Monday, June 6, 2011

Deadliest Catch - After The Catch In Hawaii And Other Updates

The Captains are in Hawaii, well some of them anyway. I just saw a notice from Discovery that they are filming After The Catch in Hawaii. There was a short clip with Keith Colburn, Sig Hansen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand. No words just them in a little boat. The caption also said they think Jake Harris, Josh Harris, Derrick Ray and Tony Lara are coming as well.  YouTube Video There was no mention of Wild Bill, Scott Campbell, or Elliot Neese. So I don't know about them. Hummm.

I also noticed today Matt Bradley's wife Angela has changed her status from married to separated. I sure hope Matt is okay, she hasn't said anything about him directly since saying he was missing in action. I sure hope he is okay, I am so worried about him, and Angela and the girls.

Here is a clip of the new Cornelia Marie Crew. Don't watch this video if you don't want to see the new crew of the Cornelia Marie. Also in this Video from Discovery there is also a discussion between Josh Harris and Captain Tony Lara about Jake Harris and his drug use.

I don't know if it's just me or not, but this new skipper Tony Lara reminds me an awful lot of Nascar's Tony Stewart. What do you think? Is it just me?

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