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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 25, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Daniele Donato are in the kitchen. Porsche is cooking. It just hit me she is going to have to decide between her two friends this week. They are whispering and the cooking is making it hard to hear. 

Daniele has decided on her speech, she said it's short and sweet, but there is a second part after she is evicted.

Daniele, you didn't ask him did you? Porsche, not yet.

Rachel was walking through the house holding her furry boots. Daniele and Porsche think she is hiding something. They check the purple room and don't find anything. Daniele goes to the bathroom, Shelly Moore is in there cleaning. She said Rachel went in there with her boots and she thought tampons. She said there was a bunch of bags rattling. Shelly said she asked her if she started her period. She said a little. Daniele said maybe it was a pregnancy test.

Daniele goes into tell Kalia and Porsche. She tells them Rachel went into the DR, came back out and went in with her boots. She thinks they gave her a pregnancy test because she is three weeks late.  Daniele goes back and talks to Shelly. She went in the bathroom with the boots. Shelly said she was sketchy but she didn't want  to ask. They have checked the trash and can't find anything. Daniele is convinced that's what it is. Porsche thinks she just wants attention. Daniele is hoping they get wine so they can see if she drinks it. It's a shame Brendon can't be watching this. LOL Can you imagine wondering if she's pregnant? He would probably be upset that she might be and is drinking so much. She said the other night Brendon wouldn't allow her to get pregnant.

Rachel is outside now wearing the boots. They are playing a new game. It is a big flat board shaped like a snake, you hold one end and roll a ball down it without letting it fall off and at the end of the board is a hole to get the ball into.

Jordan Lloyd goes up to Rachel and tells her she was going really slow and she stopped because Kalia was watching how she was doing it. Jordan said her or Rachel just have to worry about beating Porsche and Kalia. Rachel asked about Adam. Jordan says she doesn't know but something is up. Rachel you don't think Adam and Shelly will try. Jordan, they don't need to they are protected on both sides.

Daniele is helping Porsche with competition information. Daniele, Adam is the worst game player ever for someone who loves this game so much.

Kalia Booker told Jordan it's not fun anymore.

The house guests are speculating about the double eviction. I think most of them think it will be next week.

Shelly tells Jordan on the couch Jeff is doing good he is going to win. Jordan says no she is she is doing good too. Shelly says he has no faith in us. Jordan says no he wants me to do good. Jeff and Jordan think Jordan should win the next HOH so Jeff and Rachel can play for the next one.

Shelly, It's not my job to get it in the whole. Every game is about getting something in the hole. It's not my job. It's my job to erect it. Tony is going to know immediately, this is not my job.

Porsche, Kalia and Daniele are practicing the game now.

LOL Shelly is screaming it won't go in the hole. DOG comes over the speaker and says "that's what she said". Daniele has everyone in the house saying that, even DOG.  You don't hear DOG interact very often.

Jordan, I can't wait until she is gone tomorrow. Rachel, me either.

Shelly, they like balls in holes. It's Big Brother innuendo.

Kalia is telling Daniele, that 5 secs after she talked to Jordan Shelly came in and told her that Jordan said Kalia said people were playing both sides. Actually Jordan is the one who said that. It really is the telephone game in there.

I'm thinking these guys are going to have sore arms tomorrow if they keep practicing, because of the way they have to hold the board and rotate it.

Not a lot of game talk since all the nominations are set. Mostly people are wondering whether the double eviction is this week or next week. I think most of them think it will be next week. A lot of practicing with the game going on. 

I wish Shelly, Adam and Porsche would make up their minds who they are voting for already.

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