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Grey's Anatomy Recap Feb 9, 2012

"All You Need Is Love"

Derek Sheppard and Meredith Grey wake up with Zola in the middle of the bed. They are going around the house looking for someplace to have sex. But there is baby stuff everywhere. They tell Lexie Grey to watch Zola and go out to the car. Lexie bring's Zola out there. LOL She tells them she can babysit tonight if they want. It's Valentine's Day and Lexie has no plans.

Callie Torres tells Arizona Robbins to pack for a surprise trip. Callie tells her to pack fleece, boots and long underwear.

Arizona is concerned Callie is going to take her camping. She's not excited about this. Mark Sloan is supposed to babysit but he has plans with Julia and tries to get out of it. Arizona tells him he'd better get a sitter then.

Miranda Bailey and Dr Warren have dinner plans.

Lexie lies to Mark and tells him she has plans for Valentine's Day after she hears him talking about plans with Julia.

Christina tells Meredith her sex life is dead and Owen is going to leave her.

Jackson Avery is going around asking who is studying for the boards yet. Apparently everyone but him is.

Owen Hunt comes and hands out assignments but doesn't give Christina any and completely ignores her.

Meredith gets a patient who has been having headaches for the last six weeks. The lady's husband said they did a brain scan last week but didn't find anything and the meds aren't helping. The lady starts to have a seizure.

Christina confronts Owen, Owen tells her she can be back on Teddy's service. She is just standing there looking into space when a flower delivery car busts through the ER room and Owen knocks her out of the way just in time to keep her from getting hit.

Meredith's patient is having continuous seizures. Derek wants to put her in a coma to stop them. The husband agrees.

April is rounding up the flowers. Owen tells her to throw them out. Dr. Webber tells her to keep them.  Lexie tells Dr. Webber Happy Anniversary.  Dr. Webber and Lexie are standing outside waiting on an ambulance. Dr. Webber says he is heading home early to try and spend most of the day with his wife. Then he asks Lexie, how about you? Are you hitting the town? Lexie replies I'm not hitting much of anything these  days. LMAO Then she apologizes saying that was crass.

The ambulance arrives with a couple in it fighting. The husband has been injured, the girlfriend is screaming about she thought he was going to approve.

Alex Karev is treating a little girl who is having an allergic reaction to peanuts. She has her little boyfriend there with her.

The lady that arrived on the ambulance with her boyfriend is still screaming at him about how she would rather have a coffee table book or a mug, because at least she wouldn't get her hopes up every time he pulls out the little velvet box. He tells her she didn't even look at the necklace. She screams she didn't have to, it wasn't a ring. Dr. Webber asks Lexie to take a look at the girl friends cut to get her out of the room. He tells the patient a man should get to bleed in peace.

Meredith is consulting with Dr. Bailey about why her patient is having seizures. She tells Bailey she noticed she has hemolytic anemia which means she is having an autoimmune response. Dr Bailey is not willing to give up her Valentine's Day. Bailey tells her they will rule things out one by one, when Meredith discovers she has a teratoma. Bailey calls her a show off and they go to get a scan.

Owen, Teddy and Christina are looking at x-rays of the guy driving the flower car his stomach is pushed up into his heart sac. Teddy tells Christina to book an OR and find someone to scrub in with her. Christina says Dr. Hunt has agreed to let her back on Teddy's service so she can scrub in with her.

Lexie is fixing the girl friends cut. The girl friend is explaining how for eight years now on every Valentine's Day the build up gets worse. Her boyfriend brings her breakfast in bed, books nice dinner reservations, booked a hotel and then he pulls out another cheap ass necklace. Lexie says maybe he doesn't know how much you want it. The girl says they go to twenty weddings a year and she sobs like a lunatic at each one. He knows.

Dr. Webber goes by saying they are taking her fiance to surgery. Lexie goes and gets on the elevator with them, correcting Dr. Webber that he is not her fiance.

Teddy, Owen and Christina are doing surgery when another intern asks if they have plans for Valentine's Day. Teddy informs him that her husband died on this OR a month ago, she was in a 7 hour surgery and didn't even know he died because Dr. Hunt kept that a secret. Dr Hunt wants a baby and she doesn't so they don't speak to each other even though they are married. So no, how about you?

Meredith is explaining to her patient's husband that this tumor on her lungs they think is causing the seizures. That the body is treating it like an invader. The husband asks so if we remove this we go on with our lives. Meredith says that's the plan. The husband tells her how they have been going out since high school and she is his better half.

Arizona has paged Mark. He wants to do rock paper scissors to see who babysits Sophia. Even consulting with Avery Mark loses.

The little girl with the peanut reaction is not getting better. Her boyfriend is still holding her hand. They look to be about ten. Her mother arrives throwing a fit because the girl had peanuts.

Dr. Webber, Avery, Mark and Lexie are in surgery. Mark now wants Avery to babysit. They finish surgery and Dr Webber says he will monitor the patient. Lexie says no it's his anniversary. Mark asks Lexie about her date. Avery wants to know with who? Dr Webber sends Sloan and Jackson out.

Christina and Owen get on the elevator together. Owen tells her he is moving out so if she needs him he will be at his moms. Christina starts to cry but says okay.

Dr Warren tells Bailey he will push the dinner reservations to nine. She tells him she just has to confirm the teratoma and she is going out to her car for heels. Meredith tells her it was not the teratoma but a granuloma. Bailey tells Dr. Warren to push the reservation to nine.

The two moms of the little kids are fighting. The boy is ten. The girls mother is upset because he came over. The boys mother says he just wanted to give her a box of fricking chocolate. The girls mom says she barely survived the head lice he gave her. Karev stops the fight telling them they are ten, they're cute, they're in love, let them be cute for crying out loud.  The girl starts having more trouble breathing. Karev intubates her and says she'll have to stay overnight.

Meredith and Bailey are trying to figure out where the other tumor is. They can't find it on the scan. They decide it must be in the ovaries.

The girl who was fighting with her boyfriend about the ring, now just wants him to be okay. He is still unconscious.

The guy who wrecked the flower car is awake and talking about how people are just nice to each other one day of the year. He said people ought to stop being so awful to each other and leave him out of it. Teddy and Owen leave the room. Owen tries to apologize to Teddy. Teddy tells him she hates him. From the moment he put his hospitals needs over her dead husband she  has hated him. She lays in bed at night looking at her dead husbands spot and hates him. She wishes he was dead instead of him. She thinks about all the soldiers that died in Iraq and can't understand what kind of god would let him survive. She tells him they are not friends. This is not grief, it will not pass, I hate you. Please do not speak to me again unless it's work related.

Meredith is trying to explain to her patients husband why they now want to take out her ovaries. The husband doesn't want to do it because it is only a chance and she still wants to have kids. Meredith explains if they don't and she continues to have seizures the woman that he loves will be gone.

Julia has stood Mark up for a surgery. Mark is sharing the box of chocolates he got for Julia with Lexie. He is telling her how he bought rose petals. Lexie finally fesses up that her hot date was with Zola.

The man who didn't buy the engagement ring starts coding. He is hemorrhaging. He died.

The mom of the ten year old boy is trying to get him to leave but he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend. Alex promises he will be there when she wakes up and he will tell her whatever the little boy wants. The little boy tells him you are going to need a pen and paper.

Teddy vent's to Christina. She doesn't understand how Owen could ever think they could be friends again.

Bailey and Meredith have discovered the teratoma. They are excited.

Alex read the note to the little girl. It was very sweet.

Lexie is putting up the personal effects of the boyfriend without the engagement ring. She spots a locket in his things. She opens it up. Inside it says Will you marry me? Oh how sad.

Avery shows up at Marks house with food and a bottle of wine. He wants Mark to help him study.

Callie is taking Arizona to her surprise date. It's Derek's old trailer. She has it all set up with candles. Callie says we are not really camping. Arizona says you hate camping. There is a bed and lingerie.

Meredith's patient has stopped seizing.

Bailey got an emergency surgery call. Richard offers to do it. Bailey realizes it's his anniversary and tells him to go home. Richard says he just went home and Adele didn't recognize him. She told him he looked like a nice guy. She flirted with him over steaks and told him he had a nice smile. So he sends Bailey on her way.

Lexie takes Zola over to Marks. She's going to tell him how she feels before he bleeds out and dies.

Bailey is apologizing to Dr. Warren for being late. She says they can still go to dinner. He says it's 11:23 dinner is over. Bailey starts telling him if he is going to break up with her over dinner. She doesn't even want to have romance-y things with him. She asks him why he is still in a suite. He takes her in a side room of the hospital where he has a waiter and a candle lite dinner. Miranda asks if he did all this today. He said no he knew there was no chance in hell they would make it to a scheduled dinner.Dr. Wareen says he knows the drill. He knows her. He tells her  he happens to be very good at romance-y things.

Lexie arrives at Marks with Zola. She tells him she wants to talk. She hears Jackson and thinks Julia is there. Mark insists she stay for dinner.

Owen is down standing on the grate. Christina goes to him and says I'm begging you please don't hate me.

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