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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 26, 2011

Shelly and Jordan got into a screaming match after the CBS show and Rachel had to pull Jordan out of the room and out of Shelly's face. Who knew little Jordan had it in her?

Rachel told Jordan she still hasn't had her period, it's three weeks late now. Jordan, Are you pregnant? Rachel, I hope not I couldn't keep it in this house. Is she planning on staying in the house for nine months? I didn't get that at all. Last I heard Brendon wouldn't allow her to get pregnant. How dare she? All by herself.  "Sarcasm"

Jordan was crying and said she's not crying because Jeff is gone she was crying because of Shelly.

Jordan and Rachel are packing Jeff's stuff. Jordan is trying to figure out how to pack a bottle of wine so he can get drunk tonight at the hotel.

Kalia, Porsche and Adam are in the kitchen chatting.

LOL Jordan found some underwear in the corner of the bathroom she picked them up thinking they were Jeff's then says wait aren't these your's Adam. He says yes. She throws them back in the corner and goes and washes her hands.

I don't know if they have played the HOH yet or not, I'm checking necks for keys. It looks like Porsche is wearing the HOH key. She is on fire tonight. POV and HOH. Wow!

They have Easter eggs on the counter and Adam has some kind of toy he is playing with. I'm thinking after tonight Adam is going to wish he had switched sides.

They are off slop tonight.

Jordan Lloyd says she sure her and Rachel will be the next to go. So that's four votes in the jury house. It doesn't matter how anyone else votes the four of them will have the majority. That doesn't seem fair.

The house is still on lock down. Jordan looks like she is still ready to cry. I haven't seen Shelly Moore.

No one is really talking. Rachel and Kalia are playing Rummy with the tea bag packs.

They played one hand of Rummy and Rachel decided to go lay down. Jordan must of went to lay down also.

Adam is cleaning out the refrigerator.

Porsche did won HOH, she is on cloud nine. Shelly whispered to her she can't believe Adam was the first one out in a questions comp again. Do you ever wonder if he is trying to win Big Brother without ever winning a comp?

Shelly is telling Porsche Rachel and Jordan want to be the next two to go. She heard them talking. Shelly, they don't like it when it isn't their game anymore. Shelly thinks Jordan will be okay after Rachel leaves.

Adam is now cooking pizza. He is the only man left in the house. He said earlier he needs to provide for the women.

Shelly and Adam in the kitchen waiting to go outside and eating pizza. Adam maybe they are waiting until after Porsche gets her room. Shelly well there certainly can't be anymore screaming. Adam, no just crying.

Rachel and Jordan are laying in the bed talking bad about everyone.

So it's almost like three pairs of two left. Porsche and Kalia, Rachel and Jordan and Adam and Shelly.

Kalia, Adam and Shelly are in the kitchen talking about how Rachel went in the have not room and tried to cut a deal with Daniele.

Porsche got her HOH room. Jordan and Rachel just sat on the couch kind of speechless. Kalia Booker got an HOH basket in storage earlier for her brief HOH in the fast forward.

Jordan is now downstairs crying to Rachel about Shelly. Shelly tried to told her like two days ago she couldn't win if she stayed with them and Jordan told do what you got to do for you. Now she is all boo hooing and I gave her that phone call. WTH.

Jordan, I want to go outside. I feel like I'm trapped. Rachel, we are trapped and we signed up for it.

Rachel is telling Jordan Jeff and Brendon will get drunk every night and steal all the alcohol from Daniele, it will be awesome.

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