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Big Brother 13 Episode 17 August 14, 2011

We start out the show with a lot of recaps from last weeks show. I don't know why they do this. We saw last weeks show.

Kalia Booker and Daniele Donato are really wishing they had evicted Rachel now.

Jordan Lloyd and Shelly Moore comes in the kitchen and orders Brendon and Rachel to the purple room where Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon, Adam and Shelly all start jumping up and down silently screaming and celebrating.

Daniele Donato wants to punch a wall. Kalia Booker goes into the DR and throws a temper tantrum saying it was all for nothing. Well you should have voted out Rachel instead of one of your own. Kalia says Rachel always comes out on top.

Jordan is so  happy not to have to babysit Rachel anymore. Rachel tells Brendon how Kalia and Daniele were so mean to her, but then Daniele kept her. Then she whispers to Brendon that Shelly has a final three deal with Jeff and Jordan.

Adam whispers to Shelly we have to win HOH so we can get rid of Daniele.

Daniele says she has to win or she is going home. Probably true unless Porsche Briggs wins, but she hasn't won anything yet.

The HOH competition begins. It is a counting game. There is a tree covered with necklaces, they have to guess how many there are. There's a bowl of olives, baseballs and other things for them to guess.

Daniele is nervous she had to take a math class 3 times. Not her strong point.

Rachel is the first one out.
Jordan is out.
Brendon is out.
Jeff is out.
Shelly is out. This is too funny. One whole alliance is almost out.
Adam is out. Porsche and Daniele are left. LOL One alliance of six down.
Daniele wins!

Rachel gives Daniele one of the lamest congratulation hugs I've ever seen outside. Once back inside when Kalia, Daniele and Porsche are in the orange/candy room celebrating, Rachel comes in and gives her another hug and thanks her for voting for her. I personally think that thank you should have come a lot sooner.

Jeff says Jordan has been at the same job for years. He has Shelly interview her to prepare her.

Shelly: Glass half empty or glass half full?
Jordan: I guess I don't get it. Half full?
Shelly: Decisive or pensive?
Jordan: What does that mean?
Shelly: Party with employees or no outside relationships with employees?
Jordan: What do you mean like getting drunk?
Shelly: What's your greatest weakness?
Jordan: I'm terrible in science.
Shelly: Do you have any mentors that you look to for advice?
Jordan: I'm more so like my own mentor, kind of.
Shelly: How does work mimic life?
Jordan: Oh my goodness Shelly.
Shelly: You are going for a big money job. I'm going to pay you six figures here.

Jeff in the DR, Jordan may not have the best interview skills, but what the heck I'd give her the job just cause she's cute.

Shelly: Why are you looking for a new job?
Jordan: You can't be a receptionist forever and if you are going to give me six figures I'll take it.

Adam goes up to talk to Daniele and offers not to put her up next week. Daniele in the DR, Adam if you are not with me you are against me.

Shelly goes up. Daniele tells Shelly clearly you were very happy when Brendon came back. Shelly says she can't be in his face brutal. Shelly asks Kalia to leave. Kalia looks shocked and hurt.

Kalia is down stairs telling Porsche that Shelly has lied to everyone she want's no part of it. She is going on about who Shelly has lied too and what just happened upstairs with Daniele. Somehow Shelly is now in her bed and can hear everything Kalia is saying. She comes out and says I was sitting there the whole time you guys were talking about me. I thought Kalia liked Shelly?

Shelly confronts Porsche in the kitchen, she goes outside Porsche comes out and sits down. Shelly starts telling her how good she has treated her. Porsche, Rachel says you have a deal with her and Brendon. Cut back to 11 days earlier. Rachel, Brendon and Shelly on the couch. Shelly asks them if they would consider taking her to the final three. Brendon says absolutely.  Back to current with Shelly, Rachel was trying to stay in the house wasn't she? Then you listen to them and it is absolutely not true. Shelly is in the DR crying saying Rachel is lying.  In fairness to Shelly she asked Rachel and Brendon if they would CONSIDER a deal so maybe she doesn't think she has a deal? They didn't show us the entire conversation so it's hard to say. Maybe some live feeders could fill us in on the rest of that conversation. So we know who is lying here Shelly or Rachel? I know Rachel lies and fake cries. I haven't caught Shelly in a lie and she is crying real tears. I'm leaning towards believing Shelly. Shelly seems truly offended even in the DR. Why would she fake it in there if she has been lying for the sake of the game. 

Brendon and Rachel go up and talk to Daniele. Brendon has still not learned any negotiating skills. He starts off telling Daniele she is a target. Then he wants to play nice and be friends and cut a deal, even if it is a secret deal. Everytime I see Brendon in the HOH I think of the book How To Win Friends and Influence People. Maybe I'll send them a copy as a wedding present. I wonder if the book is still in print. Daniele, says she will think about it. Brendon says truce. Does that mean they have a deal? I think not. I also think this is the same type of deal that happened with Shelly.

The nomination ceremony: Shelly tells Jeff and Jordan she hopes Rachel gets put up, that Rachel is the one passing information on. Daniele nominates Shelly and Adam. Daniele says we are right back where we started. I need to make sure at the end of this week what I need to happen happens for good. Daniele nominated Adam Poch and Shelly Moore.

I am going to die laughing if when we finally see Josie (Shelly's daughter) and she's like twenty years old.

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