Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Life to Life Recap Monday August 30, 2010

Greg tells Dani and Todd Tea died. LIE Greg says she died in her sleep last thing she saw was a picture of the two of them. Todd doesn't believe him. (I'm not clear on why Greg is lying for Eli, Eli must have something on him) Greg offers a death certificate, Todd wants to see a body. 

Clint busts into Dorian's bedroom and tells her he brought something from David. (And why did Clint kidnap David?)  Clint recited the note David left Dorian, she wants to know how he knew what was in letter. (OOPs) Clint said he talked to Viki and they were both worried about her. Clint gives Dorian the ring David had for her. Clint said David charged the ring to his account. (What the heck is Clint up too? Ohhhhhh, he knows David had something on Kim, I forgot about that)

Christian and Layla discuss wedding plans, Christian gets something from art department. Christian got a grant and studio, said he never applied for a grant, Layla said she did. Another delivery, big box from Paris, from Layla's favorite designer. She had sketched a wedding dress, she couldn't afford and threw it in a draw, Christian sent it to Adriana who talked to the designer. (Awwww)  Layla called Adriana to thank her and Adriana told her the designer wants Layla to work for him, she'd have to move to Paris.

Kelly, Rex and John agree Eli took Blair to Tahiti. John knows Ross is alive. Johns going to talk to Bo to have the police go to Ross' house.

(Isn't the guy playing Ross now the old AJ from GH?) Blair and Eli are married. Blair wants to get back home for Dani, Eli says they can't leave before tonight. Ross picks up bag to leave, phone falls out.

Kelly calls phone, Blair answers. Kelly tells Blair they have proof everything she said about Eli is true, that the police are on the way, to get out of there. Eli walked in Then cut to Eli giving phone back to Ross they check phone its a restricted number Ross says he has friends overseas that call. Eli says you know what we need to do. Eli goes back in and asks Blair who was on the phone. Blair says Olivia. Eli says maybe Ross' new girl friend. Blair says Olivia Thompson? Eli says am I supposed to recognize that name. Blair, I should say so, she happens to be your wife. Eli says he's not Bennett Thompson or Craig Patterson. The police show up outside looking for Eli, Ross tells them he is Eli. Tahitian police tell John they have Eli in custody. Blair tells Eli its all true, you killed your two wives and now your going to kill me.

Destiny tells Mathew he's been a jerk, he went to the darkside. Said it was genetic, Grandpa Asa was a SOB and Clint never met a shotgun he didn't like.

Clint shows up and tells Matthew, I think its time you and I had a talk.

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