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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 20, 2011

Daniele Donato is trying to make something with slop.

Rachel Reilly, Adam Poch and Jeff Schroeder are playing pool. Jordan Lloyd is in the hot tub. Shelly Moore is running around doing different things.

Porsche Briggs is hanging in the kitchen with Daniele and Kalia is lying outside on the couch.

They discussed how 4 of the 5 HOH’s have been veterans and 4 or the 5 have been female.

Shelly Moore is discussing how her interior designer decorated her house.

I am trying to narrow down who is on slop. Since Daniele is making slop I think she is. Rachel, Shelly, Jeff, and Porsche have either eaten or are drinking. So that leaves Kalia, Adam and Jordan that I’m watching. Oh I forgot to vote. Darn it! The voting is closed already.

It’s an hour and a half into the show Daniele is still trying to make something edible with the slop and absolutely nothing else is going on.

They are sitting on the couch talking about where their favorite place to live is. Of course Rachel said her favorite is Las Vegas, and she will never live there again. Shelly says he could be a PHD in Vegas. Rachel, Brendon already nayed that. Shelly, you have a voice too. Jeff, not so much. WOW! I swear him and Brendon are control freaks.

Jordan Lloyd and Adam Poch are doing the Cruddy dance to Jeff singing. That was cute. Jeff got called to the DR right after. I wonder if he is in trouble for singing the Cruddy song.

Porsche Briggs is on the couch trying to explain to Jordan why she hasn’t really talked to Jeff. She said she thought she was part of the original five. I think I would have lied and said I didn't want you mad at me for talking to your man, because she has talked to Jordan just not Jeff. She could always say she saw Rachel being jealous so she didn't want to have a problem with Jordan. Even though Jordan totally wouldn't care.

Porsche just said it was her first time as a have not. I was thinking she wasn’t a have not because she was eating boiled eggs earlier. I just realized America must have voted for boiled eggs and jalapenos.

Daniele is upset because Rachel has asked for her HOH food five times today and Rachel is counting down her birthday. Daniele will be 25. Rachel was playing Jenga with pretzels. She came in and took the last pack of pretzels and said don’t tell Kalia.

Rachel keeps asking Daniele what’s wrong. Daniele keeps saying nothing. Rachel, do you hate me? I already know the answer to that. Daniele, I know you think I hate you but there’s no reason. Rachel asks is it because I eat all your chocolate because I can stop? Daniele, I told you I don’t hate you. Daniele, goes outside. Rachel, okay Daniele have a good night, best friends. She says all this with that stupid smile on her face. Rachel went outside and joined everyone on the couch. She wants to play cards, no one will play with her.

Shelly Moore is in the room with Porsche. Shelly says if Jeff knew that he would come unglued. He doesn’t like that. That’s not how he plays. She can’t ever be nice. Don’t be afraid of her. I swear I am trying not to go outside and say something. Porsche today is the most stressful day in the house.

Adam Poch is talking to Rachel and Jordan telling them how he wanted to be part of the jury, and how he is glad there will be veterans in the jury to vote based on peoples game and not whether they liked them. Then he says the newness of Big Brother has worn off. He almost got out of the shower without a towel the other day.

Daniele is in the room with Shelly and Porsche telling them what happened with Rachel. Evidently when she went outside she told Jordan and Adam she was seriously going to punch Rachel in the face if she didn’t leave her alone. Two seconds later the door opened and out she came. Shelly, I hope she says that stuff in front of Jeff. Porsche, I hope she wears her bikini for her hosting gig and America bashes her. Shelly, she is just being ridiculously rude. Daniele, she is being Rachel. That’s the real her. Porsche, this is her on half a bottle of wine and half a beer. Daniele, the thing is she knows she safe and she doesn’t have to be fake. She is being her. Now they are looking for Kalia.

LOL Shelly wants to get the scissors and cut off the foot of Rachel's dog. Porsche, says you are allowed. They are laughing hysterically. Daniele, no apparently you can destroy people’s stuff. Porsche went in and asked because she thought they we going to do something to her stuff. So I guess that’s the new rule here you can steal or destroy whatever you want. Shelly, then people would think I’m destroying animals. Daniele, you think they would call PETA? Jeff comes in they tell him Rachel is drunk. I thought someone else said they rule was you could steal but not destroy.

Shelly, I’m just sitting here thinking I want to cut the ear off. That’s what this house does to you.

Jordan is telling Jeff about Daniele and Rachel. Jordan tells Rachel she is the villain. Rachel, I really wasn’t trying to be mean at first.

Now Kalia is in the room with Shelly, Daniele and Porsche. They are filling her in.

There is a birthday banner and crown in the storage room for Daniele. Kalia made it, that’s why she has been MIA most of the night. Daniele puts the banner on like a sash and the crown and waves a Miss America wave. LOL They are sing for she’s a jolly good fellow, if only Rachel could die. ROFL. She has flowers from the living room and is headed outside to show the others.

I hate when that happens. That they waited until the last fifteen minutes of the show to start talking game and then it starts getting good and the show ends.

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