Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 19, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Kalia Booker are in the candy room. I guess they didn’t win the HOH because they are talking about being put up. Kalia says at least if we get voted out the stress will be over. Porsche says F that I don’t want to go the jury house with Brendon. Oh, I hadn’t thought about that yet. I can’t even imagine being locked in a house with Brendon.

Jordan just came in. Everyone is tired.

It sounds like Jeff won HOH. I don’t see the key around his neck, but he is talking about the Bob Marley CD he requested.

LOL Shelly wants to have a competition she can win. She says lets write a business plan and execute it. UM Wrong show! LOL It sounds like she did well this week though.

I haven’t seen Rachel. She must be in a corner crying.

Jeff Schroeder is the new HOH. Good thing Daniele has been trying to make up with Jeff and Jordan this week. My guess is one of her alliance will go home this week unless Rachel continues to get on his nerves then she might just go home.

Shelly confronted Rachel in the HOH with Jeff and Jordan there, and told her it’s not my fault I won and Brendon went home. She has got to stop with the eye rolling and crap, either it stops or they can’t be on the same team. Shelly tells Rachel I saved you butt last week and all I got was put on the block. She wants to start with a clean slate. She is a bigger woman than I am for sure. I don’t think I could have done that even for half a million dollars. Jeff and Jordan are saying great. Rachel is not saying anything.

Shelly Moore leaves HOH and Rachel says Wow that’s all I have to say. She keeps laughing. Jeff and Jordan say good job Rachel see how easy that was. Much easier huh.

Rachel wants to get rid of Daniele. Jordan says any of the three are okay with her. Kalia, Daniele or Porsche. Rachel says they were in power for three weeks and didn’t get anything done. They voted out Lawon and Brendon. Um they voted out Brendon twice. As upset as she was now she acts like it’s nothing.

They are trying to figure out how the veto ticket is going to work. Rachel thinks it means 7 people will play for the veto and lower the odds of who wins. She said that's how it worked last year. Others think it depends on whether Daniele is nominated or not.

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