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ABC Has Done It Again! | Katie Couric's New Show

No, I don't mean they have come up with an awesome new show, or that they had a change of heart and decided to Save Our Soaps.

It feels like ABC just keeps sucker punching us dead square in the face and saying take this! Well I'll tell you what. I am so close to done I almost can't see out these black and blue eyes ABC keeps giving me.

I have never ever seen so many lying executives in my life. And trust me I've known plenty. They must be smoking moldy mouse cheese at Disney or something to be buying the crap these ABC executives are spewing.

How can Disney not recognize they are being repeatedly lied too? I only have to assume that they agree with what ABC is doing.

First it's we aren't going to cancel the soaps.

Then ABC cancels the soaps.

Then it's people don't want to see soaps, they want talk shows and reality shows. I still don't believe this, I think yes there was a phase when the reality shows were interesting but I believe because of the saturation of reality shows they too will soon be a thing of the past. As far as talk shows go, they have been around probably as long as soaps. Yes people want to watch different types of talk show, but not all day every day.

Then ABC says talk shows and reality shows are cheaper to produce. 40% less has been reported. That one I believe is the truth.

They also say that 18-49 year old females are their target audience and they don't want to see soaps. Hey! That's me! That's so wrong!

ABC says the younger generation doesn't want to watch soaps. I can tell you I have several 20 year olds and males in my Twitter timeline that do watch soaps and want to continue watching soaps. I am not a famous person I don't have a lot of followers, but if I can find that many people in my small percentage of followers I can only imagine the number on a larger scale.

So ABC comes up with The Chew and The Revolution as replacement shows. They are replacing my soaps with two shows they ABC doesn't even believe will make the cut.

Entertainment Weekly reported that The Revolution has already been canceled and is being replaced with Dancing With The Stars Recaps. I quit watching Dancing With The Stars a long time ago. I think the season Cameron Mathieson was on is the last season I watched.

ABC has said General hospital will not be canceled, well who is going to believe that now after all of the above lies. 

Right now there are two time slots open. One for All My Children and one For One Life To Live. ABC has announced four new shows, one already canceled. So that leaves three shows for two time slots. The Chew, which I still think is the stupidest name ever, Dancing With The Stars Recaps and Katie Couric. So you tell me which do you think will get canceled The Chew or General Hospital?

Now to make things even more insulting this article was just released. The kick in the teeth, Katie Couric's show will probably cost a conservative $25 million dollars to market and produce for 39 weeks. Reports are that it costs $750,000-$1,000,000 a week to produce the soaps. This article reports Katie's show will cost over $1 million dollars an episode.  So the one truth I thought ABC had told above about reality shows and talk shows being 40% cheaper and that is why they canceled the soaps, guess that was a lie too.

Quite a sweetheart deal for Katie Couric. Her contract is $5-10 million a year for two years. I'm pretty sure that means she still gets paid even if it flops. I've never watched Katie Couric. I wish her well. But I wouldn't want to be in her shoes trying to follow in Oprah's footsteps and losing all the soap viewers.

I used to watch two talk shows. The View and Oprah. Oprah is gone and as much as I love Whoopi, I have quit watching The View. I hear Rosie O'Donnell is coming back on Oprah's channel. Sounds like a good replacement show to me. If that doesn't happen, I'll watch Ellen. Lots of other choices ABC.

I guess it's the other rumor that is true. That Frons hates older people and is just trying to cater to a younger audience. I don't believe a younger audience wants these types of shows all day every day either. Younger folks have a shorter attention span than I do.

I don't see ABC holding an audience for any length of time. I mean ABC replaced Oprah with Dr. Oz. Don't get me wrong I liked Dr. Oz as a guest on Oprah. I think he has informative things to say, but do I want to see him everyday. NO! As far as the younger generation, most of the younger generation I know think they are invincible. Why would they want to watch shows about exercising and being healthy? They are going to live forever.

As I have said before I have canceled all shows on any channel that I know to be owned by ABC or Disney with the exception of the soaps, Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice (prime time soaps) and Castle which has an ex soap star and is still a scripted show. I have canceled everything ABC, ESPN, Lifetime, and AE.

I continue to watch my soaps only because I know if I stop watching now it will not help them. It is so hard to continue watching the shows and being angry at ABC at the same time.

I feel like I'm in a bad abusive marriage and trying to hang in there for the kids, you know until the kids grow up and go off to college. It's like the kids are old enough for college and going away this fall.

I guess I will try and think of it as the kids are leaving me and now I get to live my life. Just think thousands of stations to choose from, Netflix, no kids at home, I can watch whatever I want and you can be damn sure it won't include ABC ever again.

To top it off the local ABC station did not air the soaps several days last week. They choose to air the Casey Anthony trial instead. Way to go WFTV. I can see how supportive they are of the soaps. I wonder how many viewers that cost the soaps last week. Errrrrrrrrrrr.

If ABC is supposed to be operating a business. I think they have forgotten some of the basic rules of business. The customer is always right and if you don't provide your customers with good service they can and will go elsewhere.

ABC should think about AT&T.  AT&T thought they could do whatever they wanted to customers because the customers didn't have a choice but to put up with them. Then all the other little phone companies came along. See where I'm going with this. There are way too many choices to put up with your crap ABC.

ABC=Already Been Canceled
"Micheal Fairman"

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