Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 22, 2011

Shelly is sweeping the kitchen floor. Go figure. Porsche is cooking, Jordan is eating a salad, Jeff is wondering around.

Adam Poch and Rachel are outside bringing in food from the grill.

Daniele Donato is outside on the couch, Shelly went out to join her. She said Rachel put a bunch of peppers in whatever they are eating. Even Jeff said it was hot. Daniele says Rachel puts half the kitchen in whatever she cooks. Shelly says that is the problem she never knows what is in what they are cooking.

Porsche is making fried slop cakes. Everyone seems to like those and they can make them in different flavors.

So Rachel may be two weeks late or she is lying. Hum Scary thought comes to life?

Daniele got brownies and ice cream for her birthday.

Rachel wants to play cards. A couple people said they play. Jordan won't play. Rachel asked her to come in and watch. She said she was fine right right there.

Kalia is in the HOH trying to convince Jeff he is not her target and how now that she has won something she doesn't want someone who hasn't to stay and her go out.

Jordan Lloyd and Shelly Moore are on the couch. Someone is trying to start stuff between Shelly and Jordan but I'm not sure who they are talking about yet. I think they are talking about Daniele. Shelly says they are trying to get her to come to their side. They are always following me around they never did before.

Jordan said she said some stuff that worried her. Shelly, I think if we get her we have an outstanding chance of getting to final three. I don't think Porsche and Kalia are going to be that hard to get out. Then Adam. Jordan, I worry about when he is going to flip. Shelly, I think he kind of has a crush on Danni. He's always following her around. Maybe he just knows how to communicate with girls really good. At this point where is he going to flip to Kalia and Porsche?

Jordan says Rachel is shielding Jeff, we have to keep her. They are concerned about Adam getting to the competition with questions. Jordan says he knows everything. You can ask him like what happened on day 4. Shelly, he doesn't know it fast though. I was quizzing him and Jeff and Jeff beat him.

They go to commercial and come back Jeff has joined Shelly and Jordan on the couch. They are quizzing each other.

Shelly is telling Jeff she likes how Jeff is doing his HOH not telling anyone anything. They are telling him about Daniele. Shelly said like today she was like oh Jordan is with her best friend Rachel.

Something happened today between Rachel, Daniele and Kalia. Jordan said she heard the whole thing it wasn't Rachel starting it. The others were being catty.

Rachel and Adam Poch come out and they start talking about Vegas.

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