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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 3 Recap

"Weakest Links"

The show starts out with Captain Keith talking about the Bering Sea and how it will find your weak spots.

On the Seabrooke. Captain Scott, Jr. is still pulling up low pots since Elliott started stealing from him. Captain Scott says this younger generation of people is pathetic. That's a rookie move he says. Now they are getting a lot of females and juveniles. Scott says he started the war. I'm going to end it. Mac White says this isn't fun anymore.

Whipper is sorting crab on the table and pushing them over to Milton. Milton thinks they are not the legal size and is throwing them over board. Captain Scott is not happy to say the least. He tells Whipper if it's legal walk his skinny ass over to the tank. He says only grab the crab once. Makes sense to me. Captain Scott says he's lazy. He brought him back because he is his brother, but he is seeing the old Whipper back. He says his mind is not where it is supposed to be. A crab has gotten a hold of Whippers finger. Captain Scott says move your hands faster and the crab won't pinch you.

On the Ramblin' Rose 15 miles to the northeast. Still right next to Captain Scott. Elliott says he doesn't care what Captain Scott thinks about him and his boat. His opinion doesn't matter to me. Elliott's numbers are worse than the Seabrooke's. See stealing doesn't pay. I wonder if Elliott's boss approves of the way he fishes?

Elliott tells the guys to get the deck cleaned up. The deck is trashed, it has stuff everywhere. Elliott says it's a lack of respect for you and the boat. The crew went inside to rest. Elliott goes out on the deck saying if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Did he leave the wheelhouse unattended to again? Elliott goes out on the deck and starts gripping at the guys. They start picking stuff up. Elliott says I've worked with you guys and this stuff would never fly. Mike Rowe, for any Captain a trashed deck is unacceptable. For sophomore skipper Elliott Neese it's a slap in the face. Elliott asks the guys if they really want to be there? He says there is bait everywhere, bait jars, garbage. I shouldn't have to come down here. One of the guys tells Elliott you bitch us out, it's just like, it's out of line. Elliott, seriously?You think I want to come out her and play deck boss and skipper? Crewman, but then you come out here. Maybe if the fishing was good. Ow! Elliott says FU and goes back to the wheelhouse. Elliott says if they keep the deck looking like that, everyone is going home. One of the crew says I'll have to go to anger management after this season.

On the Wizard. Captain Keith is having some weather. He is trying to set gear. Someone yells at Danny to get out of the way. He is standing near a moving pot again. Someone asked him why he stands there? Captain Keith asks Danny if there is a reason he is not tying the shots off. Danny says they told me not too. Captain Keith, well we've gotta find a job for you. Gary Soper says it's hard to find a place for him. Captain Keith says Danny is definitely our weak spot.

They set the last pot and Captain Keith tells them to get the cod bait ready to go. Danny wants to change his sweatshirt and liners in his gloves. He wants to take some Advil for his shin that is killing him. He says he has shin splints. Gary Soper starts making fun of him telling him he runs like a woman and doing an impression. Freddie Maughtai says his grandma is 87 years old and she would out run your ass.

The Wizard starts pulling pots. They come up low. Captain Keith says it sucks to be me. Danny is standing at the coiler playing with the string. I think this dude is still drinking. He is out of it. Then he sits in the pot, grabbing his leg saying oh my freaking god. I can't do this anymore, the running back and forth. Soper says don't tell me about it. Danny says he is going to talk to Captain Keith after this string. Freddie advises Danny to just keep working and see if it goes away. Freddie says if his leg fell off, he'd just keep limping until the season was over. You gotta love Freddie. Lenny doesn't know what his problem is. He says he is aching and hurting but he is not gimping around. Captain Keith finally pulls Danny off the deck. Soper says I would assume he is probably gone for good. Captain Keith, Am I considering replacing anyone when I get to town? Let's just say I'm keeping my options open.

On the Time Bandit. Finally! Johnathan is trying to find the crab so they can bury Justin Tennison. They pull up on a string that has had a fifty hour soak. The first pot comes up more than half full. 84 crabs. The next pot is even bigger. 112 crabs. They keep coming up full for eight hours straight. The tank is looking full.

Captain's John and Andy talk about JT and how he lived for fishing, 34 years old. They take his ashes out on deck, the men all say good bye. They release his ashes, fire the guns, sound the horn and put the Time Bandit flag in the water with him. So so sad.

In Memory of  Justin Tennison From the Timebandit site.

A trust has been established for the children of Justin Tennison. Anyone wishing to make a contribution may do so by sending a check payable to the JUSTIN TENNISON MEMORIAL ACCOUNT at the following address:

Justin Tennison Memorial Account
C/O Wells Fargo Bank
88 Sterling Highway
Homer, AK 99603 

On the Kodiak. Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski is still looking for the crab. They pull up a pot of 6 crab. Then 0 crab. One of the new guys Jason Rainwater is struggling to get the line in the block. Captain Bill says he has had issues with him since he stepped on the deck and he is making him crazy. Later that night they have crab on the table but Captain Bill is concerned because he doesn't see people using the sticks to measure the crab. Jason says he doesn't understand why they treat him like he doesn't know what he is doing. Captain Bill says Jason has little or no King Crab experience. Captain Bill advises the crew that it has always been the policy that the crew pays the fine. The crew turns on the new deckhand. Someone says he'll either figure it out or leave. Jason gets mad and walks off the deck. Captain Bill says there is never a crew that gets along. There is always one or two out casts. They are like a bunch of little girls. They need to work it out themselves.

Meanwhile Jason Rainwater is in the forepeak crying. He says he's never had it like this. He's put in ten years and he doesn't know what he is doing wrong. He says it's not worth the money and risking his ass.

Captain Bill says a guy like this can infect the whole crew. The school yard stuff doesn't mean squat to him. He has other issues. Captain Bill decides to put Jason on the rail. He throws the hook and pulls in the pot. It's half full. Moods improve. Amazing what full pots can do. LOL The last pot had 139 keepers in it.

On the Seabrooke. Captain Scott is still looking for the crab. They are still pulling low numbers. Captain Scott thinks they just have to keep grinding. He says Whipper's head is still not in the game. He needs to get off the boat before he hurts himself or someone else. Then Whipper catches his arm between the block and the deck wall. He thinks it's broke. He can't move it. They take him in and ice him up.

After twelve hours of ice and ibuprofen, Captain Scott goes down to see if Whipper is man enough to continue fishing. Whipper goes back on deck.

On the Ramblin' Rose Elliott tells his crew the faster they set the pots the faster they can go to sleep. The crew is dragging. One of the guys says they have had six hours sleep in the last fifty hours. Elliott keeps hitting his beeper annoying the guys. Face flips him off. The guys are all gripping about Elliott, calling him a freak and a power hungry kid. Elliott can hear all of this. Elliott tells them he doesn't need anymore attitude from the deck today. Someone says this right here is what is going to make him not have a crew. Elliott continues to keep hitting the beeper.

Kado goes to the wheelhouse. He tells Elliott everyone is just like zombies out there. Elliott says it seems to me you guys have been sleeping a lot. Kado tells him you have been sleeping a lot, you don't do wheel watches. Elliott says it's a lie, he's had enough. Elliott shuts them down for three hours and says he will do watch because according to Kado he sleeps 8 to 10 hours a day.

I didn't see the Northwestern this week. What's up with that? They could have just skipped Elliott's stealing, whining ass, and shown Captain Sig and the Northwestern boys and more Time Bandit. I would have liked that more.

And I don't think they've had any songs this year at the beginning or end of the episodes. What's up with that? Okay yes, I'm in a mood today.

Northwestern 48,400
Kodiak 31,000
Time Bandit 29,550
Seabrooke 25,210
Wizard 9,725
Ramblin' Rose 7,500

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  1. Thanks again for the great update!!! Do you believe I fell asleep 10 mins. before the start of the show? I was looking forward to it all day! I remember when Tubby Keith tried to steal from Capt. Phil. Except Tubby tried to blame it on the current. Capt. Phil wasn't buying it! I'm sure Capt. Scott won't let this slide. Last season I sort-of felt sorry for Elliott because I thought he was the underdog. I was half right... He's just a DAWG!!!! There is a Gnarly video of him skateboarding on UTUBE! I think he says something like, "Daddy's still got it!" Not sure what it is he got, but yes I needed a good laugh so I had to watch it. So lame!!!!!!!!!!


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