Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 24 August 31, 2011

I'm already in a mood cause Publishers Clearing House didn't come to my house today, so Rachel better behave tonight.

OMG Rachel's mood swings cause me to need medication. No not really. :)  She may not be maniac in real life but she certainly is on this show.

Rachel says she's going to win every single time. It's getting a little old. Really I just don't want to hear anything she has to say at all.

Jordan and Rachel try to make a deal with Porsche and Kalia. I wouldn't trust them how many times can you let them use you.

This is an interesting veto challenge. They are hanging on dummies. The lighter people have a better advantage. Kalia is still swearing to this day she didn't fart. It sure sounded like she was to me.

Adam is the first to fall off. Then Jordan, Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia. Rachel actually won like she said she would. I swear I'm going to have to watch the end of this season on mute. I cannot take it anymore.

Rachel just doesn't think before she speaks, insulting Jordan trying to make Shelly look bad. Rachel just doesn't like Shelly because Shelly stood up to her when Rachel tried to say Shelly was lying.

Shelly and Jordan make up. Jordan says she will forgive but she won't forget. That's fair.

I can't believe Shelly is now offering to throw the HOH.

Adam Poch and Shelly Moore go up since they are the only ones left to put up. 

I wanted to see the jury house tonight darn it!

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