Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 2, 2011

The CBS show ended during the HOH competition. So I am basically filling space here so I don't give away who won to the HOH to the folks that only watch CBS. :)

Everyone is in the space ship room. I wonder if they closed off the have not and candy/orange rooms.

They are discussing who had what beds since they have been there.

The show starts out in the HOH Room. Rachel has the key around her neck. Then Jordan Lloyd, Adam Poch and Kalia Booker go down to the space ship room. They are waiting to get outside.

 Jordan said she wanted to stick her feet in the hot tub. Adam said he wanted to stick his whole body in that thing. DOG, That's what she said. I wonder if they will use that as part of a contest. Usually the DOG doesn't interact and he has done that several times now.

Nope the orange room is still open. Kalia and Porsche are laying in there listening to Adam and Jordan.

Rachel Reilly comes out and wants to drink some wine to celebrate. I'm starting to thing this whole pregnancy thing is made up for TV. She can't seriously think she is pregnant and keep drinking that much.

Jordan Lloyd is telling Adam Poch to beware of Porsche. She always uses her sex appeal. Adam, it will take a lot more than that to work me. Jordan says she told Porsche she was voting Shelly to see what she would do. Adam, for this to work Rachel has to put the two of them up otherwise one of us is gone.

Rachel is talking in circles to Jordan. She says she doesn't want Adam, Kalia or Porsche to win. She is putting up Kalia and Porsche. Adam has to win the veto. We will try to but he has to try. Kalia deserves to be here but I'm afraid she will take me out. You can't have it both ways Rachel. Rachel, I think Porsche might be good in endurance too. If she wins veto next week I'm going home. Jordan, I think they are both gunning for you, but you are closer to Porsche. Rachel asks Jordan to pour her a glass of wine. Jordan, I don't think there is going to be enough for Porsche. Rachel, Oh well. Great way to make friends Rachel. You wonder why they want you out?

They are playing cards with tea bags again. Everyone except Jordan.

The are rehashing things that have happened in the house. Such as how people didn't like Porsche. Rachel says she has always liked Porsche. Funny how she only talks to Porsche when she wants her to do something. Not a great way to treat a friend. Why they evicted Cassi. Kalia, No one could get to Dominic if Cassi was here.

Now Rachel and Porsche are making fun of Shelly Moore.

Adam says he has only had two cigarettes in the last 24 hours. Rachel, maybe you shouldn't smoke. Adam, maybe you shouldn't tell me how to live my life. Zing! He apologized right after.

Now everyone is saying they don't like Shelly they were just using her.

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