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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 15, 2011

Jeff Schroeder is in the kitchen cooking.

Kalia Booker came out and said she said if we do fun things we will get more alcohol. Porsche said give us more alcohol and we will do more fun things.

Rachel, Daniele, Kalia and Shelly are on the couch.

The guys usually drink two beers and the girls split the bottle of wine, that never seems evenly split to me. Rachel goes in the house. Jeff decides he is going to have wine. Getting alcohol is always a big discussion or drama.

Rachel and Brendon go up and try to convince Daniele not to put them up. Brendon says he wants to make sure Rachel is safe and has someone to work with he goes home. Daniele says you have Jeff and Jordan. Brendon says he’s not convinced Jeff and Jordan would vote for him he thinks they would vote for Shelly and Adam will vote for Shelly because he does whatever she wants. Rachel has no one. Well, whose fault is that?

They go to commercial and come back, Rachel is trying to convince Daniele still how every one is against her and she doesn't know what Shelly would do if she were HOH. Rachel, doesn't she come up here and tell you everything Jeff and Jordan are doing. Daniele, she doesn't say anything. Rachel, I'm really shocked. Well she tells us everything you guys say. Brendon, she tells us what she wants us to hear. That doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Brendon, I feel like Jeff an Jordan are on our side as long as it benefits them. Rachel, it's like you said week three they are building their own army. Rachel thinks Jeff would vote for them to stay she doesn't know if Jordan would.

Brendon, I don't know about the Kalia thing is Jordan an Kalia would put each other up. Daniele, I know Kalia won't. Brendon, the thing is we are going to bat for people who won't go to bat for us. OMG Rachel can you get your head any farther up Daniele's butt. Now she is going on about how Daniele told them all of this was going to happen, they should have listened and not evicted PT. Rachel you alienated yourself from the game. Just go home already.

Daniele, Porsche doesn't really vote with anybody she votes how she wants to vote. Talk to her on Thursday and see if she likes you. LOL

Now they are asking her to put up Jordan, Daniele says if she puts up Jordan Shelly would go home. So then they start talking about putting up Jeff and how much money he has made. Then they thank her for working with them and trying to make this happen. She has absolutely not agreed to anything they have said. 

Now Rachel is back to keeping Shelly and I both in the house isn't good. Yeah! you should leave Rachel.

Rachel has been talking for forty minutes now. She needs to stop. It would be one thing if she was saying anything of substance but no! She's just trashing everyone. Even Lawon who's gone. 

Now Brendon says he thinks Shelly is a game player. Rachel likes her but not as a game player. Brendon, Jeff is in this game for himself. If he has to get Jordan out he will, so if he would do that to her, he would do it to us. I know Jeff has a lot of control with those people so that's dangerous too. They are throwing everyone under the bus, and still talking to Daniele like she has no brain of her own. Like telling her next week we are down to three votes. Daniele thought of that two days ago.

Brendon, Jordan is more dangerous than a player that wins competitions because no one wants to vote her out. She was up on the block four or five times in her season.

Rachel tells Daniele if she goes up on the block it is going to cause a lot of drama because she will have to tell people she heard Shelly say she would vote Porsche and Adam, she will deny it and it will be a big fight.

I do have to admit Rachel and Brendon are fighting to stay. As much as I don't care for them, they are fighting.

Rachel is cooking. Everyone else is outside discussing clown porn. You really don't want to know. LOL

Everyone is eating chips and a dip Rachel made. Jordan is having chicken. She just woke up.

Just general chitchat after that.

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