Thursday, September 2, 2010

General Hospital Recap Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Olivia visits Johnny in the hospital. Olivia crying. Johnny wakes up and tells her she's cute when she's scared. LOL Robin tells Johnny he's doing great. Do not push himself. Johnny tells Olivia I thought you were finished with me, she says you thought wrong. Maya tells Johnny he needs to save his strength for all the people he is going to have to talk to that want to know what happened. She tells him Sonny walked up and shot him and that he was unarmed. This plan is working out well for Johnny. Clair comes to question Johnny,  Johnny, says they had a meeting about the war between them, Sonny said there was no war it was over, he pulled out a gun and shot me. Olivia came back and is standing in the doorway listening, knowing he's lying.

Jax visits Micheal. Micheal tells Jax he doesn't want to go back to high school. Micheal says he liked learning. Jax asks if he's afraid the kids will give him a hard time. Micheal, no I'm afraid what I'll do to them. Doesn't want to sit and class and watch his teacher pretend not to be afraid of him. Jax says he'll have to work with private tutor. Carly arrives and tells Micheal Sonny left town. She's like the town crier. Micheal tells Carly that he told Sonny to leave. Carly tells Micheal he can't tell Dante. He agrees for now. Christina visits Michael she still wants Sonny to love her.

Carly goes into Mikes, runs into Alexis and Christina. She asks them if Sonny called them before he left. They had no clue, she told them he left the country. Christina wonders if she'll ever see Sonny again. Alexis tells her he'll be back.

Sam and Jason arrive at hospital so Sam can get her ankle fixed. Clair comes up to Jason and says Sonny left the country and your going to tell me where he went.  Jason doesn't know anything about Sonny he's been busy. Clair tells Jason she's the reason he is not rotting in Pentonville, you owe me its time to pay up. Lucky confirms Jason's alibi. Clair still thinks Jason knows where Sonny is.

Sam has soft tissue injury, on crutches, must stay off her feet as much as possible. Jason takes Sam to his house, she says she needs to shower. He carries her upstairs. Oh, me next please. :)  Diane arrives tells Jason Sonny changed the flight plan from San Sebastian to Rome. Wants to know why. Jason, because Brenda lives in Rome. Jason says seeing Brenda is the worst move he can make. Carly arrives and asks Jason, where's Sonny?

Tracy raising heck with everyone cause, Luke is gone. Maya goes to leave opens door and Brook Lynn standing there with her bags. Said she made a mistake and wondered if she could come home to her family. Has she even visited them since she's been in town?  Edward tells Brook family is always welcome. Tracy wants to know what kind of mistake she made. Brook calls Tracy "Granny" LOL  Brooks says she had a falling out with Carly. Gives them a short scenario. Tracy says she can live there on one condition. She must go back to school. Brook Lynn agrees. Brook Lynn being all sweet Tracy says lighten up I'm getting a cavity. Tracy,  Brook is Quartermaine through and through she can scam and manipulate with the best of us. I just love Tracy. I wish they would give Monica some kind of storyline. Isn't it about time she fall in love again or go back to work. Something!  Edward lays down his phone, Brook picks it up and tries to transfer funds $50,000, Tracy and Monica come in and bust her. Edward doesn't know whether to be proud or disappointed.  Edwards offers the money if she goes to college and keeps her hand off his cell phone. Brook says she doesn't need the money that bad and leaves. Brook in the rain with her bags, Nicholas comes along and she tells him she has no where to go. Nicholas has an idea. Hum? taking her to his house?
Nicholas tells Steve Elizabeth and the kids arrived at her sisters.

Lulu tells Maxie Brook Lynn has been exposed as the lying, manipulating slut that she is. Maxie thinks Carly is telling the truth.

Robin fills Nickolas in on Patrick' s affair and Lisa.

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