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Big Brother After Dark Recap September 1, 2011

Rachel Reilly and Kalia Booker are outside.

Shelly Moore was inside cleaning.

Porsche Briggs goes outside and tells them it's 9:03. Rachel says oh which conversation should we repeat for Showtime. OMG.

Adam is talking to Jordan. He said she asked me what I think my best move was and I said trying to get Lawon out and keep Rachel, and then I was like shoot she was just looking for ammo. I'm not sure who he was talking about.

Jordan, I won't be mad if you're on the other side. That's what she said to Shelly too. I told Rachel it's like every time I think we can do it. There's 7-1, 6-1 every time we lose now it's 3-1 watch us lose.

Everyone except Jordan Lloyd is inside to play cards now. I'm not sure where Jordan is.

Adam got called to the DR and Jordan appeared. She must have been in the DR.

They went to commercial and came back. Porsche and Kalia are at the table saying she thinks they haven't made up their mind yet that's why they keep getting called into the DR. Porsche, I tried talking to Shelly 2 or 3 times and she ignored me. Straight out ignored me. I was thanking her for doing the dishes and she ignored me then Rachel came by with a dish and she was like no no leave that. I said thank you for doing the dishes again just to see and she still ignored me. I don't know if she heard us talking or what.

Kalia, we never talked about her. I don't know if she is talking to Rachel and Jordan? Kalia, she's not ignoring me. Porsche, I know. This is the most she has talked to me.

Kalia, I don't know she's so flip floppy. Porsche, I know first she hated Rachel now me.

Rachel and Jordan are in the hot tub discussing what the boys are doing. Rachel said Daniele and Brendon were friends before the show so she doesn't know why it would be different now. Once you get to jury you forget everything and have fun. Jordan, that's what sucks if your third, you don't get to do the jury and you miss all the fun.

Jordan, asks Shelly if she ever talked game with Lawon? Shelly says no. She says when ever she asked him he would just laughed. Jordan, Jeff said I wonder if he knows he's in Big Brother? Shelly, maybe that was his rule you can never talk game. It will be interesting to see, we could be completely wrong. Then towards the end what he told me was completely untrue because he said you wonder why outside why I don't play the celebrity game, because I'm not allowed to play the celebrity game. I check in with my work everyday. He said he was in contact with them and on that day he was evicted he got word from work that he could stay and play.

So much for them being cut off from the outside world. Lawon is talking to work everyday. Brendon is fixing tickets. I really don't like that these reality shows are becoming more fake and scripted. They get a show that starts out good and then they ruin it trying to make it better and make more money off of it. I saw on the internet yesterday I think it was that Shelly had been told about the threats to her family. That would certainly screw up her game if that's true.

I think Adam is the only one in the house this season that has not been in front of a camera before. All the vets have, Dominic and Cassi were models, Kalia is an actor, and Lawon I don't know if he has been before the camera but he is in the entertainment business. Shelly was on a game show which I won't really count, but it makes you wonder if she's done other things. Porsche who knows what the truth is about her. She may not have been in front of the camera, but she was friends with Janelle. 

I know there are twelve or fourteen people in this world that would have loved to be on this show. Look at all the unemployed people that could have been given the chance to work. And I'm thinking they would be fighting their butt off to get to the end. That would have been good TV. But no they hire actors. I don't know if I will watch this show next season. I've always been on again off again with it anyway.  Hearing that just annoys me even more.

Jordan, I think they weren't cleared and then they were so he could talk. Shelly, I want to know about that and who stole the chess pieces. Jordan, you can ask the producers they will know. Shelly, Daniele made that speech about the Queen and pawn I think she had something to do with that. Shelly thinks they cut out part of Daniele's speech because it was words for a song.

Awe Shelly says she just going to smoke until they lock them down. She needs to remember to take her cigarettes in. They are going to be on lock down and she may not get to come back out if she gets evicted. Porsche is on the couch and Shelly is talking to her. Not ignoring her as Porsche said. Porsche, don't say it like that. Shelly, I'm okay with what I did. Sometimes you have to make a big move. If it comes back to bite me it does, but I made a big move. Porsche, sometimes you have to separate from the group and do that stuff. Shelly, It's hard to do that because it works like a charm or you get smoked like what happened to me this week. It happens but I did it. It might be my biggest mistake. I regret that I hurt them. I never wanted to do that. Porsche, you guys are talking now.  Kalia walks up.

Shelly, if  what she says is true, then maybe I would have thought differently about it. But I did what I did, I'll be accountable for what I did as I always am in life. Commercial.

Shelly, says everybody brought their good, bad and ugly. She has learned things in here she will take with her. There has been every emotion under the sun. Then she starts talking about how you can have lows and highs.

Shelly Moore, I don't know if there is anything worse in life than watching someone hurt. And the anger that came at me in that room. I'll never forget her face as long as I live. She was furious with me and hurt to the core. She's a kid and I'm a mom and I think about what I would feel if someone did that to my kid. Porsche, starts talking about how that's why they say it's a microwave in there. Shelly, but can you really detach from your feelings? You can't. Actions speak louder than words. Regardless of what I said to them it didn't matter at that point.

Kalia Booker, it's kind of like what I said about week three. No matter what I said about knowing or not knowing about back dooring Jeff. It didn't matter all they saw was that I knew and it didn't matter what I did afterwards. They would never trust. Shelly, everything else I did for them during the game didn't count. It got all wiped out.

Porsche Briggs, gets called to the DR. Shelly goes for coffee.

Kalia, Rachel and Jordan are in the have not room talking. Kalia, doesn't know what to do. Jordan, this is a stressful one because it's two people that are kind of the same. Kalia, they haven't campaigned to me. Jordan we will make a decision tomorrow and we'll need to come together. Rachel tells Kalia she even heard she was in the DR crying because she couldn't play the game without Daniele. Kalia starts correcting it and DOG says you are not allowed to talk about your diary room. Kalia, at least now people can't say I'm playing Daniele's game. She said some things I heard too. I'm not sure if they are talking about Shelly or Porsche. Jordan, if I go to jury I will just say it and be done with it.

Jordan and Rachel say it's basically the same. Kalia, I worry about her if she stays doing what she does, and if Adam stays I worry about him winning veto. Porsche comes in. Jordan says she misses the have not room. Not sleeping in there but coming in there. She thinks after this week they will cut it off.

They are talking about going to Vegas after the show. Jordan was talking about some guy ordering twelve shots last year and telling the bartender she would pay. She was like no I'm not. People think you can pay since you just won. You don't get your money right away. Porsche doesn't think Brendon and Rachel are going because they have to move before Brendon starts school. Kalia says she doesn't think Brendon and Rachel are going because of the drama Rachel caused last year. Jordan, I'm not going to say anything on the live feeds but that's why we aren't going.

Shelly and Adam are outside talking about Kalia faking getting hurt during the have not competition.

Adam and Jordan are in the hall whispering but Adam has some kind of clothing that is rattling so loud I can't hear what they are saying. Adam said something about having a final two deal and Jordan said something about leaning another way.

Now they are making funny faces.

Jordan goes back outside to talk to Shelly and get in the hot tub. They are discussing being Catholic. Jeff and Shelly are Catholic. Jordan is telling Shelly about her trip to Italy where Jeff's mom was born. Jordan was talking about meeting Jeff's entire family at the same time. There was like 30 people and she was sick.

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