Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is It Cane Or Caleb? The Young And The Restless

OMG! It's Cane! It's Caleb! No it's Cane, No it's Caleb.

I'm so confused. Will we ever know for sure?

First Cane is shot on the steps. So we think Cane is dead and it's Caleb the evil twin alive.

Then we are lead to believe that Caleb died on the steps and Cane is alive.

Now today Caleb stabs Cane (at least according to the CC Caleb was the one in black) in the neck and psycho mommie Genevieve thinks she has saved Cane but she has really saved Caleb who is leading her to believe he is Cane?  And to make it more confusing the CC is calling him Cane when he is talking to Genevieve. OMG Is your head spinning yet? Mine is.

So how did Cane go running up the steps if he was stabbed in the neck? And even if Cane switched clothes with Caleb, where is the neck wound? The man tied to the chair doesn't appear to have a neck wound. But when Caleb the one in black comes to in the chair, he asks Genevieve if she is there with Caleb? And why did he say Samantha is family why put them at risk? Is Samantha alive too?

The closed caption person is even confused, she/he is calling him Cane. hummmm

LOL's I really want Cane to be the one alive.

I must say I am loving Genie Francis in this role as psycho mommie as Daniel Goddard calls her.

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  1. I totally agree! The guy wearing black was Caleb in the first lookback scene and then in the 2nd look back scene Genevieve saves the guy in black which is Caleb. I think she's showing her hand (her plan) to the evil twin, Caleb, and that Cane really is dead.

  2. And to make it more confusing Genevieve keeps calling him Ethan. ??? I don't know what that's about.


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