Mike Rowe, it's a mechanical world and we seen how things can go horribly wrong in a second on the Time Bandit this season. They show Scotty blowing up the ice and breaking the coiler. Mike, you broke the coiler what's the big deal. Capt Andy, the coiler is another deckhand without it, it slows everything down. Edgar, I hate to say it but the same thing happened to us but I fixed it. I'm just saying. Captain Andy says this was pot metal and there is a lot more involved in this one. Mcgyver no offense. Edgar insists it was the same thing. Andy, they hand coiled and that's how we got through the trip Norwegian style. They discussed how hard it is to coil wet, jelly fish slimmed rope.

We see a video of Captain Andy Alpine sliding. Envision a big fiberglass water slide with no water. Andy went down one in a sled screaming like a girl which I really hope was a voice over. He crashed at the end. I had to wonder if Josh did the voice over since he is so hoarse. I  hope he feels better soon. I thought the scrape on Andy's arm was from bull riding. Maybe it was from the sledding. I can't remember if he said when they were posting pictures of their battle wounds. 

They discuss greenhorns but then show a clips of Lenny and Keith fighting. Several of the clips show Lenny quite angry. Keith says everyone thinks he's uncle Lenny. Capt Andy, I've never seen that side of him before.  That's the first time. Capt Andy, It's a fine line, like with Eddie they've been with you for years so you give them a little slack and it gets out of hand and it gets to where... You gotta go. The best deckhands are 18-27. There are 40-50 year old guys that can do the job, but they are going to break down. Mike Rowe, for every cranky experienced guy there is a good nature'd guy. They show a clips of Mac White on the Seabrooke. I love Mac! LMAO There was a clip of him on the phone ordering 2 large pizza's to the Bering Sea out near St. Matthews Island. He says 24 hours? $1200 Deal! Dinner's done, I'm getting it flown in. LOL Mac's at the table. Captain Scott says he is the backbone of the Seabrooke. Mac used to work for Scott's dad, he says he got bumped down to Junior. Everyone laughs. Mac said oh no because he's young. He's going to grind us and that's what he does. Wow that was too short. They should have had Mac on longer. 

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