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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 8 "Preparing For Discharge"

 The police have arrived for Michael Lohan. They tell him to place his hands behind his back. Michael says he didn't do anything. The police decide not to arrest Michael because he is in Dr. Drew's care. He will be put on strict lock down.

Kate Major is drunk and has been doing pills. Dr. Drew tells Michael he is his patient and the one he is worried about right now. He will talk to Kate and try to get her help. Michael asks if Dr. Drew will sit down with the two of them and talk. He says no. Dr. Drew, here is my problem. The unit has to be safe. You have to respect the boundaries of your peers. You can't scream and yell and carry on. I have to discharge you if you lose your cool on the unit. Michael, I'm not going to lose my cool. Dr. Drew, you already did. I want to keep you as a patient. Is this really worth it? Michael, no I have to let her go. I have to get her out of my life. Dr. Drew tells Michael to cool out here and sit with these guys, he's going to see what is going on outside. Will Smith is there with Jeremy Jackson.

Outside Kate Major is still going on about Michael. Saying he GPS's people, he stalks people, he's tried to kill me, he's beat me up 17 times. Okay so why do you keep going back? Dr. Drew comes up, and says do not call that phone. He tells Cindy Michael is in there but he is on severe lock down. There will be no communication. Cindy Michael's friend, even me? Dr. Drew, no one. Kate says thank you. Dr. Drew,  I want no communication with him what so ever. Dr. Drew, you need to go to the facility we set up for you. I don't understand why you are not there. We went to great lengths with the insurance and to set it up. You need to go there. What are you going to do to take care of yourself? Kate, what the plan is, tomorrow. Dr. Drew what about tonight? Take care of yourself. I only have so much wind in me before I just stop. Kate crying, I didn't even want to come here. Dr. Drew, good do it. You guys deal on your end I'll deal on my end.

The other patients are inside talking to Michael telling him how quickly he can end up in jail.

The next morning. Day 18. Shelly Sprague comes in. Michael is sitting at the table. Sean Young is in her room reading. Shelly, what happened last night? Michael, what do you mean? Shelly, what do you mean what do I mean? You are grown man and you are an adult. How did the cops get here?  Michael gets up saying whoa, whoa, whoa. You know what, you tell me how the cops got here. I have no idea. Shelly, I don't know. Michael getting louder, listen, listen I did nothing!  Michael, I did nothing wrong Kate came here in the car.

Sean is in her room upset about the screaming she says she can’t take it today. She shows up at the door of the room where Michael and Shelly are sitting screaming shut up! You’re so loud you woke me up! Shut up loud ass!  She looks a little crazed. She wasn’t sleeping she was reading so I don’t know what that is about. Michael, looking at his watch, what are you drunk? It is ten after eight. Sean is already going down the hall.  Steven Adler’s standing in his doorway Sean turns around and head's back to the room where Shelly and Michael are. Steven says don’t go back, don’t go back. Of course she does.

Sean standing in the doorway says you talk about how you’re a Christian.  Turn the other cheek.  Michael, even Christians have struggles. Sean, and stop sucking up all the air around here. Michael, talk about my anger issues. Sean screaming, shut up. Michael, psycho.

Dr. Drew, it is clear that the drama with Michael is not only distracting him but the entire group. He has asked Shelly Sprague to join the process group with Bob Forrest so that they can address this issue once and for all.  He tells the group after last night he would like the craziness to stop and the focus to return. 

Michael apologizes to the group for Kate and to Sean for making noise earlier. They discuss. Michael recognizes that it’s not even Kate. It’s the way he reacts to her. Michael says this is the problem. I want to fix other people why can’t I fix me? The reality of it all finally hits Michael. Michael and Sean hug. Jessica and Steven also hugged him. Hugs all around. Everyone’s hugging. Dr. Drew says this is what the process looks like when it works. 

Shelly is out on the patio talking to the patients. She is giving them the one day at a time pep talk and talking about when they get out. Sean Young says the thought of being sober for the rest of her life is difficult, because she think's she won’t have any more fun. She likes to have fun and alcohol delivers up for her.  Shelly, but is that true that you think you have to drink to have fun? Sean, no but I think my brain tells me that. Amy Fisher asks Jessica Kiper why she is crying? Jessica says because she is scared. Shelly Sprague assures them she has been sober for fifteen years and has had plenty of fun. 

Jessica has been resistant to sober living.  Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest meet with her to talk about it. Jessica tells them she doesn’t want to drink anymore and that was her biggest problem. Bob Forrest says he meaning Dr. Drew thinks pot is your biggest problem. Dr. Drew it just feels like it’s not possible for you to stay sober at home. Jessica says she lives alone. Dr. Drew points out that the stoners live right down the hall. Jessica, how serious is this you guys?  It’s not gonna kill me, it’s fricking weed. Dr. Drew, if you don’t stay sober from everything you won’t stay sober. Jessica asks if she can see it first. They tell her yes. 

Sean Young is another patient that is returning home to a dangerous environment. Sean’s husband is also an alcoholic. She has been married to him twenty years. Dr. Drew offers to talk to Sean’s husband. She doubts he will come, but says he can try. Sean calls her husband and tells him she doesn’t think she can come home if he doesn’t get cleaned too. He tells her the kitchen is clean. 

Jeremy Jackson has had all kinds of supplements delivered to the center Shelly is going through them.  Doctor Drew his worried about Jeremy’s liver.  Dr. Drew doesn’t want him to take anything until his labs are back to normal. Shelly offers Jeremy a Centrum. Jeremy refuses. Dr. Drew is concerned if Jeremy has all the stuff at the unit, what does he have at his house?  He sends Jeremy and Bob Forrest to Jeremy’s house to clean it out. 

A clean services company shows up with a medical waste container. Bob Forrest says this is worse than heroin addiction. Bob hasn’t seen a crack house that crazy with drugs. Jeremy thinks he threw away about $12,000.00 worth of needles and medicine. 

Dr. Drew and Dr. Sharp are going to meet with Sean Young and her husband. Drew asks her what her goals are. Sean doesn’t want to make her husband responsible for her happiness. That sounds like a good goal.  Drew is hoping to find out more about what her husband is willing to do. Sean does not know what he might be willing to do. Dr. Sharp is sporting a great little bow tie. My grandpa always wore bow ties. I think more men should wear them. Robert arrives. Roberts says he is one of those guys that thinks he can do it all on his own. But that hasn’t worked. He has been to a meetings but never rehab. Sean asks her husband what he thinks held him back. Dr. Drew says I think he’s been busy managing you. Dr. Drew says it is clear they love each other. But sobriety will test their marriage like no other. 

Jessica Kiper goes to visit a sober living facility. Jessica says she doesn’t want to stay there.

They just found out on the unit that Mike Starr died. Dr. Drew said he talked to him the week before and he was doing good, but he was complaining about his back. Of course he went to a doctor. A doctor gave him medicine and he was found today dead. They want Shelly to tell Steven Adler before the next shift comes on.

Shelly tells Steven she wants to talk to him. Steven, what the hell did I do now? Shelly pulls him aside and tells him Mike Starr has died. Steven says how OD? Shelly tells him yes. He says another dead friend from drugs. Shelly, says I’m sorry I really care about you and I don’t want to see you die. Oh that made me cry. They are showing flashbacks of Mike from 2008. Mike Starr is listening to headphones. Shelly asks what are you listening to? Mike says myself. Steven says he doesn’t want it to be him.
Dr. Drew says in many ways Steven and Mike have walked the same path. He hopes this serves as a wakeup call for Steven. Mike was doing very well. Dr. Drew is sick of putting his patients in the ground and this disease has taken another one that we love. Oh man I’m crying like a baby. That was just so sad. We will miss you Mike Starr.

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