Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jack Kevorkian Died

At age 83, Jack Kevorkian died on June 3, 2011 at a Royal Oak Hospital in Michigan. Jack had been in the hospital for pneumonia and a related kidney ailment.

Jack Kevorkian as most of you probably know was an advocate for assisted suicide. He was suspected of assisting in at least 130 suicides in the '90's. He spent 1999-2007 in prison for his supposed crimes.

I remember him going on hunger strikes while in jail, I don't remember exactly why.

Jack Kevorkian was finally able to get one state California to legalize assisted suicide after many years of trying to get it legalized, it appears that the ruling may have been overturned.

Me being the curious person I am Googled states assisted suicide is legal. I'm not sure any one article agreed on any combination of states. It may be that physician assisted suicide is legal in three states. Washington, Montana and Oregon seem to be the ones that show up repeatedly. But other articles show different states and one only showed Washington. So I still don't know the answer. It could just be that it's one of those things that the laws keep changing like with gay marriage. Quite a shame on both counts in my opinion.

You gotta give the man credit, even if he did seem a little odd at times, he did fight for what he believed in.

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