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Big Brother 13 Episode 18 August 17, 2011

This house has been full of drama that's for sure. Let's see who wins the POV.

Shelly goes into the room with Rachel and Jordan and says the three deal is out. Porsche told everyone Rachel, Brendon and I have a final three deal. Rachel said no we don't. Shelly, I know. Kalia and Brendon walked in. Jordan told Kalia to stay in there and for Brendon to go get Porsche. LOL Jordan doesn't want Kalia giving Porsche a heads up. Shelly, everything that came out came from Rachel. They confront Porsche, she says Rachel told me you wanted a deal but she did not trust you so there is no deal. Shelly, thanks Rachel. Rachel, you are welcome Shelly that's what you told me. Shelly, that is not what I told you.

Rachel, you said if we vote out Jordan we have a three person deal. Shelly jumps up, you guys know this is not true. You are a liar. Brendon you had better know that the truth will set you free. Brendon, I don't want to get in the middle of this. Rachel, Brendon don't make me look like a liar. Shelly, you can not say that to this person right here (meaning Jordan). Rachel, I told Jordan that. Shelly, are you freaking kidding me? You are lying through you teeth. Rachel, Brendon tell her the truth. Brendon, you are telling the truth okay. That didn't sound very convincing.

Jordan, I want to know where all these stories are coming from. Rachel, everything is coming from Shelly.  I think this is a hypothetical conversation gone all wrong caused by Rachel.

The players are picked for the veto. Daniele Donato, Shelly Moore, Adam Poch, Jordan Lloyd, Kalia Booker and Jeff Schroeder are picked to play for veto. Brendon and Rachel are not playing for veto. How funny is that?

Americas's vote for have nots this week:
  1. Beets and Bologna
  2. Dates and Durian I have no idea what Durian is
  3. Hard boiled eggs and Jalapenos
I'll have to decide between number 1 & 3. The slop makes the houses guest gassy. The beets and eggs will make it some stinky gas. Glad I'm not there.

The veto competition looks like a barn yard. It is one of the competitions where when they get eliminated they get a prize but the next eliminated person can take it from them. I guess Brendon and Rachel won't get any prizes either. Too bad, so sad.

The house guests have a corn hole game they play at night. Jeff normally does pretty well. I don't think they are really watching the numbers as they spin around to time it for a lower number.

Shelly is eliminated first. She has picked the veto but someone can take it from her.
Jordan is out next, she has won 24 hours of confinement. Jeff says that's a good getaway. You will also receive a phone call from home. She is crying she wants to talk to her mom. She then offers it to Shelly.
Kalia is eliminated next. She won a Caribbean vacation which she keeps.
Daniele wins a veto ticket, guarantees she plays in the veto next week. I hadn't heard about that. She keeps it.
Jeff is eliminated he won $5000. He keeps it.
Adam wins the Humilitard. He gives it to Jordan and takes the veto.

That veto contest couldn't have turned out more perfect. That was too good. Shelly talks about her daughter all the time, the phone call home will pick her up. Jeff told Jordan he will take her on a vacation since he has now won $15,000 and she doesn't have to bring cash. Kalia has a vacation, Adam is off the block. I'm sure he will use the veto. Jordan's Humilitard is too cute.  And well Brenchel has each other. LOL

Daniele wants Brendon gone.

Okay so Josie isn't 20 years old. ROFL Oh and her hair is all braided up. Shelly's been so worried about Josie's hair. Wow how can you not cry watching that phone call?

Rachel and Brendon throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus again.

Adam uses the POV and Daniele nominates Brendon as the replacement nominee.

Well tomorrow night should be very interesting to say the least. With this group you never know what's going to happen.

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