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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 28, 2011

Kalia Booker is talking to Shelly in the HOH room. Kalia is telling Shelly that Jordan told her she is good with them. Kalia, the veterans have said since the beginning they want four strong competitors at the end. Right now that is me, Jordan, Rachel and Porsche.

Shelly Moore you are picking that based on comps only. LOL I paused the tv on Shelly and she has an angry face! Shelly is telling Kalia you are basing that on comps only. Not strategy or how someone played the game.

Earlier today Rachel won the POV, which will put Adam and Shelly on the block.

Kalia is saying Jordan can't vote her out or put her up. Shelly is telling her how awesome it would be four girls final four. Shelly tells her that they all know she has the deal with Jordan and that can work against you.

Porsche Briggs just came in and said they are trying to figure out if they are going to have another double eviction. One said there are three weeks left one said two weeks left. They think there will be three people in the final again. Hum 6 people left in the house, three weeks or two weeks left?

Kalia's arm is bandaged in two places. I don't know what happened. Shelly says she is voting for the person who gives her the best prize. Porsche offers $5,000. Shelly, that's nice but you can't do that.

Shelly, everytime Rachel walks by me she grabs Jordan goes like shocker she sucks. Right in front of me. Kalia, that's mean. Jordan will let go of Rachel. Shelly, I am telling you do not let Rachel win $50,000.

Now they are doing scenarios again. If Shelly gets voted out and Porsche can't play for next HOH type scenario.

Shelly if you kick Jordan out before Rachel it's a very big mistake. Kalia says Jordan was HOH week two, she has been HOH twice and her alliance has been in power three other weeks. They come to a scenario where Rachel and Kalia has to battle for HOH and Rachel is back to Rachel. Shelly says I'll leave all my class at the door and kick her really hard in the shin. Porsche and as your leaving be like oh and by the way I'm telling Brendon your pregnant. LOL Shelly, no I'm not going to get. The camera cuts a way to Rachel and Jordan in the bathroom putting on makeup.

Shelly's back seems to be bothering her. She is walking like she has back problems now. She is going downstairs for medicine. When she leaves the room Porsche and Kalia start talking about she doesn't know about this. Then they go to commercial. OIY!

Rachel knocks on the HOH door which is locked. They put all their buttons away and let Rachel in. She says ya'll are serious locking the door. Kalia, she keeps locking it when she goes out and forgets. Rachel is raiding Porsche's chocolate.

Shelly, Adam and Rachel are at the table repainting some of the cards.

Porsche and Kalia are now talking about leaving Shelly and taking Adam out because they don't think Shelly can win POV but Adam could.

Kalia tells Porsche a big secret. Earlier today she went in the purple room, Shelly was in there and the Sorcerer was moving. Her mouth was moving but she didn't say anything. They stayed in there for an hour and a half waiting and she never said anything, and the do not disturb sign is gone. Shelly had shut the door. She thought there was a power she was trying to get it. But she said Rachel and Jordan were in there before them so they might have gotten something already. They start talking about how the HOH TV wasn't working this morning and how when Porsche was in the box they kept telling her 513 is the code. Kalia that wasn't working, it wasn't opening.

Porsche thinks they (Rachel & Jordan) were too happy before the veto. Kalia doesn't agree. She says Rachel was being Rachel and Jordan was calming her down. Jordan was calm because she just doesn't care. She's mad at Shelly, she misses Jeff and she wants to go.

I thought they were on lock down. Shelly has her sweat shirt on. I thought she was going out, but there are strange noises coming from the yard. So I guess they are on lockdown.

Adam is up in the HOH talking to Porsche saying if he or Kalia get HOH next week they can vote one of them out. Porsche says her HOH sucked because the two people she wanted to go home are staying. Then she made a comment about what scares her is if its a Hoffman thing only Jordan's mine knows how that works. She's talking about Hasselhoff.

They are grilling Jordan about Jeff. She says he wants to stay in Chicago because his friends and family are there. All of his friends are from high school. He also wants to move to California. Jordan doesn't want to. She said they are going to discuss it after the show.

Porsche and Adam are discussing the fight before the show last week. It sounds like Rachel decided not to vote for Daniele and told Jeff that Adam was going to, that Adam and Shelly couldn't be trusted.

Downstairs Kalia and Jordan are talking about their first impressions when they met all the house guests.

Porsche says if its final two she would take $50,000 and let Kalia win instead of giving Rachel a chance. It sounds like they don't think Jordan is a threat in final two or three because they have won more competitions than her. But I don't think Jordan really won anything last time she won the show. And she has Jeff, Brendon and possibly Rachel in the jury to vote for her.

I think Shelly is trying to get in the purple room or listen in to it. Jordan, Rachel and Adam are in the orange room. There is no one in the purple room. Now she is squatting in front of the door. She might be stretching her back. When she just walked into the kitchen she wasn't limping anymore. So either she took something for the pain or she's faking it. I'm not sure which. At this point of the game faking it may get you sympathy but it is more likely to get you voted out. 

Now Shelly is sitting in the other bedroom listening to Rachel, Adam and Jordan. Shelly is back in the kitchen. She is just wondering aimlessly I guess. Now she is sitting in the living room.

Rachel said Kalia has a famous blog then corrected herself to say a blog a lot of people visit. What I don't get is if she has such a great blog, how come you can't find it and in her profile for BB was a tumblr blog that has nothing to do with sex that I could see. So why didn't she put it in her profile or give it a shout out like the others do? I'm not convinced it exists.

I must go see why Celebrity Rehab isn't on tonight. There was a preview for another episode at the end of last weeks show. ??

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