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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 14, 2011

I don’t remember another house being as stressed for as long as this one. I remember the season with Chima being pretty stressful, but it doesn’t seem like the fighting went on as long as this as this house has, and this house there are so many of them fighting.

Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the HOH trying to figure out the votes for the next couple of weeks.

Adam and Jordan Lloyd are outside on the couch. Jordan is in a costume. It is a green leotard thing, not as tight as a unitard but looks the same, with a pink tutu, big pink slippers, a blue dunce hat with a propeller on top, and pigtails. The front of the outfit says I’m with stupid with an arrow pointing up to her face, the back says kick me.

They have had the POV contest Adam Poch won the POV. There were other rewards also that’s how Jordan got her costume. Jeff won $5,000. Shelly won a phone call home and solitary confinement in the have not room. Poor Shelly she is wasting away as it is AND Rachel and Brendon will probably sleep in her bed. It will need sanitized for sure.

Jordan to Jeff about Rachel, Adam is a little shook up from what happened Thursday. I know he is not going to go against anybody and I know Porsche is not going to. She was like Shelly is the one that is lying and everybody in the house knows it. I was like the reason everybody in the house is so upset with you is because I guess when you were out here talking to Porsche and Kalia they said you are the one that was being a rat. Adam, me or her? Jordan, no, no. I mean I wasn’t talking I was explaining to her why I had been distant, and she was like I have your vote right? Jordan, I said yes. Adam, she thinks she is going up and I think it’s him. Daniele put him up last time, when they put him up last time as you can see her without him is way worse. Jordan, I said Porsche and them must have talked. The reason I had that meeting was because to get everything out. Nobody talked. Obviously when Shelly talked to Porsche and Kalia, they had said you were the one going around and she was campaigning. Shelly felt like she was sticking up for you and you are the one being the rat. I don’t know who it is. I’m not making a big deal about it.

Adam Poch, every time Shelly and I talk she has always said the four of us are solid. Jordan, yeah but how is stuff getting back? I’m not blaming anybody. It’s got to stop, soon.

Brendon Villegas is talking to Jordan about his jobs and degrees. I just want to duct tape him and Rachel’s mouth so bad!

The houseguests are grilling Chicken and white corn on the cob. Adam thought Rachel took the chicken off the grill, she didn’t, it got burned.

Jordan and Jeff are on the couch. Jeff, I hope I made the right choice; I could have won that thing. Jordan, you mean taking the money? I knew I had $5,000. Jordan, I hope it doesn’t come back to bite you. Someone said man Jeff is winning all the money this year. Jordan, that’s good because if you think about going all the way to jury plus the money you won that’s good. Are you really going to take me? Jeff, where? Jordan, on a trip. Jeff, yes. Jordan, and I don’t have to bring cash? Wow interesting comment! Jeff, I would put a couple of fives in my wallet. Just to keep me happy. Jordan, I can plan where we are going. Jeff promises they will go somewhere.

Jordan, she is getting on my nerves though. Jeff, who? Jordan, Rachel I feel like I’m getting questioned. Jeff, right now just tell her look Jeff could go on the block stop asking me questions. Jordan, she was like we have the votes. You’re voting for us right? I told her honestly you guys don’t have the votes. They were like yes we do. I told them you don’t have the votes anymore. Adam is shook up from last week so no. They asked who do you think it’s going to be? I said Brendon or Jeff. She started talking about Shelly and I told her the reason you are not going to get any votes is because people are upset. Jordan, Rachel said Kalia and Daniele know that it’s her that’s lying. Jeff, Rachel said that about Shelly? Jordan, yes.

Jordan, I was talking to Adam today and he was like if he goes up we will be fine. I told him you will be fine we won’t be fine. Jeff, if they ask you anything just ask them if they are voting for Jeff? Why are you so worried about yourselves? Jordan, if you go up you will go home. Jeff, I know so tell them. No I would not go home because if Adam doesn't vote for me after throwing that thing I would kill him.

Jeff tells Jordan it was a gamble because he went for the money. He could’ve gotten the veto and still taken Adam off of the block then he would’ve been safe from being put up too.

Shelley Moore is in the have not room sleeping.

Jordan Lloyd, if she back doored you I would be really shocked. Jeff Schroeder, she loves that, her last move was really smart. Jeff, the only thing I don’t like is greed catches up with you and I threw it because I wanted the cash. He is right about that. Jeff, still if I would’ve took it then I would’ve been put in a position to use it are not. Jordan, and make somebody mad. This way I can swing the votes however I want. If Brendon goes up I can say look dude I can’t vote for you because Adam isn’t flipping and I have to stay in the game.

Jordan, I just worry if he leaves how it’s going to be for us, ‘cause you’re gonna be the next target. I’d be more worried about having to deal with Rachel. If I was Daniele Rachel would be back doored end of story.

Jeff, if I get put up then we will talk. Jordan, ‘cause I don’t know what to do, if we vote against them we are already a target. Jeff, that would be a huge advantage for them. Jordan, yet they’re getting really close if you three leave then I’m doomed. Jeff, Daniel did say that me you Kalia and Jordan can go far. That’s like getting in bed with the devil. Jordan, I don’t want Kalia.

Jordan Lloyd, Shelly told me through the door after this she owes me. Jeff, yes but what does that mean she can’t throw a bag and hit a barn. Jordan, if he does leave I cannot deal with Rachel for a week. I cannot deal with the emotional thing. Jeff, you don’t have too.

Kalia Booker and Porsche Briggs walking in circles around the yard. Kalia, I am not gonna lie. I think she is one of the biggest liars in the house and that is why Brendon didn’t want to say anything. I think he realized it would look bad. Porsche, he had to have been there. Shelly showed up after he admitted it too. Kalia, but how on earth are you going to let her sit there and say Brendon tell her and say I don’t want to get in the middle of it and not defend her. What? You could end this right now. Even Jeff said afterwards way to leave her in the lurch. Porsche, Brendon really trusts Shelley because she reminds him of his mom. The rest of us don’t need moms. I think Rachel is going to turn into fragile rock again. Kalia, the problem is we probably have an endurance competition coming up.

Everyone is eating in the kitchen except Jordan who is outside and Shelly who is in solitary with her portable commode, bread, water and slop.

Jeff talked to Adam in the storage room and told him he’d better have my back. Jordan tells him to becareful, because you can hear in there. Evidently if you are in the have not room you can hear what is being said in the storage room.

Shelly is awake in the have not room.

Kalia Booker is cutting Rachel’s hair. I must say after everything Rachel has said about her, she is brave letting Kalia come near her with scissors.

Daniele Donato took her dinner and went to talk to Shelly Moore. She told her Brendon Villegas is going up and she has the votes to keep her. Don’t stress. Shelly is so excited about her phone call. She really needed that. Daniele tells Shelly how cute Jordan is in her outfit and how happy Jordan is that she really needed the outfit. Shelly asks about Brendon and Rachel and says she is so glad they didn’t get their vacation. Daniele is happy they didn’t get picked to play. Shelly, the gods intervened there. Daniele the heavens opened up. I’ll bet Shelly can smell Daniele’s dinner under the door. That must be torture. I was thinking Shelly probably does a lot of camping so the porta potty thing probably doesn’t bother her, then she said she doesn’t camp. I was surprised. I took her for a camper. Shelly says camping is the Hilton, she doesn’t like all the bugs.

Daniele can’t believe they have only evicted four people after all this time. Porsche told Daniele she is already campaigning for her vote she thinks she is going up. Daniele, don’t tell her she’s not. Shelly, I’ve got it this time. I’ve figured it out. Daniele, it took you long enough. Shelly, 42 days. Daniele, better late than never.

Shelly Moore says they are finally having a vegetable she recognizes and she is missing out. (Corn)

Daniele told Kalia she should give Rachel a cut like Brendon, one little bald spot. Shelly, Kalia is pretty good turning the other cheek and cutting hair. Shelly, that is just one thing right now that is not on my to do list. Daniele, to learn to cut hair? Shelly, no to cut hers. It just doesn’t even matter she is awful.

Kalia Booker won a Caribbean vacation.

Brendon Villegas picks at his nose a lot I wonder if he has worms? I didn’t miss his stupid Mario voice at all while he was gone. For those of you not watching After Dark you may never have to hear that voice, because it’s so stupid I don’t think CBS has even showed it.

I wonder what time Shelly gets out. Shelly is wondering if she gets to ask about Casey Anthony and football. LOL Porsche tells Shelly she is washing the towels and she used the sanitize cycle.

Porsche is wearing a cowboy hat and says there is a lot of corn and hay in the yard.

Daniele was joking around with Kalia earlier and told her in POV's there are winners and losers and Porsche for host.

Adam, Jeff and Jordan on the couch. Adam, while we have a minute Jordan was telling me before that Shelly said when we got down to the final eight we could break away? Jeff, yeah she did. Adam, because I never said that. Jordan, it wasn’t anything big. Jeff, it was last week. Adam, I told you I’m with you guys. Oh the show ended.

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