Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Troy Huls "Chief" - Engineer On Cornelia Marie

Troy Huls or "Chief" is one of the new engineer/deckhands aboard the Cornelia Marie.

Troy knew Tony Lara when Tony was Captain Phil Harris' engineer. He has fished since 1986, wow, that's twenty-five years. Troy says he doesn't like fish or crab and doesn't eat it. I think I would feel the same way too if I was on a fishing boat all the time.

Troy Huls holds a 100-ton masters license, 200-ton mates, able-bodied seaman and tankermans endorsement from the coast guard.

Well, Troy seems very qualified for the job. I sure am glad to see there is someone as backup Captain to the boat now.  Remember when Captain Phil got sick and they had to sit in port because no one was qualified to drive the boat. At least now, they will have a backup Captain. And when Jake and Josh Harris get their licenses they will have four Captains aboard, that could get interesting. Also pretty cool almost everyone on board will be qualified.

Troy says he got his nickname Chief from a man named Dave Lethin who owned the first crab boat he worked on, the Ocean Ballad. Dave said Troy reminded him of the Indian Chief in the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest," he had a long hair and didn't talk a lot.

Oh, and he's lived in Alaska since he was two years old, so I'm guessing the cold weather won't bother him.

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