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The Hillstrands On Millionaire - Golden

Our Captains of the Time Bandit have made me so proud the last two days.

In case you haven't heard the boys went on Who Want's to be a Millionaire. They were on yesterday and today. They played for their charity the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial. They did so so good for their charity. I've been smiling about it for two days. The money they won will help a lot of Fisherman's families. Just awesome.

Hopefully someone will put the two episodes on line for those of you in other countries or who didn't get to see it because of weather.

On the first episode Meredith asked the boys about their job being the most deadliest in the world. Captain Johnathan said according to OSHA it is, but sometimes it's coal miners. Not something you want to win. Meredith then said you are both Captains but one of you has to be the "real" Captain. Andy raised his hand. Then Andy said but he's my big brother though so he can beat me up. LOL

They explained to Meredith how Captain John is Captain for King Crab and Andy is Captain for Opies. They say they are playing for the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial and then the questions begin.

Question 1: If you get eight hours of sleep every night, how many hours are you awake during a seven day week?  A. 72 B. 82 C. 102 D. 112  Well I guess we'll see how good they are at math, cause we know they don't run on a normal sleep schedule. Andy says get your fingers out. Andy writes 16x7 with his finger on the desk and comes up with 112. Correct! Yea! They win $1000.

Question 2: The largest known animal on Earth, what mammal is so big it could conceivably fit an entire professional football team on it's tongue? Meredith didn't even get the choices out and Captain John was saying it's got to be the Blue whale. That was too easy for them. A. African  bush elephant B. Blue whale C. West Indian manatee D. White rhinoceros.  They talk and decide to go with B. Blue whale. I think Captain Andy is being cautious, watching for the trick question, which is good. They don't want to mess up the money for their charity because they were tricked on the question I'll bet. B is the correct answer, they win $500. I knew Blue whale's were large, but a football field on their tongue? That is huge!

Question 3: What was the well-known '80's ad jingle that used the theme from the '60's TV show "Dragnet"? A.Cres Cre Cres Cres Cresssst B. Rag Ra Rag Raguuuu C. Tum Ta Tum Tummmms D. Jif Ja Jif Jif Jiffff. Andy is sure it is C. without hesitation. He is right. They win $15,000.

Meredith says to Johnathan, you said before the show this is scarier than fishing. Do you feel a little better now? John says he's feeling better now, but warns Andy not to get over confident. LOL

That's $16,500 so far.

Question 4: Attempting to liken the phone to a newborn baby, the engineer who sent the first text message in the U.S. wrote what word? A. Mommy B. Burp C. Blankie D. Bottle. I have no clue about this one. They aren't sure either. They ask for help from the audience. Andy hollers and points his finger at the audience instructing them not to screw it up! LOL The audience thinks 50% mommie, 42% Burp 3% Blankie 5% Bottle. That's not a lot of help. Captain John says they want to make their charity some money, they don't want to be stupid. They decide to skip the question. Johnathan says he would have said Mommie, Andy would have said burp. The correct answer was burp. Ya, I'd of got that wrong too. I'd of said Mommie as well. They missed out on $2000 by jumping/skipping that question.

Question 5: An over-the-top news story in 2011, what billionair awoke on his private island to find Kate Winslet saving his mother from a fire? A. Ralph Lauren B. Bill Gates C. Donald Trump D. Richard Branson I think they both knew that one. Capt John just pointed to Capt Andy and he answered D Richard Branson. I wasn't sure on that one but would have guessed Branson. That's like him to be on an island. It is correct. They win $3000 more. Now at $19500.

Question 6: In a 2010 article about spas in British Columbia, the Calgary Herald noted that "it's no coincidence that spa rhymes with" what? A. Blah B. Nah C. Aah D. Bah. Meredith says it sounds like their boat. Do you think she watches the show too? Capt John thinks its Aah. Capt Andy not's so sure. Capt Andy says John goes Aah all the time. John says he got a back massage once and you don't go Blah. LOL He said maybe they put your hands somewhere wrong and you might go Nah. LMAO Bah is a sheep. They decide to go with Aah. They are correct. They win $7000. Awesome!

Question 7: The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea are two major pockets of water along what Middle Eastern River? A. Jordan B. Nile C. Tigris D. Euphrates. Yea a sea question. Johnathan says that's the wrong side of the world. Capt Andy says I know we saw this in bible class in Sunday school. Capt Andy says his gut thinks Jordan, they decide to jump the question. The correct answer was Jordan. It was $25,000. Darn! Tough call whether to go with your gut or risk the money for the charity. Dang!

Meredith says the boat is rocking and it's icy. Andy says this is the pressure cooker right here. Meredith, but you always come through so you have to think positive. I think she watches the show. Andy, it's kinda like how much crab are you going to catch so if we win a little bit, it's like catching a little bit of crab, if we win the million it's Woo Hoo!

Question 8: What author became famous only because his friend Max Brod did not destroy his manuscripts, as instructed? A. Leo Tolstoy B. Franz Kafka C. Herman Melville D. Albert Camus They know Melville wrote Moby Dick. Andy has heard of Tolstoy and Kafka he hasn't heard of Camus. Andy thinks it might have to do with Russia when speech was controlled but the names sound German. Capt Andy says they are up the crick without a paddle on this one. Capt John says he's going fishing and turns to leave. LOL They say they are going to go with Kafka. Andy says Max and Franz sound like German first sounding names, lets go with B. There is noise from the audience. Meredith says they can't listen to the audience. Andy, we found that out. LMAO Andy points out they were wrong earlier. Andy says lets go with Kafka that sounds more dangerous. They get it right! Capt Any, I just got light headed on that one! Aww poor thing. They win $5000 more. They are up to 31,500.

Question 9: The "blue code of silence" keeps people of what profession from reporting misconduct by their co-workers? A. Teachers B. Doctors C. Police Officers D. Lawyers Oh they have to know this one. Andy is bouncing up and down they know it. It is C. They win $10,000 more! Yes!

Question 10: In a case of art imitating life, Charlie Sheen admitted he took steroids to enhance his performance in what movie? A. Young Guns B. Platoon C. Major League D. Wall Street. They answer C and get this one right also! They are rocking it! They have $41,600. They have made it to round 2.

The next question is worth $100,000. 4 questions to a million. The will take home no less than $41,600.

Question 10: Before becoming a celebrity doctor, which of the following advice-givers was a trained sniper? A. Dr. Oz B. Dr. Laura C. Dr. Ruth D. Dr Phil Before Meredith is finished reading the question Andy says he might know this. As she is reading the options he is jumping up and down saying I know this. Andy says he is so sure of this it is ridiculous. He says C. Dr. Ruth. He is right! They have $100,000. I would have gotten that one wrong. I don't know how he knew that. LOL

 So now they come back the next day for the $250,000 question.

They rerun the question about Dr. Ruth. A question Meredith says surprised them that two sea captains would know. Meredith asks Andy how he knew that. He said he happened to see her on a late night talk show talking about breaking down a weapon in the Israeli army. He says you remember that. He does an impression of Dr. Ruth. It was very good. LOL Capt John says he was thinking I know it's not her. 

They talk about the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial fund and what it does. I was going to post the link to their website, but the domain name just expired. I hope that's an over sight and it will be back up soon.

They have no life lines left.

Question 1 day two: What did Charles Darwin once call "the most peculiar and the most human of all expressions"? A. Yawning B. Crying C. Blushing D. Laughing. They don't know the answer for sure. They are discussing the possibilities. John thinks because it says most human they've got to compare it to animals. Andy says John is a gambler and he's usually pretty lucky. John won $675 bucks in Vegas. John said he only bet twice, they don't normally gamble their money. Well that's a little tidbit about them. The continue discussing. Andy says the hyena laughs. John asks if you've ever seen a monkey laugh. Andy imitates a monkey. LMAO He could have another career doing impressions. John thinks yawning is natural, he says they have been crying and laughing since they were babies. So blushing is peculiar and he doesn't think animals can blush. Andy is thinking crying is what it would be. John, so we could lose $75,000, make another $150,000 or take the $100,000 and walk away. Andy asks what you would say if you were going to say. John, I would go with blushing you would go with crying. Andy, we aren't even together on that. John, so lets take the money. Andy, we'd better take the money and not screw this up.

Meredith tells them Johnathan was right. Awww well they still got the $100,000 for the fund I think that was the best call since they didn't know for sure. They did so awesome. I am so proud of them.

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