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Big Brother 13 Episode 25, September 1, 2011

Aw! Poor Porsche hasn't even drank her champagne that is just sad. But she does have a point, not much to celebrate.

Jochel worst name ever Rachel. Poor Jordan.

Ohhhh! The Sorceress is moving! Shelly is talking to it. Oh no it laughed when she left. I really want the Sorceress to spit out a ticket that says "Rachel you are evicted".

Shelly is working hard to stay. Rachel tells Shelly she has been playing hard. I can't believe Rachel just acknowledged that. OMG I'm laughing so hard at Shelly in the DR holding up the ring she offered Rachel that is Cubic Zirconia. That was too funny.

I do think Kalia is on the right track of thinking. In that Adam could beat them at POV and Shelly tells stuff. So it's a matter of who they want to deal with. They can control Shelly by not telling her anything important. They can't control Adam winning POV. But with this group Adam is the one to take to final two because he has done darn near nothing. I think anyone left in the house beats Adam in the final two. But at the same time why should he win $50,000 for doing nothing.

I think Rachel and Jordan are playing with emotions. Jordan is still feeling betrayed and Rachel is mad because Shelly called her out on her lies. Both of them forgetting all she did for them in game before hand.

It's funny how when Shelly voted out Jeff it over shadowed the fact the Rachel was talking to Daniele and thinking about keeping her and Adam had also been talked to and I think was thinking about voting Jeff out too, but after the fight I think he wimped out.

I love how tactful Jordan was when Julie asked her about Rachel.

Brendon in the jury house - maybe he's as crazy as Rachel. Daniele entered the house. Daniele is doing little digs at Brendon. Rachel said the other night that Daniele and Brendon were friends before they went in the house she expects they will be after the game.

Enter Jeff. So is our alliance still good or what? LOL Daniele saying they are all together in the jury house because of her. I can't believe Jeff threw the shoe out. I totally missed that. Can you imagine if he had thrown the shoe to the right Adam would have had three. I wonder if that would have let him win?

LOL Both Kalia and Porsche mentioned Daniele in their speeches. I didn't think a whole lot about it at the time but it's kind of funny watching Brendon and Jeff's reaction to it. I really thought Jeff would scream at Daniele. He has done a lot of that this season. I wonder if he did and they just didn't show us.

I had to laugh at Kalia's face during Shelly's speech. Too funny. But  Shelly isn't stupid she knows Rachel and Jordan are voting together and those two decide if she stays or leaves.

I think Adam thinks he's safe, I wonder if Rachel and Jordan told him he was.

Kalia votes for Adam.
Rachel votes for Shelly
Jordan votes for Shelly

Shelly is evicted. They were going to all vote the same. I guess they neglected to tell Kalia.

Haha Adam wants a cigarette, I wonder if he has to wait until after the HOH.

The HOH competition begins. Rolling in the dough. It's going to be a sloppy mess. You know it's going to be bad when they put the goggles on. LOL Adam is flapping his arms like a chicken trying to get the glaze off. I can't believe they are just walking. I don't think they want to win HOH. Maybe because they can't play in the next HOH if they win? Or do they all play in the final four? I can't remember for sure. I think they don't they get to play in the next HOH if they win this one. But I could be wrong or they could change it.

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