Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Life To Live Recap Friday, September 3, 2010

Langston still kissing Ford. Stops and says what am I doing. Haha Ford says you are right. Your a student I'm a teacher we can't do this here. Let's go back to my place. He's such a dog. Back to trying to convince her he changed. OIY!  Ford tells Langston he hasn't been able to get over her because she's the one, he can't even flirt anymore. Oh please!
Dr Wright asks nurse to put a note in Jessica Brennan's file that she needs treatment to prevent RH disease in her baby. Brody walks up and says no she doesn't. The nurse saves the Dr. and says you must be confusing Jessica with her sister Natalie.

Gigi at bar going on about price of school, Rex shows her the check Kelly gave him, says your problems are solved. That must of been some check, they didn't show us how much it was, but Rex said yesterday it had an extra 0. Rex gives Gigi the check. Gigi thinks Kelly's just tipping Rex for all the times she seen him naked.
LOL She's also sure Kelly hired him for more than just his six pack. Rex, I am a damn good PI. Gigi, yeah with the cutest butt in the business. Gigi asks when Kelly brought him the check, when she found out that Kelly brought it when he was half naked again, she wasn't pleased. Gigi, jealous me? Just because Kelly is rich and gorgeous. She threatens to go visit Ford. He's her bad boy type. Rex says he's former bad boy. 

Kelly goes to Todd's. Todd is talking to Starr, he's mad because Blair isn't there for Dani, says she promised Tea who practically wrote her a book. Starr keeps trying to tell him where Blair is but he keeps cutting her off. Finally Starr says mom is lucky to be alive, Eli Clark is a killer. That shut Todd up. Now Todd is making the whole Eli thing about him, says Blair is a strong woman she can survive anything, she survived me.

John calls Natalie. Johns waiting for confirmation that Eli is dead. Natalie asks about Blair, John says she survived Eli and the fire that probably killed him, but no, she's not okay. John not sure how soon he'll be home, asks Natalie to push back the appointment for ultrasound because he wants to be there.

Jessica tells Kelly about the RH thing. They finally started calling it a shot instead of a treatment.  Kelly tells Jessica about busting into Eli's hotel room and Rex saving her. He was amazing, especially when he took his clothes off. LOL

John calls Starr and puts Blair on the phone.  Blair crying tells Starr she shot Eli. John, said they found the body. Blair, Is he dead? John, We'll see. Blair, What does that mean? John, means I'll believe it when I see it. Blair tells John Eli is the one who pushed Marty down the stairs.

Blair trying to figure out how she could have been so blind about Eli.

Natalie goes to reschedule ultrasound, Nurse says and the father is John McBain, remember last time I thought you were having a baby with officer Lovett. Nurse thinks it funny. Brody is still sitting in waiting room listening. He's on a case or something.  Brody, that was awkward. Natalie tells Brody this baby is John's no matter what, you've gotta let this go.

Starr tells Kelly Eli is dead, Blair looks at body. Blair, his face is burned so bad you can't identify the body. Bullet matches,  and the body has wedding pictures on it. Blair tells John she's worried about herself, she thought she was marrying someone who was so not like Todd and he was worse than Todd would ever be. Blair I fell in love with the man that killed your baby, how could I be so blind? Now Todd is saying how he didn't like Eli and he could have stopped it. Oh no Blair and Todd are getting back together, I see it coming.

Natalie goes to Rodi's and tells Rex Eli is dead. Natalie talks to Gigi, tells her John is really good at what he does, she's afraid he'll figure out about the baby. Gigi tells Natalie to ease up or John will figure out whats going on.

Brody asks Jessica why Dr Wright thinks she needs that Rh treatment. Brody, I stopped by to introduce himself, and I over heard her ordering the shot, so I asked her about it and she never really gave me an answer she was just kinda vague. Jessica, tells Brody Dr Wright was just being careful.

Nurse questioned Dr Wright about Jessica's shot. Now she knows Brody might not be the daddy.

Kelly at Rodi's telling Rex she just wanted to look Eli in the face and tell him what she thought, now she won't get too. Kelly crying, Rex comforting her, Gigi and Natalie watching.

John is getting Ross extradited, wants dental records, DNA, the whole works on Eli's body.

Todd's getting pretty drunk. Starr tells him, your afraid your going to cry aren't you. Starr is going to set up memorial for Tea, ashes still have not arrived.

Blair throws wedding picture away. John says let me buy you a drink, Blair says okay.

Blair could get back together with John after he breaks up with Natalie. I had really hoped Evangeline would come out of her coma and get back together with John. I liked the two of them together.

Whatever happened to Rex trying to find his parents? They kind of dropped that.

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