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Big Brother 13 Episode 23 August 28, 2011

Okay so we get to see the fight before last weeks show!

Rachel tells Jeff Shelly told her he threw the corn hole competition. Jeff lies and says no. But he also knows Shelly told Rachel. Shelly thinks Daniele told someone about them trying to keep her in the house. She goes and asks Adam he says he's voting for Daniele she tells him he's lying. Adam says he hasn't told Jeff anything.

Jeff knows something is up with Shelly he goes to talk to Adam. Adam tells Jeff he is voting to keep Jeff. Shelly comes in the room and tells them to say it to her face. Jeff says you had a plan to keep Daniele. Jeff starts telling Shelly she has a plan with everybody. Shelly tells Jeff he is acting like a five year old he has no idea how she is going to vote.

Jeff goes in to talk to Adam, Rachel and Jordan. Adam says he is going to vote Daniele out. Shelly comes in the room and is trying to blame Adam. Jeff says he didn't know anything until (Shelly) you told me. Adam starts saying really loud why do you want to keep Daniele here. Shelly tells them everyone is talking about you two getting to the end and no one else having a chance.  Jeff asks Shelly why did you tell Rachel I threw the bean bag competition? She says Adam has talked to Dani as much as everyone else has. Everyone is exploring their options. She says Daniele told her he threw the competition. Jeff wants to know why she didn't come ask him?

Rachel and Porsche else where in the house. They says they don't want to deal with another fight.

Shelly tells Jeff you are only worried about you right now.  Jeff I always say us, but obviously you are exploring other options. Shelly, I can explore what ever I want. Shelly says she is done and walks out.

They recap Kalia winning HOH, the nominations and Porsche winning the POV. So Jeff is mad because Porsche did what Daniele wanted to do and not what he wanted her to do. Seems a little selfish to me.

Then the second fight between Jordan and Shelly. Jordan, I probably look like the biggest idiot going in there and saying she's so great and she is probably like haha. Shelly walks in, if that's what you really think then you don't know me at all. Jordan, I do. Shelly tells Jordan when she calms down we'll talk, I'm not playing Jeff's game so you are pissed. I have to try and win for my family too. Jordan, I didn't say you were playing Jeff's game. Shelly, Jeff did. They are screaming now. Jordan goes ballistic and Rachel pulls her out of the room telling her this isn't you. I can try and describe all this but you can go to and watch the real thing so I won't. :)

The next HOH contest. They have a playoff with the snake game. Kalia is host since she is the outgoing HOH. Adam is eliminated first. Then, Rachel, Shelly, Jordan. Porsche wins HOH. Rachel and Jordan are crying. Adam has now decided he needs to go with the newbies. I think Rachel is crying real tears. WoW!

Porsche goes up to HOH and there is a Pandora's box. She is offered 2 $5,000 boxes and Champagne. She decides to go in. She won $10,000 She must split it with someone and she has to go downstairs and read a second envelope. She reads the card. It says she has unleashed the duo twist on the house for one week. All the original rules apply.  So if the veto is used the pair will be removed from the block. Everyone picks partners. No shocker there. Porsche/Kalia, Jordan/Rachel and Adam/Shelly are no teamed up. If Porsche nominates Rachel/Jordan as planned and they win the veto a newbie goes home.

They didn't show who she decided to split the $5000 with.

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