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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 16, 2011

Everyone is sitting outside. They say it’s nine o’clock time to be funny.

Nothing going on so far just general chit chat.

Adam Poch and Jeff Schroeder on the couch. Adam, I’m glad we are on the same page. It unfortunately makes sense. Don’t worry about it I got your back. Jeff, we have no choice but to stick together. If we start splitting up it’s over. Adam, that would be stupid for any of us. All of us.

Jordan Lloyd hollers over from the hot tub. I’ve been stressing out over it for a couple of days because Shelly Moore is a friend and I feel like I can’t do that to her. She said she has had my back since day and if she really has had my back. Do you think that’s true? Adam, yes everytime I’ve talked to her it has always been the four of us. Having Rachel in here as a target was way more important than having Lawon here as a vote. Jordan, cause she goes crazy. Adam, Right exactly.

Adam Poch says the guys have won all the POV’s and the girls have won HOH’s. I hadn't realized that. Jordan, If you win HOH this week you cannot get rid of Rachel. I know people cannot stand her and people think she is annoying, but you cannot. You have to promise us you won’t. Adam, next week is three votes so even if I put her up we have the votes to keep her. Jeff, why even put her up? Adam, first of all put up with Danni and … Jeff, we have to stick together, we can’t use her as a pawn. You won’t put up Porsche? Adam, would you put up Danni and Kalia and use Porsche as a back door? Or put up Porsche and Kalia and use Dani as a back door? Because Danni is going to play in the veto even if she is not nominated. So it’s better to put her up. She’s going to play anyway. I thought Adam knew how to play this game. Who is your target Adam? Jeff, well I know what I’m thinking. I know you are with me but you have to be with me. You can’t go around and tell Shelly and it gets back. We all have to be on the same page. Shelly Moore came out the talking quit.

Brendon came out into the yard with a cookie sheet under his arm. Adam got all excited he thought he had a laptop. LOL

Shelly Moore says Daniele Donato wants to talk to Jeff and Jordan. She said Daniele told her she has done two things to prove her trust to you guys and she doesn’t think you trust her. Shelly told Daniele to talk to Jeff and Jordan. She thinks Daniele wants to work with them but she wouldn’t talk to Daniele about it. It sounds like Brendon has been put up as Adam’s replacement. Jeff, says till when? I don’t know if Rachel is a bigger threat if Brendon leaves because they think Rachel is nothing if Brendon leaves. Commercial darn it.

Jordan, she is somebody in front and we feel like people will still go after her. We just need a couple more weeks. Shelly, she screwed me. Jeff, with who? Shelly, no I’m telling you what she did to me in that room I will never forget. Jeff, that’s fine but she didn’t screw you, because we are keeping you and trust you. Shelly, but when someone says that stuff to make you look bad. Jeff, but we don’t believe her. You just have to look at it as you are using her to get where you need to be. Jordan, we know she goes up there and probably throws us under the bus. We know when her butts on the line. Shelly, well unless I hear her do it, I ain’t saying nothing. Jeff, that’s good. Jordan, but we need her right now until certain people leave.

Jordan, I even told Brendon I ain’t babysitting her this time. Shelly, Jordan god help me I love you and I adore you, but I cannot take care of Rachel and I won’t. What she did to me, when you call my integrity, that makes me sick, especially when we save her. I am a team player. I know where my allegiance lies, I get all that but looking at her makes me ill. Jordan, I just question where Danni is. Shelly, I know where Danni is. I get it. She’s being really nice to me. I think she feels horrible about being on the block. But I know it’s a game. But Rachel’s little vial little smile and her eyes drive me crazy. Jordan, I agree with you. Shelly, the girl put me over the edge with her mouth. Jordan, I think she does that a lot with other people. I think that’s why she can’t ever stay in. Shelly, Rachel would dump me in a heartbeat. You realize that? Jordan, you mean get rid of you? Shelly, absolutely. Jordan, but we would keep you. You and Adam are good. With Brendon leaving that puts Jeff and Rachel next. As long as we agree we can get rid of Rachel. Shelly says I haven’t told anyone. I’m not going to the other side all the Trojan horsing I’m done. Jeff, We don’t need it. Don’t even worry about that anymore, because it’s not doing anything. Shelly, well it got Lawon Exum up. Jeff and Jordan, yeah.

Shelly, them campaigning against me is ridiculous. I’m not going to be a horses a$$ this week. My tank is full. Jeff, now we really have to start winning competitions. We have to start knocking down their numbers. We need Rachel here in case there is an endurance. We need her against Daniele.

Ok, wait thinking out loud here. They all just said they aren’t going to babysit Rachel. She’s throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus and they know it. Why would you keep Rachel for an endurance? They must think Rachel will keep them over Daniele. How can they not take into consideration Rachel and Brendon are up there cutting deals with Daniele. This could be a big surprise this week. If Porsche, Kalia and Rachel vote to keep Brendon, then it’s a tie vote. Daniele is the tie breaker. Shelly could go home. I don’t know for sure if Daniele cut a deal with Rachel and Brendon and is going to keep Brendon or if she didn’t and that’s why Brendon is on the block. From what I have seen Daniele only told Rachel and Brendon she would think about their deal.

Daniele did tell Shelly not to worry Brendon was going up and going home this week. But she could have just told Shelly that because everyone knows Shelly is talking to both sides. She did seem sincere, but at the same time Daniele likes big moves and one of the HOH rules is you can’t tell anyone who you are putting up. They seem to have gotten relaxed on that rule this year. I don’t know. Thursday will be very telling.

Jeff, I am not saying babysit or anything like that. If she wants to self evict let her rather than have someone else put her up.

Adam comes back outside. Of the three who are the biggest threats. Daniele obviously. Jordan, then probably Kalia or Porsche I don’t know. Brendon and Rachel come out with their dinner.

Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the kitchen eating. Daniele I just got told I have serious issues. I don’t think I do at all. I think I’m smart.

They are going to have a hot dog eating contest. Rachel is in the kitchen she is going to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon and drink a gallon of milk. Daniele tells her she is going to throw up. Rachel, Brendon said it was okay if I did it. He wouldn’t let me do something that would make me throw up. Daniele, try it and see.

Rachel outside now. Are you sure you don’t throw up from this. Brendon, no you don’t throw up you just can’t swallow it. He tells her to go across the yard because she is going to cough it up. Then he tells her take a drink of water first. Jeff, I think it’s a tablespoon, I never even heard of it before but. Rachel’s scared and doesn’t want to do it now. They tell her she has to she went too far. Rachel has a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon. Porsche doesn’t condone this at all. I didn’t hear anyone ask her. It’s a science experience. Daniele, all cool signs point to you right now. I’ve never heard of this. Jeff, make sure you turn the spoon upside down and pull it out dry. Jeff is still saying he thinks it’s tablespoon. She took it and coughed it out. She coughed out a dust ball. She doesn’t seem to be able to talk. Cool like duct tape! It shut her up.

Brendon is going to do it now. Rachel, don’t do it, it’s not cool. Brendon takes a spoon full. He has his mouth closed trying to swallow it and cinnamon dust blows out his nose. Like a bull in a cartoon. He goes over to the trash can and spits it out. Rachel is still coughing.

Brendon says it sucks up all the moisture in your mouth and you can’t swallow it.

Now they are talking about play acting something. The hot dog challenge will be tomorrow. They are trying to be funny so they can get more alcohol.

Adam is playing the role of Phillip. Porsche is Elizabeth. Both of them are wearing BCG glasses. It is totally stupid and not entertaining. I don’t care that they all want acting jobs. This is about Big Brother, not people’s lack of acting skills and bad scripting.

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