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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 4 Recap

"The Hook"

Mike Rowe says The three Captains fishing for Red King Crab are doing well, while the three Captains fishing for Blue King Crab aren't doing so well.

On the Seabrooke, they are having some weather with 25 foot waves. Because of the bet and the need to catch more crab, Captain Scott, Jr is still fishing. They pull up a decent looking pot with 24 keepers in it. The weather is worsening. The men on deck are discussing shutting down when the waves hit thirty. All of a sudden a monster wave comes up, nailing the deck. Over a forty footer. Captain Scott screams at the guys to take cover. No one is hurt.

On the Ramblin' Rose fifteen miles to the NW they are also enjoying some weather. It appears Elliott is still following Captain Scott.  Elliott tells the guys if they hear a double beep run for cover. Elliott says the respect means more to him than the $1000. He has a long way to go before he gets that. They pull up a pretty good pot. Thirty keepers. I didn't see much sticking going on.

On the Wizard 460 miles north of Dutch Harbor Captain Keith is also having some weather. Captain Keith decides it's time to see if Danny Maki is able to work yet. Captain Keith tells Danny he is needed to work the bait station. Danny says his leg hurts. He raises his pants leg. He has an ace bandage on his leg, he shows Captain Keith all the bruising on his leg. Captain Keith points out that the bruising is above the ace bandage, he thinks Danny is causing the bruising by having the bandage on too tight. Danny says the bandage isn't tight at all. Captain Keith tells Danny he just wants him working between the bait station and launcher. Captain Keith isn't sure if Danny will be on the next trip.

Captain Keith has still not found the blue crab. He decides to go fishing for Red Crab and come back for Blue Crab later. He tells the guys. I guess they will be making a trip back to Dutch to change pots again.

On the Kodiak, Captain Bill tells Zack Larson that there is not a leader on deck. He wants Zack to give it a shot. Zack goes back on deck. They pull a full pot of reds. 126. Captain Bill puts Zack on the hook. His first toss he gets the pot. Half way through the string he starts missing. Captain Bill says when he slips or fumbles it just messes him up. Captain Bill goes down on the deck to show Zach how to throw the hook. He says it's old school, but the way he does it will give him an extra fifteen feet on the toss. Captain Bill tells Zack he thinks 90% of it is in his nogan. He then asks him so what did you learn? Zack says in the old days nobody missed. Captain Bill gets mad and says if you give me a smart ass answer, I'll give you a back hand.  I'm not sure of Captain Bill's next comment because of the beep.  He raises his hand as if to hit him. One of the guys says nice pep talk Bill. Captain Bill says it was supposed to be for Zack, but I see he's got his head up his ass today so he's not listening. Captain Bill goes back to the wheelhouse.

In the wheelhouse Captain Bill can hear the guys on deck. He hollers down to Zack that he probably made his mom proud throwing the hook this season. She always wanted a girl. Zack says that's alright he's not going to get personal. Then he says to the camera, you think I want to see my dad belittle me in front of everybody. Zack is no longer throwing the hook. Zach says that's why he's been father of the year since 1984.

On the Northwestern, they show shots of the different guys discussing Jake Harris and his addiction. Jake Harris shows us the necklace urn he has with a little bit of his dad in it.

The crew is going to educate Jake Harris in throwing the hook. Captain Sig says he has a rainbow throw. He wants to teach him how to do it right. First three tosses he misses. He finally hooks it but he doesn't put the line in the block right away. Captain Sig is having Jake Harris throw under handed, he says it doesn't feel natural. Jake Harris is still taking more time than Captain Sig would like. The second throw when Jake gets the pot he again doesn't get the line in the block but two of the other guys run over to help. Captain Sig tells Edgar to throw this one. Captain Sig doesn't think Jake Harris got to throw the hook very much on the Cornelia Marie. He says he isn't keeping up as well.

Back on the Seabrooke, Captain Scott is pulling into St Paul for an off load. Each brailer packs about 2,000 pounds. Captain Scott is talking about the bet with Elliott. He says he get's that he is ambitious but don't expect to grab a bull by the horns and expect to take it down, it's not going to happen. He's going to have to pull a miracle or a hail mary to beat me. He unloads 57,000 pounds. They head back out. Captain Scott says Elliott just wants to give him free money. They left together but he is still out there. He's a lot slower than I am.

As they are leaving Captain Scott spots the Ramblin' Rose, he says there's Elliott a day late and a dollar short. Elliott says oh are you kidding me. Elliott radio's Captain Scott and tells him he got a head start on him, but they are going to whip them guys cause they are getting a little old. Please! Captain Scott says the kid doesn't know what he is in for.

Elliott unloads 45,000 pounds.

The Wizard unloads 39,000 pounds in Dutch Harbor. They swap out the blue crab gear for red crab gear. Danny is standing on the dock not doing anything, looking lost. Captain Keith tells him he doesn't see a future for him on the boat. Danny packs up and leaves.

Back on the Northwestern, Captain Sig is still pulling in full pots. The Time Bandit calls. Captain Johnathan tells Captain Sig someone wants to talk to Jake Harris. It's Josh Harris he wants to tell Jake happy birthday. He tells him when they get home he will take him to Chuck E Cheese, no wait maybe he has graduated to the mall. Captain Johnathan says get back to work. For the eight year in a row Jake Harris celebrates his birthday on the Bering Sea.

Captain Sig puts Jake back on the hook as a birthday present. He throws and misses. The crew shows some birthday mercy. The second pot he can't see the buoy bags. They are running parallel to the boat and the current is pulling them under. Jake Harris says he is going to do it. Sig says he doesn't think it is going to happen. Jake nails it. Go Jake!

If you remember in the beginning, Mike Rowe said the three Captain's fishing Blue Crab weren't doing so well. I think Captain Scott is doing pretty darn good! And why did we see almost no Time Bandit again. Come on Discovery! This sucks!

Northwestern 72350
Kodiak 68000
Seabrooke 57000
Time Bandit 49000
Ramblin' Rose 45,000
Wizard 39,100

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  1. Love my weeky preview prior to my actual watching....good to know my crushes will be on this week


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