Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap Aug 27, 2011

Well I hope Jordan is finished crying.

I hope Big Brother rethinks the twist for next year because this year stinks.

Jordan and Rachel are upstairs telling Kalia and Porsche that they aren't mad at them for nominating them, they want to have a clean slate, and that they didn't have a deal with Daniele. Jordan, The night we talked to her about it she was drunk and they caught her in three lies.

Jordan says we have been playing with two players who are  protected on both sides. She says she doesn't trust Shelly. Rachel said all of them have won the same amount of competitions. I don't think so. Porsche has 1 HOH's and a POV, Kalia has 2 HOH's, Rachel has 2 HOH and a POV and Jordan has one HOH that was thrown to her.

Porsche said she opened Pandora's box and it went back into duo's. Porsche/Kalia, Jordan/Rachel, Adam/Shelly.

Jordan is talking really fast to say everything she wanted to say. Then she stands up and says to Rachel lets go. Rachel kind of looks at her. Jordan says oh are you done saying what you wanted to say?

Jordan wants it to be a good week and all the awkwardness to go away. No more cattyness and drama, and if anyone hears anything they are going to just ask.  No more telephone.

They are going to talk again after the veto.

As they are leaving Rachel says to Jordan I've never heard you talk like that before. That's because Jeff is gone and she is allowed to talk now.

Porsche and Kalia are talking and they say if they lose the veto they are going to tell Rachel and Jordan they threw it for them so they can vote Shelly out. They are playing out different scenarios in the next couple of weeks.

They all go downstairs. Kalia goes in and tells Shelly what Jordan said. Porsche comes in with her dinner and joins in the conversation. They are telling Shelly about the we have all won the same amount of things comment and Kalia and Porsche say that all of Rachel's were thrown to her. Adam Poch came in the room they are filling him in.

It sounds like Porsche Briggs won $5,000.

Everyone except Shelly is playing poker. Rachel has her fingers in her wine glass again. Shelly was in bed then got called to the DR.

Jordan is laughing because Brendon really wanted Daniele out and Brendon got voted out. Daniele really wanted Jeff out. Daniele got voted out. Then Jeff got voted out.

Shelly is in bed testing herself going over when things happened.

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