Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 3, 2011

The show starts out in the purple room with Rachel Reilly, Porsche Briggs, and Adam Poch. Rachel is asking him if his life has been fulfilled. He thinks Kalia will hate him.

They are playing cards with tea bags still.

I don't know where Kalia Booker and Jordan Lloyd are.
It sounds like Tori Spelling visited the house today. Adam said Tori Spelling said he only scared her when he said he called his girlfriend Donna in bed. She said she didn't know where he was going with that.

Rachel Reilly, it's days like today when you actually remember you are on Big Brother.

There is Jordan Lloyd, she is in the HOH room listening to music.

Porsche said Adam has a good day and you didn't put him on the block. It sounds like Rachel had a shopping spree with Jesse and she got a new cup. WOW that's exciting. I cannot figure out for the life of me why CBS thinks Rachel and Jesse are entertaining. 

Rachel I should have asked him if there was a better way to work out, but I know I wasn't supposed to be excited he was there. Again played for TV. I hate that. Ewe Jesse was wearing a Speedo.

Rachel and Porsche have signs on their rear ends, but I haven't been able to read them yet.

Rachel and Jordan think Adam, Porsche and Kalia are teamed up. Jordan, what if Porsche and Adam are a secret duo. I mean they never talk about each other. Am I just paranoid? Rachel thinks there is something going on but she doesn't know what.

Kalia has appeared. She must have been sleeping.

The sign on Rachel's rear end says continuously awesome. I don't think so.

Sounds like they all got to do the shopping spree for 3 minutes. They must have all got to do it except Rachel. I don't know I thought Rachel said she did a shopping spree with Jesse. ?? Maybe she did a separate shopping spree with Jesse. Adam got Farah a couple of dresses.

Now they are discussing prom dresses.

This is weird. They just cut to a screen that says we will be right back for about a minute, with music playing and I guess the production room. They come back for like thirty seconds and then go back to the production room and sign again for another thirty seconds or so. ??

They have cut away to the music like three more times, this time they were talking about songs and singing. I wonder if someone is just hitting the wrong button. Or DOG is broke ??

DOG is working, he just said stop singing.

The chit chat continues. Jordan goes in to do dishes.

I am so ready for this season to be over. I am ready for all the other shows to start new episodes. Like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Dexter and Castle. I am my real scripted shows, with real scripts and real actors.

Now Adam is cleaning. Porsche and Kalia went to bed. Jordan is headed to bed. Kalia is reading her letter from home again.

Adam is laying in the purple room. Jordan walked by and they started talking about wanting to win the POV, he is saying he says he won't use it if he wins. He says Kalia will be mad, Porsche will get over it if she stays. Jordan, I just don't want to get screwed over. Adam, it's me you and Rachel. I'm stressing about next week. Adam, last week they got one of us out this week we got one of them out. Jordan is going to study the memory wall. She thinks if the match ups isn't this week it well be next week. Last year she said it took her twelve minutes and others did it in two.

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