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General Hospital Recap Tuesday August 31, 2010

Carly tells Lulu Brook Lynn is telling the truth, that she did this because she loves Lulu. Lulu tells Carly you lied to me, Carly says she did it NOT because she's still mad about Michael, but because she's afraid for Lulu. Carly, when I found out Dante was Sonny's son and that he's arrogant like his father I knew he would break your heart. Carly said she tried to tell Lulu but she wouldn't listen, so she figured if she showed her, she would see the truth about him before she threw her whole heart away.

Brook Lynn trying to defend herself said Carly told her to do whatever she could to break them up, that Carly is trying to make her out as the villain. Lulu to Brook, You were paid to sleep with someone what do you think that makes you? Lulu, Dante is nothing like Sonny. Carly, Really did you see him walk into the courtroom and give up Michael, that's not love that's arrogance, I wasn't going to sit and watch that happen to you. But Carly says she was wrong Dante loves Lulu, that Dante is nothing like Sonny and she's so so sorry. Yeah Right! Carly tells Brook to get out of the Loft and the Metro Court and go back to Edward.

Carly asks Lulu if Michael's okay. Lulu, this whole Sonny thing is hard on him. Lulu tells Carly Sonny was arrested for shooting Johnny. Surprised Carly didn't know. Carly's phone rings its Sonny calling from a plane says Diane is bringing her something.

Brenda gets a visit from Interpol about the attack on her, they think she's the target of a very dangerous individual. Okay I didn't watch GH when Brenda was on before, she's only been an ongoing reference, but so far I'm not feeling the love for the character. Interpol agent Bates tells Brenda, some very well funded but ruthless people want to silence her. Brenda says she's not scared, the agent tells her she should be. Your the reason some very dangerous people are loosing a great deal of money. Asks her if she has ever heard of a crime figure named The Balkan?  Brenda never heard of him. Interpol guy they don't know his true name or what he looks like, there's a connection between, the Balkan and the man who tried to slash her face.

Sonny and Diane are in court. Diane telling Sonny bail will probably be denied. Dante arrives in court and promises to Diane to be on his best behavior. Sonny pleads not guilty. Diane brings up Claire's conflict of interest. Dante takes stand, says Sonny wanted to make peace, he doesn't think he'll flee because he loves his children and he has convinced Dante he is innocent. And.......... Bail is set at 3 million dollars. Sonny thanks Dante, Dante tells Sonny Micheal told him that he doesn't lie to his kids, he's banking on that. Sonny walks out of court, wow before bail is even paid.

Jason, Sam and Lucky in cabin - fire bomb just came through the window - Lucky goes out the front door to draw fire while Sam and Jason go out the back. Lucky makes it around to the back of the cabin. Lucky says I'm going to draw their fire you guys run for the trees. Jason, No, I'm gonna go. Jason goes to the front of cabin and kills all the bad guys. Jason's the Man! Cops finally arrive, Sam says with all these bodies how are we going to keep Jason from going back to jail. Lucky, let me do the talking.

Mac, Robin and Patrick - Mac says no facts to back up Robin, no proof of anything Lisa has done, because Lisa has reported everything to the cops and Robin and Patrick didn't report anything. Mac says he can make case go away, Robin doesn't want Lisa to get away with it. Patrick apologizes to Robin, she says right now I just hate you and everything that's going on.

Matt goes to see Lisa. Matt, the lines are being drawn between you, Patrick and Robin. Lisa says Patrick's in the middle. Robin is the one's whose unspooling.  Matt, Robin is my sister-in-law. Lisa, I understand your loyalties. Matt, tells Lisa she doesn't sound very sorry.  Lisa, she's sorry about how it happened and that Robin got hurt, not that it happened and that she's worried how Patrick is dealing with Robin. Matt, You don't believe Robin intentionally tried to run you down. Lisa, I was standing in plain sight and she aimed her car at me on purpose. What is more likely that she ran me down or that I threw myself in front of her car to make Robin look bad. Lisa, brings up Robins postpartum. Matt, Really your going to go there. Lisa, I'm convinced she's becoming a threat to herself and others.

Robin goes to see Lisa, tells her shes making a remarkable recovery. Lisa, really because I'm really in a lot of pain. Robin, I could give you something for that, but I really don't feel sorry for you. Funny your not reaching for your call button, so I guess its not a stretch to say your enjoying this. Robin, I'm not going to play this game with you and Patrick thinks your sick and twisted and he and I will make sure everyone knows it. Lisa, I should call for a nurse or security. Robin, you messed up when you took our daughter, now Patrick knows your delusional. Patrick comes in and takes Robin out, tells her you can't give her fuel like that, she's good at pushing people's buttons. Robin, and why should I do that. Patrick, because I'm scared of what she is going to do to our family.

Matt talks to Patrick Patrick says Lisa is delusional. Matt tells him Lisa is doing a pretty good of hiding it. Better than some other people. Matt, I can see how you would want to make Lisa the bad guy, that she has some evil plan to seduce you away from Robin. When Robins locker was trashed, who found it, maybe the person losing their mind is Robin not Lisa.

Suzanne arrives at Brenda's, she has talked to Agent Bates and tells Brenda she is going to be dead if she doesn't start paying attention.  Sonny and Brenda Flashback, boy he had a baby face. Suzanne trying to convince Brenda to be careful, to go stay with Murphy in London. Brenda, you wanted me in Rome so I'm going to stay here.

Dante goes to Sonny's Diane is there Sonny's gone. Dante says how's that saying go fool me once.... Calls in
that it appears Sonny violated bail and fled the country.

Dante goes home to Lulu, guess he didn't have to go chase Sonny. Tells Lulu that he stood up in court and defended Sonny told them he wouldn't flee because he loved his kids and as soon as Sonny cleared bail he skipped town. So much for the promise of innocents and wanting to clear his name.

Diane takes a letter to Carly. Carly says he made bail and left town didn't he. Diane, I really can't comment. Carly, I don't even have to read this, it probably says tell Morgan and Micheal everything. I just really need to know how to get in touch with him. Diane, and I really wish I could help you. Carly, but your not going answer any of my questions are you. Diane, let me ask you why do you care so much, you made it clear after his last debacle you were through jumping threw hoops for this man, so why don't you just let him go.

Sonny tells pilot they are going to Rome, not Columbia. There's someone there he gotta see.

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