Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dale Pruitt New Deckhand - Cornelia Marie - Deadliest Catch

He may be a new deckhand, but he is definitely not a greenhorn. Dale Pruitt has been fishing since he was 14 years old on several different varieties of  boats. He has known Tony Lara for twenty years.

Dale Puritt and some of his family members (son, daughter and a niece) survived a shipwreck aboard a salmon boat in 2007, the F/V Magnum.

There was a book written about the sinking of the F/V Magnum called Lost In The Shelikof, An Alaskan Family's Struggle To Survive. The boat went down in the Shelikof Strait. The mayday of the F/V Magnum was not heard and the emergency beacon failed. The family was in a life raft for over sixty hours before they were rescued. Dale had no survival suit and was in shorts and a T-shirt.

Holy Cow! What a story. The book should be available mid-June on Amazon. I couldn't find it yet. I will try and remember to check back and post a link when it is available.

UPDATE: The book is finally available.

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