Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Matt Bradley Northwestern Is He High Or Just A Horn Dog?

It sounds like this separation is getting UGLY! As they unfortunately often do. It is such a shame especially with kids involved. Does no one stay married anymore? I don't understand why people don't work harder on their marriages. If you make the commitment you should be all in, not up and leave at the first opportunity.

My oh my. I think Angela hit the anger stage of grief today. Boy did she let her rip. Who can blame her?

If you follow this blog then you know in a previous post I said Angela had reported her husband missing in action and asked that people pray for him. I later reported that she had changed her status to separated.

So let me back up a little bit on May 31st Angela said she was going to have some items for sale in about a week. An XL Northwestern Jacket, a wedding dress and some other items. She said they will be on E-bay. Angela needs to get ahead and stay afloat.

People of course were all over the possibility of getting a Northwestern jacket. Angela mentioned the next day that she has a good friend that is getting married in a couple of months, she has already bought plane tickets but can't save up for hotel and food etc. Which is why she was going to sell the dress and Northwestern Jacket.

All of this lead to the setting up of a Paypal account and a PO Box for donations. No she did not ask for help, people volunteered. I don't want to give the wrong impression. Angela appears to have made quite a good impression on Northwestern & Deadliest Catch fans when meeting them at events. Many people jumped at the chance to help.  If you would like to send Angela a little something these are the addresses:

Angela Shook
C/O Lou Ann Shook
PO Box 13271
Spokane Valley WA 99213

Paypal to angelashook@hotmail.com

Then today, well maybe yesterday now, June 6 the real anger set in. Angela posted on her Facebook page " I AM DONE BEING A FUC*** NICE WIFE! MATT COMPLETLY DID IT NOW. He is completly Evil with NO HEART at all!!" And a little later, "What kind of man walks out on their family, moves out the family TV, X Box Movies Kitchen knives OUR BED COMFERTER and moves in to a little girls apartment. OHHH the guy that is f'ng(edited) a 20year old coffee Barista from Lynwood Big Foot Java named (name edited out)while i am at work telling her we are getting a divorce... NEWS TO ME!!!! . He now wants me back! FUCK OFF!!! I am sick to my fucking stomach.... AGAIN IF ANYONE IS NOT LIKEING THIS ERASE ME! I am done being nice and supportive!"

All of this provoked a comment from Matt Bradley's mom. "Angela I am truly sorry for what has happened I have been there too.- I just don't feel Facebook is appropriate place to vent. Yes it hurts me. Right or wrong he is my son."

Up until today Angela has been kind of cryptic about what was going on. Well you go girl I hope you feel better after letting all that out. You may wish later you hadn't posted all that to Facebook and that you can take it all back or then again maybe not. But in either case I'll bet it felt good at the time.

Relationships can be very frustrating.  A lot of us have been through break ups. Maybe not quite so public, but we've been there and can relate to Angela's pain and anger. Who knows, they could still work it out and get back together. Stranger things have happened.

I do get the mom's point too. But Angela Shook has done nothing wrong from what she has said. Why should she have to be quite about what Matt Bradley has done. She was the one who was wronged.

I am sure Matt Bradley has his own side to the story, as there are always two sides, but Matt has been silent. I initially wasn't sure from what Angela was saying if Matt had relapsed, if they separated or both. In fairness to Matt Bradley if I see he has made comments about the situation I will post his side of the story.

I can't help wondering about the drugs though. Did the drugs lead to an affair? Did he take the things from the house to sell for drugs? Why would you take the TV, X-Box and movies from a house where your child lives? People do such bizarre things in a break up.

On the show I don't recall Matt Bradley ever really smiling. When I look at photos of him and Angela together he looks so happy. I mean really happy not smile for the picture happy.

I hope that Matt and Angela can work things out or at least work things out civilly for the children if nothing else. I wish them both the best and hope they both stay safe and sober.

I think Angela will for her kids. She seems to have a lot of supportive family and friends. That always helps.

I think there is something in the air this week. I should go out and check the moon to see if it is full. It has really been a bad week.

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  1. Well, this rant was all for nothing! A & M are back together a couple months after all this drama. And, BTW: Those are not 'their' kids; they have kids separately and maybe some of his live with them, depending on how the real mom feels about it. So, after Matt's long relapse on heroin, he is 'cured' once again ... this oughta be interesting to say the least!

  2. Anonymous 08/07/11 1:17 pm

    I do realize that Angela and Matt do not have children together, but they are married and do each have children, who I don't know what else to call but theirs. LOL

    I'm sure while all this was going on the kids on both sides were affected, which saddens me.

    And you are right it should be interesting.

    If a man had done either of those two things, drugs or sleeping around that would have been it for me. He'd be out of here. But to each their own.

    They did seem to be very happy before all this happened. So if they can get past it that's all that matters. :)


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