Thursday, September 2, 2010

All My Children Recap Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angie standing in her living room blind again, all dressed up looking good for the party, trying to figure out what time it is, so she knows how long her site has been gone.  Jesse comes in tells her the time, its been over an hour. Angie's not sure she is ready to loose her sight yet. Jesse suggests they stay home, Angie says no she wants to go.

Crystal asking Opal on her opinion of a dress for the party. Tad comes in asks when they will be ready. Krystal says she doesn't need a ride. Opal tells Tad she is going with Caleb, Tad wants to know by car or mule. Krystal tells Tad you didn't ask me, Tad says I didn't know I had to, what am I supposed to do now go with mom? Opal says Caleb is Palmer's nephew how bad can he be.

Bianca talks to Caleb says Miranda named the gorilla Caleb got her Gus. Caleb coughing, Bianca says you've been doing that a lot since the fire, were you checked out. Caleb, I'm allergic to hospitals. Bianca says she called Erica and she is grateful for Caleb saving Miranda. Caleb wonders if Erica will show up for party. Bianca questions Caleb about Sonia again, he says the fire reminded him of something that happened a long time ago.

Kendall and Ryan plan the break in at Liza's. Madison arrives in an amazing dress, and hair doo with sneakers on. Said she couldn't decide on shoes so she bought four pair maxed out her credit card. Wants Ryan to help her decide. Ryan offers to buy them all she says no.

David flashing back to Greenlee and Ryan in the park. Greenlee comes in with dress.  David tells Greenlee he wants to go away, take a trip. Greenlee says she likes it. David, in the end if everything goes the way I want, I'll get rid of all the evidence. I'm through with all the lies aren't you? Greenlee, It'd be nice not to have a cloud over my head, over us.

Caleb talks to Palmer's picture tells him he saved a kid this time not like last time and promises to get his company back.

Party is at the Yacht Club , everyone is arriving, David tells Angie he has written the licensing board about her. Ryan slips away to Liza's office. Liza tells Kendall, she is wondering why she is at this party when she doesn't want to be, she is going to her office. Madison calls Ryan to warn him. The security guard outside Liza's office hears the phone, Ryan trips and makes another noise.

David tells Greenlee he's made plans for them to leave on their trip tonight.

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