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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 17, 2011

Well tonight is the hot dog eating contest. Oh Yeah! I am not excited about this. They are going to eat ten hot dogs followed by a raw egg.

Shelly Moore is in the kitchen talking to Daniele Donato. Shelly wants to know when Rachel will go home. She says just wait until her speech. She has someone helping her with it.

Shelly is going on about how much she hates liars.

Jordan and Shelly at the washing machine. Jordan is trying to say something to Shelly about Rachel but Shelly keeps interrupting her so I’m not sure what she was trying to say.

Rachel is outside drinking wine from the bottle. Such class.

Jeff says no one can touch the table but him. It’s actually set up on the bar. Jeff ordered Rachel to go sit down. She says I’m in his corner. He said well go in it. Jeff keeps saying they eat 60 in ten minutes. I don’t know who they are. But he says they are nothing if they can’t eat ten in ten minutes. Adam wins with four minutes left he cracks the egg and downs it. Brendon had three dogs and rolls to go.

Rachel Reilly is up in the HOH room with Daniele. Rachel, isn’t Brendon so fun. Daniele, OMG that’s how you are going to pitch this to me? I already told you I am going to try and work with Porsche. Rachel, she is not going to vote for him. Rachel, if it’s three three vote are you going to vote him out? Daniele, Adam? Rachel, no Brendon. Daniele, if it’s a three three vote, who Adam or Kalia? Rachel, it’s going to be me, Jeff, Jordan and Adam, Porsche, and Kalia. Rachel, if it’s three three are you going to vote for him getting out. Daniele, it just puts me in a really bad spot. Rachel, I agree. It really sucks. Daniele, if that is going to happen I would have to convince Kalia to do it, because I can’t have the whole house mad at me.

Rachel thinks she and Brendon should talk to Kalia. She is the only newbie that has won a competition. Daniele, she also won HOH. Rachel, She is the only one to win HOH. Daniele, Adam just won POV. Rachel, a POV. Daniele, who’s to say. Rachel, Oh no I agree.

Rachel goes on saying her and Brendon want to work a deal with Kalia and Daniele. Daniele says Kalia plays like you with her emotions. If it’s going to make people mad at her. Rachel, no one would need to know it was her. You can blame Porsche.

Rachel, this is a new game now. Brendon is back in the game. Do you understand that you have won just as many competitions as me? That puts us on the same level. Again if you are trying to win her over Rachel, not working. Quit talking to her like she’s stupid. Rachel, I haven’t done well the last three competitions. People think I can’t play without Brendon. That puts you ahead of me. Daniele, yeah but still. Rachel, people don’t like me. Daniele, have resentments about you. Rachel, people may have resentments against me but you are the bigger target. Daniele, I don’t know why you are throwing that at me, because I’m telling you I will talk to Kalia. Rachel, I am telling you that this is better for your game. Daniele, I’m telling you Kalia is going to do whatever the heck she wants.

Rachel, three people in this game are really dangerous. Nobody know what they are going to do. Oh but no Rachel they are just floaters, how can they be dangerous? **Sarcasm**.

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd in the hammock. Jordan, I just want Kalia to have a chance up there. She says she hasn’t had a chance with us. I want her to squirm. I had to give Rachel a pep talk too. Jeff, she is upstairs talking to Daniele right now. Her mind goes everywhere. She doesn’t even know what a grudge is. She just goes I’m going to do whatever is best for me. Adam is all cool with Porsche and now Shelly is all cool with them so where does that leave us? Jordan, that’s what I was saying that’s why we have to win next week. Jordan, they could turn on us at any time. I think Brendon would keep his word. Jeff, I think so too. I am really starting to dislike Kalia. Like I really can’t stand her.

Jeff Schroeder, Kalia made all those comments about Porsche in her bikini and now they are best friends I don’t understand how someone can just forget that. I guess because going up on the block makes you lose your mind. Jordan, it worries me. I wonder how many lies are out there? Because I know for sure she said it. Jeff, what? Jordan, I know for sure she said it. She said it to me, I think she forgot she said it. Jeff, what putting them up and back door Daniele? Jordan, yes. I told her you did say that over in the room with me. She was like I did? What if there is like in America’s player? Jeff, people just get caught up in lies. It’s all players. Jordan, I wonderful if Lawon took those beanbags?

Jordan Lloyd, I hope it is endurance or something you can win. Three weeks we were in power, three weeks we’re not in power. It should turn around for us.

Rachel is still pleading her case up in the HOH. Rachel, it will either be a 6-0 vote because people are scared. Daniele, you are going to vote for him aren’t you? LOL Rachel, I’m saying 6-0 keeping him here. In your dreams girl. Daniele is sitting on the couch and the HOH Rachel is standing hovering over her. She’s mostly just repeating herself not saying anything new.

Brendon and Rachel in the bathroom. Brendon, you were upstairs? What happened? Stop. Look. Rachel, I have to Pee. Brendon, you wear your emotions on your face. So whatever happened wasn’t good. You walk outside and I can look at you and tell you’re totally upset. Rachel, our only hope is Kalia. Daniele says it is going to be very hard for her to save you. We’re just going to have to move forward without you in the game. Brendon, which means? Rachel, she is not going to save you. She said she would talk to Kalia, but if Kalia doesn’t Daniele isn’t going to save you. Rachel is repeating the conversation with Daniele to Brendon. He finally lets her go to the bathroom. He goes into the kitchen.

Rachel and Brendon are in the kitchen discussing floaters and how it happens every game. That’s because that is part of the game. If Rachel and Brendon ever realized that socialization is part of Big Brother they might actually win. Brendon is making coffee. Rachel that’s true when you got voted out you should have stayed out. Rachel gets in the refrigerator. She says here why don’t you have another beer and pops a beer open. Brendon, why did you do that? Because it was Porsche’s? Rachel smiles and nods for head. Brendon, f’ng Rachel stop it. You are f’ng pissing me off now. Brendon is hot now. Rachel is doing something back in the refrigerator. Brendon, do you want to come and talk to me right now? Can you set that down and come in here and talk to me? Rachel is still giggling as she walks to the have nots room.

Rachel, oh my god don’t yell at me as she is walking into the room. She walks over to a dress hanging on the wall and says this is very pretty. Brendon is standing there staring at her with his arms crossed against his chest. Rachel, don’t yell at me I’m sorry. Brendon, know it’s just that that’s the kind of stuff that is going to give you evicted next week. You’re being dumb. Rachel cutting him off, it’s not going to get me evicted because I’m going to win HOH. Brendon, seriously why do I kill myself trying to keep you in this game? Rachel, I don’t know. You shouldn’t have come back basically. I don’t mean that in a mean way Brendon. I mean that in a realistic way. Brendon, no I should’ve just put myself up on the block, so I could win POV and take myself off so I could leave you in here. Rachel, good. Brendon, why don’t you care? Rachel, because Brendon. Brendon, you’re playing for both of us. Rachel, I am not playing for both of us. I am playing for neither one of us. Neither one of us are going to make it to the end. Brendon, so you’re just going to give up? Rachel, no I am not going to give up. Brendon, we’re stuck in this game until the end. You just wanted to go to the jury house and hang out with me? Rachel, yeah. And there is no point. This happens every single season and people complain about it.

Brendon, so knock out Kalia and Porsche. You are making me livid right now. I tried as hard as I could to stay in this game. Rachel, I know you did. Brendon, I took a risk this week because I knew if we were on the block this week I could send you home. No problem. I could have won POV and took myself down and won this game. What?? How does he figure that when he was back doored. Rachel, we tried some things in this game and nothing ever works. Brendon, my point is you are staying in this game no matter what. I can’t play. You are here you are stuck in this game until September 15th. So why aren’t you playing as hard as you can? Rachel, I am going to. But Brendon I’m tired of playing a social game. I’m tired of it. When was she playing a social game? I missed that. What’s the point.

Brendon, because you are still in a decent position. Rachel, no I’m not Brendon. Rachel sits on the dresser. Brendon sits on the bed. Rachel, I am going to be the number one target. Brendon trying to yell quietly, because you make yourself a f’ng target. Think with your GD head. Because you think like that, because you give up. Rachel, I’m not giving up Brendon. Brendon, I didn’t fight this hard to come back in this game and fight to come back in here to hear you don’t care. Rachel, that’s not what I’m saying. I am going to fight as hard as I can I have been doing that for two summers in a row. Brendon, shhhh people are going to hear. Brendon goes and looks out the door. They continue fighting. Brendon tells her to stop this nonsense and play a good social game. Rachel, you play good social game? Brendon, yes I do. He says something about Porsche and Kalia. Rachel says she doesn’t care, she doesn’t care about any of them.

Brendon, then go do the Rachel thing. And then worry, cry and worry about how you look on TV. Rachel, I don’t care. Brendon is going on about how hard he fought to keep them in there. Rachel says you think I didn’t fight? I didn’t get to play the POV either. Brendon, your lashing out at people just control yourself, control yourself. Rachel, I am controlling myself. Brendon, just sit down. Rachel, I am sitting down. Brendon I want you to sit down here. He points to the bed. I want you to bring your voice down. Rachel, no I want to sit here. She finally sits down on the bed. Brendon, you know how you behave, and your attitude is $hitty. The fighting continues on.

Rachel tells him she is a bigger target than Jeff and Daniele. Brendon, get over your ego. No you are not, you are losing left and right. Hello, do you think you’re going to be a bigger target than somebody who has actually won stuff. No. No because you make yourself a target. You lose yourself. You fly off the handle. They don’t want you out because you are a target. They want you out because you’re losing it and you can’t control your emotions. It’s disturbing for me. It bothers me big time. Because I am asking you as someone who is going to marry you, and you won’t even talk to me and listen to me now in this game. The fighting continues.

Brendon finally throws his hands up in the year and says he’s done. Rachel, fine be done. Oh man I thought it was over, they keep going. Brendon, stop fighting me then. Rachel, I am fighting every single day I am in here. Brendon, well you’re fighting me right now stop yelling stop raising your voice. Brendon goes on about how he doesn’t want to be here he is going up on Thursday and she doesn’t care. Rachel, I don’t care. Brendon, well just go out and tell everyone you want to be evicted right after me. So we can hang out in jury. Rachel, I will. Brendon, I think I am going to have to go in the DR and vent. Rachel, good go ahead. Rachel tells Brendon everybody hates her because she went to bat for Porsche. Brendon, no it’s because of your behavior last week. Rachel, I didn’t do anything you weren’t even here.

Rachel says she is the only one that deserves alcohol because she is either a HOH or on the block. Hum, I’m pretty sure she is neither this week. Rachel says she is the one that deserves alcohol, to be eating food or sleeping when she wants to. She is just totally psycho. I cannot even imagine dealing with her on a day to day basis. Seriously laughing out loud. Rachel tells Brendon he is the one who goes psycho on her after he tells her she shouldn’t drink in the house, because she needs to control from her brain to her mouth.

Brendon Villegas tells her when all of this is over that they’re going to spend time with a psychologist because she cannot let all of this go. She is still holding onto last season. I could be wrong, but I am really feeling like that fight was staged.

Porsche just came into the HOH. She can’t figure out who opened her beer. She said everyone is denying opening it. She thinks someone might have opened it and she doesn’t know if they did something else to it. Daniele tells her to pour it into a glass and she will help her drink it.

Porsche leaves. Daniele tells Kalia Jeff has to leave next week there is no other option. If dreams come true, it’s Jeff then Adam. Kalia, then there are only girls left in this game. Daniele, you, Porsche or Rachel have to win the next HOH.

Porsche comes back to the HOH. They ask her what Rachel said to her. They discuss how weird it is that Brendon is not campaigning for himself that Rachel is doing all the talking. Porsche says she told Rachel she voted for Brendon last time and it didn’t do her any good. She is right back where she started. It really kind of hurt's me because I voted for him and you guys split off and left me out in the cold and now you are all BFF with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel asked Porsche what kind of deal they could do? Porsche claims she told her none, she had to talk to Shelly. Daniele, you would never vote to keep him right? Porsche, no. Daniele, I would never talk to you again if you did.

Porsche Briggs, Shelly did promise me she wouldn’t put me up. So I don’t know who she would put up because I don’t think she would put up Jeff and Jordan. I don’t think she is planning on winning HOH. Daniele, that is better because that gives you guys a better chance to win.

Rachel Reilly tells Jordan that Porsche thinks she can beat everyone in the house except Brendon so there is no reason to keep him. Jordan tells Rachel she doesn’t know who Adam is going to vote for he could be the deciding vote. Rachel, Shelly told Kalia she only wants it to be girls. If I was playing both sides of the house would I be nominated every single week? Oh please you were nominated like once.

Jordan Lloyd says she is terrible at true or false and buzzer games as they are still trying to decide what the next HOH competition will be.

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