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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 30, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Rachel Reilly are baking. They are making sugar cookies and cinnamon rolls.

Jordan is on the couch with Shelly outside. Shelly again tells Jordan how sorry she is. Jordan, it's fine. Shelly, It's not fine, I know that it hurts you and it's sad. Jordan, it's a game. Shelly, I know but you are doll and you shouldn't have to hurt. Jordan, I said in there I play to personal and with my feelings with everyone. I need to quit doing that because you get more upset and act in ways you shouldn't. Shelly, I have an appreciation for so many things after being here.

They both start talking about how they are at a point in the game where you just want it to be over.

Adam comes out with a big chicken salad and Shelly gets called to the DR.

Rachel, I don't know why someone would lie about that? That seems like a stupid thing to lie about. If you are going to lie about something lie about something good. Like you do? Sarcasm You are playing Porsche right now! I know Porsche sees threw her though. First she was her friend, then she wasn't, now she is. Geez. Porsche, like something like maybe she want's people to think she has some kind of power? Rachel that's what I was thinking too. Porsche, cheers to our alliance. Rachel, yeah! Cheers back together. BARF!

Rachel, so that's why we are voting her out then. Who knows if Pandora's box has something to do with it. Porsche, I just think we are going to be shocked when we see her and what she really does. We all agree she has a lot of money. Rachel, I think does, but sometimes I think she doesn't. Why would she come on here and lie so much and manipulate so much. Her husband is like. Porsche, he is a doctor. That's the first I heard that one. Porsche, they have a nice house, they do private schooling, she does gymnastics. Rachel if that's all true then yea. I don't know if these two put together make one brain. Basing someones income on whether or not the kid is in private school and has a sport? Not too smart. Rachel, yeah she has a lot of money her daughter has a trampoline in her room or something. If I had a trampoline in my room when I was that age? She has product and clothes. She travels to China all the time. For work which means the company pays. Porsche, she has like Prada clothing.

Rachel, what I don't understand is like why are you here lady. Maybe they used to have a lot of money and like maybe they got laid off, or her company didn't do so well because of the economy. I wouldn't lie about that. I know she was like we had a 5,000 sqft home in Minnesota and this couple bought it for a lot of money. Why would you tell me that? But then I think she lied about everything else so why would she not lie about that? No, it was more like she was calling you out on your lies Rachel. 

Rachel, I think about Matt last year and him lying about his wife. Brendon told me he thinks something else is going on. I don't want to repeat it. I was like why put up this big lie about everything. Porsche, yeah. Rachel, what he told me could very well be true but. Porsche, uh. Rachel, it could be true, I'll tell you after. When people lie about a lot of stuff they could be lying about more.

Porsche, with the camera with the jersey one. Those kind of things. Rachel, more? Porsche, but it was first off the line production thing. I don't know what she is talking about. Then she said she had her own company but she sold it to a bigger company that buys companies so I believe that. She is still in charge of her company, a lot of people do that. Rachel, maybe she is just like a super fan and she came on to play the Dr. Will role.

Porsche, I didn't even think about that until the other night Adam said Jordan is catching up to Dr. Will's record. I was like what do you mean? He was like how many days she was in the house. He won one season and was out four. I was like oh good point and he didn't even win anything. Rachel, I wonder if she thinks she's that smart? And we are so stupid. Porsche, and she was like if the competition was a business plan. I'm like hum. Rachel, I don't doubt she has thrown a few, but I don't think she would necessarily have won them. Yeah, she threw a couple when you guys told her too. You're forgetting Shelly and Porsche both helped you in the beginning until you decided you didn't need them anymore.

Porsche, Shelly says there are different ways to play this game. Rachel, I was super upset when you became friends with her. Daniele, didn't trust her either but she was always on the boat. Porsche, the things that get to her are inside things like inside jokes. If you make her think you are in tight with her you are in. Kalia walks through the kitchen.

Rachel, I'm working my butt off to be here. I hate people like that. Porsche, different people have different games. Rachel seems to forget Shelly has a rod in her back, Shelly probably knew coming in competitions would be hard for her, so she would have to rely on a social game. But then Rachel doesn't look at playing a social game as playing. She has tunnel vision when it comes to that.

Jordan comes in the kitchen. Porsche leaves. Shelly comes in and makes a comment that they need to send Adam to be with Jeff and Brendon so they can continue their bromance. Shelly, they don't want to see anymore chicks in there, they want to see dudes. I'd have to go in and rub their backs. Just kidding. My husband does not want me in the house with those boys.

Kalia, Adam and Shelly on the couch. Kalia is talking about being an actor and whether or not Keith will try out for Bachelor or Bachelorette. Adam brings up Elizabeth Hasselbeck and how she made it from a reality star. But she plays herself. Kalia says she would love to be a host like that. Oprah is gone they need another black girl on TV so I'm available.

Kalia goes to check the cinammon rolls. Shelly starts going on about Kalia not having a filter. She says it must be an east coast thing. Adam says it is. LOL Adam is talking about going to SC and walking in a restaurant and everyone saying hello, he thought he did something wrong. Shelly says she likes that she likes communication with people. Kalia says in NY your neighborhood knows you but the rest of people don't interact. Shelly, why wouldn't you want to speak to someone? Kalia, cause you are in a rush. Shelly, for what? Kalia, life. LOL This conversation is cracking me up. I've spent most of my life in the south with slow people that take time to stop and talk. Shelly says she wouldn't last ten minutes there she would be like you people are rude. I like to talk to people. Kalia, you can talk to people in NY, just people you know.

Rachel and Jordan outside. We get Kalia and Porsche to be our best friends in the whole entire world. You work on Kalia and I'll work on Porsche. We bake cookies paint our nails whatever they want us to do. They think final four is all good. Just to cover our butts for next week. Jordan we've been doing that. Rachel, cheers operation sleep over party. Jordan, Good job. Rachel, the first task of Jochel. I kind of like that name. Jordan, you're so energetic. I hope people are rooting for us. That would be awkward if you left it was like I hate ya'll.

Rachel goes inside to finish cookies. Jordan tries to get Kalia to work out later.

Now they are outside discussing hair stylists.

Kalia's dog bit her and she threw him against the wall. They are all giving her a hard time. Now they are all telling dog stories.

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